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krissy ~ クリスピー
It's my first try subbing an entire variety show segment and I didn't know it was that complicated due to the several lines to translate and typeset at the same time - different people talking plus captions. But it was fun especially with grandma Hiromi..and Yamapi is a total sweetheart. But what is new though lol

Usual disclaimer, amateur trans. Please feel free to point out any mistake. Thank you.

[Monitoring 2019.04.11] Yamapi fulfills dream date with grandma - DL

Also, I'm including Yamapi's speech during Meiji University's graduation ceremony as part of his Pittanko Kankan guesting. I already posted this on twitter split in 2 parts but here's the whole file for download.

[Pittanko Kankan 2019.04.12] Yamapi's speech at MeiDai's grad ceremony - DL

Lastly, another segment I subbed and posted on Twitter is the game part from the Sakurai Ariyoshi THE Yakai 2019.04.04 with the famous YouTubers The Fischers. - Video at Twitter

Episode 2 of "In Hand" tonight :)
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krissy ~ クリスピー
Happy Code Blue Movie DVD/Blu-ray release!!! Here's something I worked on while waiting. Just like the series from Season 1, the movie also had a novelization. (Season 1 and 2 were released in a novel each so most scenes were condensed. Season 3 had 2 volumes) It was nearly the same. Yes it did capture all scenes in the movie but like all novels turned into movies, there's just more details only a novel can depict. What I mean by this is like, a character's thoughts especially in crucial moments. There were a few lines in the novel that I didn't hear in the movie as well.

The novel had a prologue and epilogue too. The epilogue was in the movie but the prologue was not in the movie at all. No complaints though since I don't see it fit for the movie. (It's not possible either in the first place) It just makes the 10 year history of Code Blue complete which makes it perfect to be in just the novel.

Anyway, much as I want to, translating the entire novel is too much for my limited time and skills so I just focused on all Aizawa/Shiraishi scenes. (I actually did the Prologue until start of Chapter 1) WARNING though, please don't read without having seen the movie since the scenes are broken and I won't be explaining the context anymore. I'll being coloring in the scenes that aren't in the movie too.

Usual disclaimer applies, amateur translation. Please feel free to point out my mistakes. Thank you so much for reading. Please let me know your thoughts too! Comment or chat with me @ twitter.

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krissy ~ クリスピー
16 February 2019 @ 09:07 am
Another song only included in the RE of the Reason/Never Lose single. Written by him again :) Requested via twitter.

Without you
Written by Tomohisa Yamashita / WAKE    
Mixed by Koichi Harada

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TranslationCollapse )
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krissy ~ クリスピー
16 February 2019 @ 08:06 am
The music video of this song is like the best and worst thing in this single of Yamapi 😆 But first it’s a beautiful song! It’s a love song (Yamapi says yeah you could say that), quite a cheesy love song haha (Tomohisa, please) but the music video? It’s just so beautiful 👌🏼 Very visually appealing (Yamapi is a given but the location is something else!!) and heart rending for sweeties LMAO the lyrics could give you an idea what could the music video be about. OH AND IT’S DIRECTED AND PRODUCED BY YAMAPI HIMSELF.

How to watch though? In the RE, there’s a serial code that you have to enter in a URL also provided in order to watch plus your email address (lol they’re keeping track!!) and guess what, you can only watch it on the browser where you first watched. It’s up now for a limited time until April 30. So watch it while you can!!

Anyway, as I said I love the song as soon as I heard it. It’s quite simple so here you go haha

Like A Movie
Written by Tomohisa Yamashita / WAKE    
Mixed by Koichi Harada

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krissy ~ クリスピー
April Friday Drama
“In Hand”
Starring Yamashita Tomohisa
His TBS serial drama in 4 years
Challenges an eccentric genius scientist with an artificial robot hand!
Solving difficult cases in latest science
Science x Medical Treatment x Human Mystery

It’s been decided to air in TBS Friday drama starting April. The manga is an ongoing series in Evening (Kodansha) by Acato Ao. It's been 4 years since Yamashita last starred in a TBS drama which was "Algernon ni Hanataba wo" (2015). Working as a musician and as an actor, he starred last year in the movie "Code Blue" whose box office revenue was over 9.2 B Yen making it a huge hit. This time, that Yamashita will challenge a genius scientist!

Yamashita plays the protagonist Himokura Tetsu, a genius scientist specializing in parasitology. Blunt, sadistic and eccentric. Purchasing a botanical garden, he spends his time in this gigantic greenhouse with various animals as a research institute and his home as well. Himokura is equipped with an artificial arm that his right hand is like a black robot hand. However, the particulars on his artificial arm is not known... Even with his eccentricity, the genius Dr. Himokura brilliantly resolves in a surprising scientific manner difficult cases breaking out one by one, a human science mystery.

Science x Medical x Human Mystery
An eccentric genius scientist, a softhearted assistant, a cool beautiful bureaucrat
A refreshing science mystery solving the mysteries of latest science

The latest technology, gene manipulation, unknown pathogens coming from abroad... brilliant developing technology more than one can imagine, it's the present day that mysterious cases arise. Challenging difficult problems related to the latest science and medical treatment is shut-in, strange, but genius scientist Himokura Tetsu, his softhearted assistant with a strong sense of justice, and a cool, capable beautiful bureaucrat. Every time, you can't predict the way a case will be resolved, also look forward to the moving lifesaving drama in helping the people who are suffering. Furthermore, there is one highlight mystery that extends to all stories. It's Science x Medical Treatment x Mystery in this new mystery entertainment. Please look forward to how Yamashita in his TBS lead serial drama in 4 years act this sadist strange doctor!

☆ Drama Outline

Parasitologist Himokura Tetsu (Yamashita Tomohisa) remodeled a huge botanical garden as his home/laboratory, shut himself in studying parasites as he fancies. With an artificial robot hand, misanthropic, sadist, eccentric but with an extensive knowledge, he's a guy with a genius intellect. That Himokura together with his assistant Takaie Haruma, are visited by the bureaucrat, Cabinet Secretary from the Scientific Medical Measures, Makino Tomoe. The Scientific Medical Measures teams with Science Organization, Medical Institutions in dealing with rising problems. With science progressing globally, unknown diseases and cases crossing over traditional concepts occur varied, and that department was born to deal with that. This type of problem can't be dealt by an average physician or scientist so the Scientific Medical Measures calls on Himokura who is well acquainted with parasites in a pasture, unknown creatures, and diseases. Himokura who only wants to do the research he likes humbly declines cooperation with the government official but he gets interested in a mysterious creature and infectious disease related to a case that starts to get him involved .

What can be seen from the case are all things beyond imagination. Unknown pathogens coming from abroad, mysterious infection of a close creature with a disease, rejuvenating technology of cutting edge science, genetic doping, unprecedented bio-terrorism, etc... Each appearance is a mystery. Such difficult cases will be explained through a brilliant concept with scientific information by genius scientist Himokura saving suffering people.

On the other hand, Himokura has a mystery of his own. That is his concealed past. It seems like there is a secret on his artificial right arm... The untangling of one's heart in this case resolution drama and moving lifesaving action concludes in an episode but you will also enjoy the mystery related to the entire story in this new science human mystery.

☆ Characters

Himokura Tetsu (34): Yamashita Tomohisa

Strange genius scientist whose right hand is a robot. Specialization is Parasitology. Eccentric, blunt, only operates to his interest, a strange person but with his extensive knowledge, has this genius like way of thinking. With the things he's interested in, he engages in it with a youthful like glee. Somehow, he's rich and bought and remodeled a greenhouse type gigantic botanical garden shutting himself him in this home/laboratory furnished with cutting edge research machinery. A greenhouse like a laboratory and jungle where dogs, snakes, turtles, etc., various animals live. Loving animals and that ecology most of all, he's indifferent to people. That's why he's a strange person, and incidentally called abnormal. The particulars of his artificial arm is not known even to his assistant Takaie. Moreover, a case seems to be concerned with that mysterious past...

☆ Comment

(Yamashita Tomohisa)

A work that peruses a person's heart not just in cases, even if I am sufficiently certified naturally in science. Since I have my eyes fixed on a person's heart, crossing over gender and generation, I think there is something that can be transmitted to the heart of anyone. In that, the team power in solving the cases together with my assistants, I want to carefully depict the balance of this 3: human love, small defeats the big, "protecting the weak." Please look forward to it.

(Mangaka Acato Ao)
When I heard that Yamashita-san will be playing Himokura, I was honestly happy. His appearance is beautiful, I thought Himokura's web hair suits him, for some reason, the aura also is similar to him, I looked forward to his Himokura. When I've actually met Yamashita-san in a white robe with a robot hand, the degree of perfection was high and I was moved. When I was able to speak with him, as a person, he's overflowing with charm. I thought at that time, it was great Yamashita-san is playing Himokura that I looked forward to the broadcast of the drama. Science as a theme is quite difficult to think of but enjoy watching, increase your knowledge a bit, and after watching, I think it will be a drama possessing wishes for the future. Please look forward to it.

(Producer Asano Atsuya)
Science and medical treatment advances in an incredible speed. But, to that extent, we fall onto various problems that we haven't imagined until now. This drama will probably wake us up to mysterious cases involved with cutting edge science and medical treatment in the near future. In the first place, this world is full of mysteries. The mechanism of nature and living things still hasn't been clarified that much, as with a person's body, heart and the like. With this conceived mystery, the eccentric genius with an artificial arm, genius scientist Himokura played by Yamashita Tomohisa-san, challenges various cases. With his scientific knowledge and brilliant reasoning, he explains mysterious cases, saving people, a new sense of science human mystery. Furthermore, what happened to Himokura's artificial robot hand... that mystery, please solve that mystery by watching the drama!

☆ Cast
Himokura Tetsu: Yamashita Tomohisa

☆ Staff

TBS sparkle

Original work:
Acato Ao "In Hand" (current series by Kodansha "Evening")

Yoshida Yasuhiro

Asano Atsuya (TBS Sparkle)
Sato Atsushi (TBS Sparkle)

Hirano Shunichi
krissy ~ クリスピー
The guitar plucking in this song first caught my attention then came the bittersweet feeling. I picked up the lyrics card (an idea which I loved so much) and ended up translating. I may have shed a tear or two 🙈

But again, amateur translation only. Feel free to point out any mistake.

12. あの日の香り (Ano hi no Kaori) That day’s scent
Lyrics : Tomohisa Yamashita    
Music : Takuya Watanabe

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TranslationCollapse )
krissy ~ クリスピー
13 November 2018 @ 09:16 am
2 weeks before the release (furage to be exact) of Yamapi’s new original album in 4 years, I think I’ve completed his song “With you.” It was so easy to love the song when Yamapi sang this in the concert. He wrote this for his sweeties ♡

Amateur translation only. Will edit too once the official lyrics go out. Edited with the official lyrics.

11. With you
Lyrics : Tomohisa Yamashita    
Music : Samuel Waermo / MiNE / Atsushi Shimada

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TranslationCollapse )
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krissy ~ クリスピー
Here goes, Yamapi's 2nd stop, his first Osaka venue!

As what I have done in my previous reports, I just have one post about the shows I've attended for the tour since the songs and performance are nearly the same but for the MC and the differences, I'll mark the start of the sentences/paragraphs with (1) for the show on Oct 1, Monday, (2) for the first show on Oct 2, Tuesday and (3) for the last show that Tuesday.

Heavy image warning and all pictures with Yamapi aren't mine. They're mostly from the Chiba show except the encore (since he wore all black there) which was from Kanagawa, same with the additional pictures of the balloon and frisbee.

Osaka UNLEASHEDCollapse )
krissy ~ クリスピー
27 May 2018 @ 09:36 pm
Yamashita Tomohisa can interview a Hollywood actress in English, the reason for that much improvement

Yamashita Tomohisa-san, for several years already have self-studied English until he could interview a Hollywood actress in English. In the article from “AERA English 2018 Spring & Summer,” he talked about the reason for the strength he puts in English study and what was his unique way of studying.


There’s probably a lot of people who don’t know but Yamashita Tomohisa-san is proficient in English.

The person himself is humble though saying “No, no, not at all.” but 2014~2015, in the late-night variety show, “Adult’s Kiss English [Otona no Kiss Eigo],” (FujiTV) Yamashita-san’s smooth English surprised a lot of people. What’s particularly impressive was when Angelina Jolie came to Japan, he interviewed her in English.

Read more...Collapse )


*Amateur translation. Please feel free to point out if there is any mistake, thank you. I study nearly the same way as Yamapi XD (except buying 2 books lol)
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krissy ~ クリスピー
20 February 2018 @ 11:54 pm
Kunihiro Takuma‬

‪Today I was able to shoot Yamashita Tomohisa-san. ‬

‪Since it was my first time to shoot him, I wondered what kind of young man he was, ‬

‪I, with the fear of strangers (lol), worried but... ‬

‪Well, he’s good young man!!‬

“thankCollapse )

‪T/N: “sunny guy” / hareotoko - man who causes the weather to become sunny when he gets out.
*Amateur translation. Please feel free to point out if there is any mistake, thank you.

krissy ~ クリスピー
Yamashita Tomohisa's first win! Drama Academy Awards Best Actor!!

From the Summer 2017 dramas broadcasted, the 9 categories for The Television 94th Drama Academy Awards has been decided.

For the Best Lead Actor, from Code Blue ~Doctor Heli Emergency Lifesaving~ THE THIRD SEASON (FujiTV) which is the continuation from 7 years ago showing now the growth of the doctors, flight doctor Aizawa Kousaku played by Yamashita Tomohisa shined.

Yamapi's commentCollapse )


Code Blue also won Best Drama and Gakky for Best Supporting Actress
krissy ~ クリスピー
The so-called semi-final. Prelude to the final, the climax. Probably the heaviest episode of the season. Previous episodes, while they tend to be sad, there were other things that balanced it out like lessons learned, having your comrades with you but this episode just left us with a disaster seriously questioning what happens now to our beloved lifesaving team???

This was a tough episode to translate. And I can't believe tomorrow is already the last Story for the third season :( The 11 cast members' message/comment about the Finale is playing in ALTA vision in Shinjuku. You'll see the taken fan videos on my twitter + some translation. I feel like some gave away a little clues with the questions they asked XD

Seeing the crank up photos yesterday made me even more sad! Of course no pic yet of Yamapi but articles said he had crank up with smiles and tears T___T

I honestly failed to make medical notes but here's what I have gathered quickly:

Medical termsCollapse )

StoryCollapse )
krissy ~ クリスピー
Great episode with a good balance of human drama and medical action (and even funny moments) .

After the episode aired, it was posted in Toda Erika's instagram account that in the scene between Shirashi and Hiyama in the isolation room (where according Hiyama, Shiraishi was giving flattering encouragement), from Hiyama's line "stop," it was all adlib already and the two of them just ended up teary. Erika wrote that she thought then, 9 years of being great comrades is the best. And I couldn't agree any less :)

Just 2 more episodes left and although they're both extended episodes, I still feel sad it's ending. How to move on when it's over??

But for now, let's discuss Episode 8 starting with these medical stuff haha

Medical termsCollapse )

ThoughtsCollapse )

Speaking of Yamapi's radio show. Last Friday, is it a hint?? He mentioned it'd be nice if costars would come. Then Asari Yosuke blogged about the show a few hours later asking should he go?? Is it okay for him to be the first guest? Ah it'd be great to have a guest on Sound Tripper! :)


StoryCollapse )
krissy ~ クリスピー
Thrilling start and end with human drama in between. Ships all over...

I mentioned it already when the subs were posted but I'll put it also here for reference. The drama Yokomine was watching was "Kyumei Byoto 24 Ji" or Emergency Ward 24 Hours, an old and long running medical drama from FujiTV that stars Eguchi Yosuke and Matsushima Nanako. Similar to Code Blue (as quite mentioned by CS Machida), they deal with emergency cases. Season 1 started 1999 and the latest, 5 was last 2013.

Incidentally, this was actually the first Japanese medical drama that I watched. Just Season 3 though because it had Oguri Shun lol and he was kind of like a Natori-sensei as far as I can remember, that entire season dealt with a fictitious great earthquake that hit Japan.

Also, a clarification on the result of Ogata's tests, I realized I worded it incorrectly. The result of 3kg now is lower than his previous test. That's why Hiyama teased if he's been skipping rehab lol

The way Yukimura related her story was vague - shows how really reluctant she was to talk about it. She only mentioned being tired of drunks with her mother and that her father was basically not around. Reading between the lines, her mother probably was forced to work because her father was bad and useless. And that work is probably a bar and/or snacks place where the customers get drunk.

Now onto the medical terms...credit always goes to google, wikipedia and medical journals

Medical termsCollapse )

ThoughtsCollapse )

StoryCollapse )
krissy ~ クリスピー
Funny, exciting, moving and heartbreaking. Accident scenes are exciting as always + heartwarming stories always make up a great episode.

And with more treatment scenes this time, more medical terms used XD

Medical termsCollapse )

ThoughtsCollapse )

StoryCollapse )
krissy ~ クリスピー
Article is a week old already since I didn't make it in time before Ep5 aired last week but it's a good read so I still finished it XD Not a direct translation. Skipped the parts which talk about the drama's plot since we know them all already. Usual disclaimer: amateur translation. Feel free to point out any mistakes if there are.

Code Blue sustains success in '3 waves" ~ emergency lifesaving story • Yamapi, Gakky & company's human drama • medical treatment

The top rating drama now is Fuji TV's "Code Blue ~Doctor Heli Emergency Lifesaving~ THE THIRD SEASON"
The average rating until episode 4 of Season 1 (2008 Summer) and Season 2 (2009 Winter) were at 17%. However, for Season 3, the average is at 15% It looks like it went 2%.

However, in the 8~9 year interval, viweing of video recording playbacks has suddenly increased.
Based on the Video Research Company's investigation measuring both real time and time shift ratings, the put together result, Season 3's 1st episode and 2nd episode too exceeded 24%. In other words, the current drama, is being watched more than the previous seasons.

High degree of satisfaction

The amazing thing about Code Blue 3 is it's not only just in TV ratings. Data News Co.'s "Tv Watcher" investigates the degree of satisfaction and here too, for several years, in dramas with high television ratings, Code Blue is in the Top 5.

read moreCollapse )

krissy ~ クリスピー
Episode 5. The heavily warned episode that will make you cry. Did it? Episode 5 was one of my favorites in Season 1 (gas explosion episode where Aizawa did an aorta clamp on the scene) and in Season 2, it was so depressing with Satoshi's death and now?? Another heart breaking episode T__T

First off, I just noticed when I was watching again last night after VSA that there was one line missing during the conversation of Yokom‌ine and Kurata's wife. I actually saw it was missing when I was rechecking the subs and I inserted it through the Subtitle Editor but somehow it gets deleted when I save? IDK why :( maybe because I started the sentence with a number. So anyway, the missing line is:

"In 2009, when there was a landslide on Mt. Gakurai"

Some medical terms used in this episode.

Medical termsCollapse )

ThoughtsCollapse )

StoryCollapse )
krissy ~ クリスピー
How many times or how much did you cry in this episode? Japanese articles talked about the viewers response of drying up tear ducts for this episode.

First off, medical terms. Some have been simplified in the dialogues, others are just further explanations for better understanding of the situation. Thanks to Google and medical journals :) I also thought there's no need to explain terms that have been used repeatedly and explained since Season 1 like VF or Echo.

Medical termsCollapse )

Also, just a little correction on Ogata's first name. When I first wrote it in the story translation, I used Hirotsugu but I thought I heard his name was Hirofumi in Episode 3 thus that was used. However, it's actually Hirotsugu in his medical chart.

ThoughtsCollapse )

Story"Collapse )
krissy ~ クリスピー
We're back to the usual episode length this week, the shortest so far and yet had so many medical terminologies used. New and rare instances and treatment -- cyanide poisoning and damage control. During operating scenes, I decided to simplify the medical terms used that it is easy to read and understand as you watch. Like instead of thoracotomy (surgical incision into the chest wall) and laparotomy (surgical incision into the abdominal cavity), I used operate on the chest, operate on the abdomen. That is just to avoid having too much text to read on the screen when there is so much action going on. However, if it's in explanation scenes, I still use the proper medical term. Let me know if you have any preference :)

I do my own research on the medical terms and procedures. I try to understand as much as I can but I am in no means an expert so if you see anything questionable, inconsistent or unclear, do let me know....in a nice way haha

ThoughtsCollapse )

Story 4Collapse )
krissy ~ クリスピー
So far, how do you find the new season? Totally enjoying it! If you haven't seen it, files including subs are up at the Yamapi comm :)

A few notes though on Episode 2 since I've seen some viewers wonder about some things. Aizawa is totally unaware of Fujikawa and Saejima's relationship thus that very innocent question. Fujikawa, Shiraishi and especially Hiyama were just appalled that of all questions he could have asked, like, to help Fujikawa's predicament, he asked something that basic LOL. And if you caught Higa Manami's IG Live yesterday, she was asked about Fujikawa. She said he's a good person but no, Fujikawa and Saejima aren't married. She also shared a behind the scenes story on her elevator scene with Gakky and TodaEri. When Saejima got off, that conversation of Shiraishi and Hiyama was all adlib. And when Manami saw it on air, she laughed so much XD

Story 3Collapse )