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28 July 2017 @ 12:09 pm
Code Blue the third season Episode 2 notes and Story #3  
So far, how do you find the new season? Totally enjoying it! If you haven't seen it, files including subs are up at the Yamapi comm :)

A few notes though on Episode 2 since I've seen some viewers wonder about some things. Aizawa is totally unaware of Fujikawa and Saejima's relationship thus that very innocent question. Fujikawa, Shiraishi and especially Hiyama were just appalled that of all questions he could have asked, like, to help Fujikawa's predicament, he asked something that basic LOL. And if you caught Higa Manami's IG Live yesterday, she was asked about Fujikawa. She said he's a good person but no, Fujikawa and Saejima aren't married. She also shared a behind the scenes story on her elevator scene with Gakky and TodaEri. When Saejima got off, that conversation of Shiraishi and Hiyama was all adlib. And when Manami saw it on air, she laughed so much XD

STORY #3 (2017.7.24 MON UPDATE)

"Life and the thing that person thinks is more important than life. Which of it when the time comes that you have to choose, what will you do?" Aizawa Kousaku (Yamashita Tomohisa) faces this problem.

The patient Amano Kanade (Tanabe Ririka) who Aizawa met as a brain surgeon is expected of a great future ahead of her being a 14 year old genius pianist. However, she has a brain tumor. And that tumor is located in the center, the part which governs most movements, like that of one's fingers. If operated on now, Kanade's life will be spared but it comes with the risk that she wouldn't be able to play the piano anymore. At the early stage, her parents wish for an operation but Kanade continues to refuse that her current doctor-in-charge Shinkai Hiroki (Ando Masanobu) worries about her condition.

Meanwhile, in Lifesaving, a man Ogata Hirofumi (Maruyama Tomomi), who slipped his foot on a mountain stream and fell is transported. A dedicated aspiring chef, Ogata dislocated a bone fracture of his cervical vertebrae. Being in this condition, he worries about the trout he caught. Hiyama Mihoko (Toda Erika) takes care of him.

In the middle of that, Shiraishi Megumi (Aragaki Yui) and her team comes to the rescue of a man who collapsed in a forest park as requested through Doctor Heli. When Aizawa and the others are on standby in the hospital, Shiraishi on flight receives information of a contamination outbreak of unknown cause. Aizawa from the first ER and heliport, meddles in the emergency out-patient clinic equipping prohibited items only for exceptional situations. Fujikawa Kazuo (Asari Yousuke) remembering that pregnant Saejima Haruka (Higa Manami) is also in the heli, runs immediately.

mocoharumamocoharuma on July 28th, 2017 04:11 am (UTC)
Thanks for the update. Appreciated much.
panga_sudden_pain on July 28th, 2017 04:32 am (UTC)
So many things going on. Can't wait till Monday. Thanks.
Yuri Sakura #SHY2K17yuri9_sakura on July 28th, 2017 04:52 am (UTC)
Fujikawa seriously doesn't have much sensitivity. I remember watching the RAW for the first time and I was thinking, I must've misunderstood, there's no way Fujikawa spilled a major personal issue to outsiders, regardless if Hiyama and Shiraishi are his friends. It's Saejima's secret! I'm sorry but I really disliked him at that moment, I was with Hiyama calling him an idiot. Still, I could easily forget my distaste at the time coz Aizawa asked such an innocent question of his burning curiosity LOL

I'm happy Yokomine's showing some fast growth (at least, faster than I thought, since we're only on the second episode). For some reason I don't like Arioka Daiki's character nor that junior nurse. First impressions last for a while for me, the first time he showed up he looked like he didn't even want to be there, with his phone and whatnot. And that nurse has a sour expression 24/7. We'll probably get their backstories and learn to appreciate them but for now I really could careless about the new kids, I hope they don't get too much screentime. I can only tolerate so much of arrogance with Aizawa's character lmao

And I love you so much Shiraishi-sensei, but please be a little more strict on that kid, Haitani! Otherwise Aizawa will take over and that kid won't survive. I want to see more of Shiraishi guiding her juniors.

Piano is that girl's life, so even if she's saved, if she can't play the piano anymore, it'd be like dying? That's so sad, I feel like Aizawa and Shiraishi will have flashbacks to when Kuroda-sensei couldn't be a surgeon anymore. But I still have some relief that its still possible to save her life, even if her piano life will be sacrificed.

The most anticipated part of next week's episode has got to be the contamination outbreak! It suddenly made me think, wow how come we didn't get this kind of case in the previous seasons? But it's only episode 3 and we see such an intense emergency like this. Who knows what they have planned for the finale. Saejima, please be safe!

BTW, do you guys think Saejima is happy about her pregnancy? I'm going to cry if she hates it. And I hate that I'm doubting if Saejima really likes Fujikawa or not, coz there's no way she'd be pregnant with his child if she didn't like Fujikawa in the first place, right? If she loses her baby in episode 3, we might be unable to hope for any comedic scenes in the future. Code Blue's rare comedic scenes are always the highlight for me (especially when everything is so serious and heartbreaking), I really don't want it to be taken away. Times like this where I miss Morimoto-sensei and his stories that people never listen to the end ;;A;;

And I know Aizawa's the ultimate main character for this drama, but I was hoping Fujikawa would be the one to lead the operation to save Saejima. So far in these two episodes, we haven't seen Fujikawa really in action yet. I hope he doesn't get sidelined. I was happy in the first episode Fujikawa was already such a reliable senior. I hope he has his time to shine in next week's episode, even if it's Aizawa calling the shots.

Edited at 2017-07-28 04:58 am (UTC)
krissy ~ クリスピー: tomota!anude_orionbabyshazam on July 28th, 2017 07:02 am (UTC)
Long comment is love! I can't believe we first exchanged comments in twitter lol

Out of the interns, I initially thought Yokomine and Haitani has more drive to be a flight doctor than Natori. Have you read their character descriptions? (I think I only posted it over twitter. I guess I should add it here too). Natori's father is a director of a hospital. And that's probably the basic the reason he's studying to be a doctor and so far, his heart isn't in it.

I came to like Yokomine in this episode too. Twitter kept on cheering her on too especially when she was treating the kid in the helicopter. She totally deserved that "you did well." She grew up quickly, thanks to Aizawa-sensei. And that's where I realized his difference from Kuroda-sensei is even if he said lines Kuroda used to say or his being strict cuts through like before or even worse. I'm not saying his way of doing things is good though (like what Shiraishi said haha) but he got to push Yokomine that way. Basically he threw her to the wolves -- put her on the spot for her to step out and take action. Unlike Kuroda who took over Shiraishi at the start and restrained Fujikawa from riding the heli almost the entire 1st season. Aizawa still has his own way of doing things, as with Shiraishi.

As for Haitani and new nurse Yukimura, both are bordering over acting. Haitani's clumsiness is so pathetic and Yukimura's facial expressions are even though at one point understandable (because I make that too lol), it gets annoying that whenever you see her in a scene, she just makes faces. Sorry not sorry, she's like a wannabe Saejima. She doesn't have Saejima's spunk. That's why I loved that scene where Aizawa told her to rely on Saejima. She got so offended and Aizawa just brushed her off LOL

Nice point on piano being the girl's life. I remember in S1 when Aizawa wavered because of his judgment. He asked Kaji-san if he took from Kuroda-sensei something more important than his life which is his arm to be a doctor. But in the end, Kuroda-sensei was still thankful for his life. That young pianist will be a recurring guest.

Code Blue is relentless you know. There's no "it's just ep3" lol because I remember S2 this time. The 3rd ep was the 3 people pierced by a ski episode. I cried so much in that ep when I was watching live barely understanding the dialogue then. I hope Saejima's safe too but she seems to be the most affected given her condition.

I miss Morimoto-sensei too. And I guess, if it's Kuroda : Aizawa, Mitsui : Hiyama then Morimoto's equivalent is Fujikawa. But what if Fujikawa's relationship meets a bump, will he still be that jolly and positive? :(

It does seem from the preview that Aizawa will be the one in charge of Saejima but that's just a preview anyway. The episode is always packed! What if Aizawa asks Fujikawa to do it??? (Because well Shiraishi's been affected too, right? LOL). I do hope Fujikawa has an episode too. And Hiyama too! She'll soon be on heli duty since I saw her wearing that new body suit uniform in her IG Live last week XD
Yuri Sakura #SHY2K17yuri9_sakura on July 29th, 2017 06:23 am (UTC)
Ugh its really painful for me to watch Natori then. Coz being a lifesaving doctor is just something that you ABSOLUTELY CANNOT half-ass. I mean even tho Fujikawa in the 1st season bragged about being the best even tho he's not, he still had that passion of not giving up you know & it makes you root for him. And I'm guessing for Natori to develop genuine interest in medicine in a span of 1 or 2 episodes is impossible, so it's gonna be a drag to wait for his development.

And I forgot to mention that! I thought it was like really lucky of these kids to get to ride on the heli even though they clearly aren't ready for it yet, while Fujikawa had to wait till the last ep, which is probably 1 or 2 months after their 1st day in Shohoku.

I suppose I would really appreciate both Aizawa/Shiraishi's way of guiding juniors. Need Aizawa to give a reality bitch slap, and Shiraishi's kind words to hang on LOL THEY'RE THE IDEAL PARENTS I TELL YOU

I have to admit, I'm not as good as other people when it comes to judging one's acting. Especially when they're acting out in a language I'm not familiar with. So I don't notice things like when people call Yamapi a "wooden" actor. I do notice if they're outstanding though, like I can tell Toda Erika's really outstanding. So initially I thought that the actor/actress playing Haitani & Yukimura were really into their role, but then why do I feel so annoyed looking at them? Like I know Haitani is supposed to look helpless but there are ways to look helpless without looking 100% PATHETIC it makes me want to scream lmao I can't even feel any sympathy. How did he survive medical school with that kind of personality that's even more passive than Shiraishi at first and skills worse than Fujikawa in the first season?

And Yukimura gosh, I didn't want to be negative about anything in this season coz its been 7 years, but I feel like I want to gouge my eyes looking at her facial expression. I mean, I was just dumbfounded when Yokomine cried out of nowhere in the middle of room, but then Yukimura made that super SOUR expression, like the only thing she does so far in this drama is her eye-rolling. You're totally right, she has no spunk, totally a Saejima wannabe but can't be as professional or as elegant as Saejima is. It's like she's trying so hard to be beyond Saejima's level but I can't even see a bit of respect. Even with Aizawa's arrogant, snobbish attitude, he still respected Kuroda and wasn't like "I don't need to associate myself with Kuroda-sensei" like the feeling Yukimura gives off when Aizawa told her to rely on Saejima. And its like she's trying so hard to please Aizawa too LOL I need Saejima setting her straight.

Oh you're sure that young pianist will be a recurring guest? So we can be relieved she's not gonna die or anything. (Am I the only one who gets the creeps when she's overly familiar and touchy feely with Aizawa? It reminds me of Yamapi's student-teacher romance movie RIP SORRY there's an abundance of that theme in Japanese romance movies lately and I'm like whyyy LOL & Shinkai STILL gives me the creeps I hate to judge but he seems like the kinda of guy to be perfectly fine being ~familiar~ with young girls I'M SO HORRIBLE)

omg you're totally right! Ep 3 was one of my fave episodes of S2, that shish kebab accident was too intense and made me cry so hard, IT WAS SO UNFAIR HE HAD TO SACRIFICE HIMSELF FOR THOSE TRAITORS.

NO I DON'T WANT FUJIKAWA TO BE SAD AT ALL HE'S MY SUNSHINE ;;A;; Saejima, do you really love him? Please say you do! And if you don't I'm gonna cry for Fujikawa I always have a soft spot for those guys who pine LOL (But knowing Higa Manami said Fujikawa's nice, I have hope that Saejima doesn't hate him or the baby?)

Knowing the kind of personality Shiraishi has, she might tell Aizawa & Fujikawa to focus on Saejima after Aizawa treats her a bit, but then (wild theory) when Saejima is somewhat recovering, it turns out Shiraishi's condition is worse than everyone thought??? And Aizawa JUST A TINY BIT looses his cool WHY DO I CONTINUE TO TORTURE MYSELF

YES I need more Hiyama on the heli. Altho before Natori, I need Haitani to get some development fast I won't be able to last if he stays his pathetic self after ep 5. Hopefully Shiraishi is more strict on him.
krissy ~ クリスピー: tomota!anude_orionbabyshazam on July 30th, 2017 07:53 am (UTC)
I saw from some parts of TV mags that it'll be Natori's ep on Aug 7 (Ep4). Hope he will get some resolve by then! When I read the character descriptions back then, I thought he'd be somewhat like Shiraishi, from a family of doctors. But no, totally different. Shiraishi idolized her father. Natori, I don't know, seems resentful even.

Aizawa and Shiraishi as parents of Lifesaving, I FELT THAT TOO 🙈 especially when they were arguing at the start of the episode. I was so amused and I guess you know why haha. Hiyama and Fujikawa even seemed like their children that they were like oops Mom and Dad are fighting XD And of course I loved that scene when they mellowed down. Well Aizawa was still somehow uptight just uttering few words but I love how Shiraishi made sure that Aizawa knows how powerful words are. Especially saying "you did well." It was so nostalgic! Not just for Shiraishi but for all of us fans :)

I'm with you on not liking the newbies who are touchy feely with Aizawa. I mean the orig cast wouldn't even and then, them?? NO. As what Hiyama would say, MURI! LOL no to Shinkai (I see him as a rival lol & yes it's kinda creepy? lol) and definitely no to the student, especially since she's patient. And yep, I'm sure she's a recurring guest (Like Satoshi, obaachan in the past season?) since that's what's written in the press release about her appearance.

Another thing I noticed was the reaction on Kaede hooking her arm to Aizawa... Hiyama was laughing totally amused but Shiraishi was serious?? Like WTF?! lol she only lightened up when she faced Hiyama who was still in good spirits XD

Lastly, I loved how Hiyama handled the father/daughter issue on giving birth. I can totally feel her maturity on her calmness in handling the matter and I loved her talk with the father afterwards. She still hasn't lost her connection with her patients :) I'm glad she got over the trauma brought by Tsubasa's uncle suing her.
✹☄ Haida ☁☂: Arashi ☆ Juntoshi (>^o^)><(^.^<)tsuyoi_hikari on August 2nd, 2017 05:33 am (UTC)
Unlike everyone, I actually think the new nurse is amusing. She is like 2nd Saejima and all experience nurses are like that in real hospital as well. I mean, the new interns deserved all the role-eyes she gave them. Esp when Yokomine started crying and calling Aizawa 'awful', her role-eyes was appropriate as for Yokomine to honestly thinking Aizawa view the patient as a practice tool is just weird... I found her scenes interesting instead of annoying tbh esp when Aizawa just brushed her off when she come to him all proud and confident. :P

Its pretty obvious that Saejima is with Fujikawa because she likes him as well. Her waking up when Fujikawa coming home and asking him about his dinner in episode 1 is a real indication that the feelings are mutual. And I knew from the get go they arent married as she was reluctant to tell him about her pregnancy. Married couple behave differently as the husband has a say as well on the baby but in Saejima case, she's still thinking whether she want to have the baby or not.

About Yamapi's wooden acting, those people who commented failed to realize that his character was written in the script that way since the first season. Aizawa supposed to be cold and lack of emotion (with a dead eyes) so he is supposed to be that way purposely. Its the same when people complain about his expression in From 5 to 9. Takane is written in the script as someone who is stoic and expressionless. He is supposed to be hilarious with a deadpan expression and I thought he did really well in that role as well. He get lots of prejudice because of his good looks. I wish sometime people will look beyond that and realize how good he is as an actor.
codeblue19 on July 28th, 2017 04:09 pm (UTC)
Code Blue Season 3 Subs
I can't seem to find where the episodes with subtitles are.
krissy ~ クリスピー: tomota!anude_orionbabyshazam on July 28th, 2017 10:38 pm (UTC)
RE: Code Blue Season 3 Subs
codeblue19 on July 29th, 2017 03:53 am (UTC)
RE: Code Blue Season 3 Subs
Thanks so much but for some reason it says access denied. I'm new to this site so I'm still figuring things out. Why would it say this?
krissy ~ クリスピー: tomota!anude_orionbabyshazam on July 29th, 2017 05:35 am (UTC)
RE: Code Blue Season 3 Subs
You have to join the community to view the posts since it's restricted.

Here's a tutorial
codeblue19 on July 29th, 2017 05:51 am (UTC)
RE: Code Blue Season 3 Subs
Thank you so much! This was so helpful:))
ameithystameithyst on July 29th, 2017 05:20 am (UTC)
Thank you so much for sharing these! I just finished watching the two episodes and that elevator scene where Aizawa asked that innocent question is one of the most memorable. So far, I'm enjoying it, but I'm still finding it a bit difficult to like the new characters. I think Arioka Daiki's character is the most irritating one. (I bet he has an issue with his father.) Good thing that Yokomine's more likeable now after the 2nd episode.

I'm so hyped to see more of Masanobu Ando! I wonder if there will be enough scenes to show Shinkai and Aizawa's rivalry?

I hope Saejima won't lose the baby. Or at least not in that way.
krissy ~ クリスピー: tomota!anude_orionbabyshazam on July 29th, 2017 09:14 pm (UTC)
That elevator scene with Aizawa is a favorite of mine too. You cannot not smile or laugh after that scene!

LOL it's obvious Natori has ~issues~ XD well hopefully the rest of the interns improve so they can be likeable. I have to commend Araki Yuko's (Yokomine) acting because from being frustrated with her, you'd cheer for her in that heli scene. Her change of reaction after Aizawa talked to her was great.

With Aizawa out of Brain Surgery, I wonder too how will they show more of Aizawa and Shinkai's rivalry. I still don't like him that much lol well it's mainly because I am biased Team Aizawa haha
ameithystameithyst on July 30th, 2017 09:51 am (UTC)
Yes, improvement of character and skills. I think I just really find them unbearable because of how they are characterized. As compared to the original characters when they were newbies, those three have nothing that commendable when it comes to skills (I know they're newbies but Aizawa and others are not as terrible as they are, especially Aizawa). But yeah, that moment on the heli redeemed Yokomine for me. And yes, I do think Araki Yuko's acting is good. (Too bad her character didn't have a good first impression to me. lol)

Of course, go, Team Aizawa! But I just really like Masanobu Ando because of his fine looks and acting. *^* Wish we still had Morimoto-sensei tho. And I miss the moments with the pilot. I hope they'll show some. It'll be cool if the new interns will learn something from him because Fujikawa, Saejima, and others definitely had good moments with him. (I forgot his name tho. T_T)
✹☄ Haida ☁☂: Shuuji to Akira ☆ Friendship Forever 🎉🎊tsuyoi_hikari on August 2nd, 2017 05:55 am (UTC)
I really enjoy this season so far. Nothing beat the first episode of 2nd season for me but I thought the first episode of this season was done excellently as well. The second episode was better and funnier and I really enjoy how the writer put comedy in the script (the comedic scene it is done in elevator in episode 3 as well :P) which I didn’t expect at all.

I’m glad you mentioned how Aizawa is different from Kuroda-sensei since no one mentioned it before. He is sure strict like Kuroda-sensei but what make him different from him is that he actually give the interns a chance to prove themselves. When Yokomine was hesitating on what to do on scene, he actually wait and give her room to gather her thought instead of pushing her and take control like what Kuroda did to Shiraishi. And in this week’s episode, he gave the nervous guy the chance to become the 1st assistance when he is removing the gauze from the patient stomach. I love all the side-eyes or sarcastic remarks he gave to the new interns since the first episode – it made me lol so much. <3
michiyo_7michiyo_7 on August 2nd, 2017 08:59 am (UTC)
I'm starting to notice something, I tend to not like Episode 2 as much haha. Maybe repeated viewing will make it better.
I agree with a lot of what everyone has said already about the new interns.
The scene where Aizawa ask Yokomine to practice on an unconscious patient, for some reason I don't like that scene, I feel like Yokomine's actress didn't do it very well, it feels a bit fake or doesn't really touch the heart? If that makes sense. Coupled with that intern nurse's constant annoying sour eye-roll face, like what's your problem? -_- But Yokomine definitely showed some growth in epi 2 which is good.

Aizawa may be strict, but he's not that horrible, he actually give yokomine a chance to think of something, but since she was taking too long, he suggested she start with the order first. Sometimes people need a push. I can so relate with Aizawa now with training new people haha

I also think that Yokomine and Haitani has the most potential for growth. Especially haitani after episode 3. I know he's supposed to act weak, but don't need to be that weak XD. It's overacting, but hey, it definitely convey that they're useless. haha

Natori and Yukimura are my least favourite. Natori doesn't seem like he care, while intern nurse is trying so hard to prove herself but also not being nice about it in the process.

But, any character can be redeemed by good writing, so we'll see.

At the moment, the intern group don't have the same chemistry as our main 5.

I love episode 3!!! haha so much to write about. Can I write it in this tread?
krissy ~ クリスピー: tomota!anude_orionbabyshazam on August 2nd, 2017 09:31 am (UTC)
Oh! Why do you not like it? Just curious :) Well yeah it ain't perfect and as pointed out, some are annoying lol but how about I list the points I loved (haha):
- the cafeteria + elevator scene of the 4 doctors on Saejima
- Aizawa and Shiraishi arguing or more like Aizawa ignoring Shiraishi's complaints on him
- Aizawa encourages Yokomine in the heli and her finally being able to do the thorax drain (I told this to a med student friend and she said it is indeed difficult to do)
- the serious father/daughter talk ("no regret at all, Im happy to be with u" then when that BGM plays, the tears will just fall)
Probably since I get to watch an episode more 5 times I have a lot to say haha

And yeah, Episode 3 was great! Can you still hold your thoughts? I'm making a notes + story post again for that but after I'm done with the subs lol
michiyo_7michiyo_7 on August 2nd, 2017 10:59 am (UTC)
Haha I love all those you mentioned. Elevator scenes are the best lol. Aizawa's face when he overheard Fujikawa is the best!!! And yup tears just naturally fall with that BGM haha
Nah I don't not like it, I think it's only that one scene that I don't particularly like, the rest is good.
I'll wait for your post! XD
im_sakura: chef shoimconan on August 4th, 2017 04:25 am (UTC)
That elevator scene, cute side of Aizawa XDD
Thanks a lot dear for sharing all this with us