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04 August 2017 @ 10:47 am
Code Blue the third season Episode 3 notes and Story #4  
We're back to the usual episode length this week, the shortest so far and yet had so many medical terminologies used. New and rare instances and treatment -- cyanide poisoning and damage control. During operating scenes, I decided to simplify the medical terms used that it is easy to read and understand as you watch. Like instead of thoracotomy (surgical incision into the chest wall) and laparotomy (surgical incision into the abdominal cavity), I used operate on the chest, operate on the abdomen. That is just to avoid having too much text to read on the screen when there is so much action going on. However, if it's in explanation scenes, I still use the proper medical term. Let me know if you have any preference :)

I do my own research on the medical terms and procedures. I try to understand as much as I can but I am in no means an expert so if you see anything questionable, inconsistent or unclear, do let me know....in a nice way haha

Okay, thoughts on the episode.... this is a new portion XD Thought I'd say a few words in the post itself aside from replying to comments later on since it's a very thought invoking episode (as with most episodes anyway).

This episode asks these questions: What is important to you? Is there something more important than life to you? If you have to choose, what will it be? This was presented in 3 cases which were dealt with differently. First was introduced in the previous episode, the 14 year old genius pianist Amano Kanade who has a brain tumor. Removing it will save her life in exchange of losing her ability to play the piano. She refuses the operation as she cannot imagine her life not playing the piano. Second is the researcher who failed in a high scale contest, Akimoto Jiro thus committing suicide, even endangering the medical team who came to his rescue. Last is this vigorous chef Ogata Hirofumi who injured his spine. He may not hold a kitchen knife anymore but he is still as positive as ever.

With Aizawa narrating in this episode, he says "a doctor prioritizes life", I think this was something he learned from what happened to Kuroda-sensei in the first season. If you can recall, he had this conversation with Kaji-san after the incident, what if he took from Kuroda-sensei something more than his life. This has caused Aizawa from then on to waver in his judgements. However, Kaji-san told him that being alive is everything for for humans since without being alive, nothing can start at all. How do you convey this though to your patient is the challenge now, right?

While most people who I interact with on twitter know how much I love the elevator scenes, here's more interesting points (and questions) of the episode for me.

- Shinkai all smiles around Shiraishi. He was totally being cute and smiley in asking her out while Aizawa was so stiff that he had to crick his neck. move his leg, lol and wait, in the last scene, Shiraishi knew about Kanade through Shinkai? They talk?

- That eye contact of Aizawa, Shiraishi & Hiyama while operating on Akimoto Jiro. It was the 3 of them consulting each other and agreeing on Damage Control. No words, just eye contact and they knew immediately. It was also amusing how the interns tried to follow their gazes and their surprise that something has been decided upon already.

- Hiyama still doesn't call the interns by their names? She called Haitani, glasses lol and...she likes chefs and guys with guts?

- That explanation of damage control as an answer if the patient wants to live. At least, the body has fought and pulled through.

- Aizawa telling Haitani he contributed in saving the life of the patient and Saejima. It was another way of saying "you did well" right?

- Fujikawa and Saejima. Fujikawa can really be stupid most of the time. Like spilling Saejima's secret first before talking to her or asking Saejima to get married just because they have a baby. But you can never question how much he cares for Saejima. And work may have always come first for Saejima but now, in her renewed life, she first thought of her and Fujikawa's baby :)

STORY #4 (2017.7.31 MON UPDATE)

Aizawa Kousaku (Yamashita Tomohisa) receives information from Shinkai Hiroki (Ando Masanobu) that due to convulsion attacks, Amano Kanade (Tanabe Ririka) has been admitted. Shinkai conveyed this when Kanade was talking to Aizawa. Even with Kanade being in this condition, she still doesn't want to accept surgery. Shinkai expects Aizawa's persuation. However, no matter how Aizawa calls out to Kanade, it's still uncertain.

In the middle of this, while on a barbeque by the river bank, a request to rescue an injured family by Doctor Heli came. Simultaneously, there's communication that Tachibana Keisuke (Shiina Kippei) and Mitsui Kanna's (Ryou) son, Yuusuke's (Kiyama Ryuusei) condition suddenly changed. Tachibana entrusts Doctor Heli to Aizawa, rushing to his son's side. Hereupon, there were traces on Yuusuke's mouth that he vomitted blood. Acccording to Mitsui, Yuusuke suddenly complained of stomach ache. Together with the cardiovascular doctor, Inoue Nobuaki (Takito Kenichi), Tachibana hurriedly treats Yuusuke in the 1st ER.

On the other hand, Aizawa, Natori Souma (Arioka Daiki) and Yukimura Futaba (Baba Fumika) alights on the river bank. With the scene of the accident being a good location to view the fireworks display, they run through a gathered crowd of onlookers. Arriving after a struggle, they are surprised discovering the patient's condition. A skewer used for barbecue was stuck into an 8 year old boy's neck. With Natori's judgement that treatment is difficult on location, the boy was immediately transported to Shohoku's 1st ER. There, Tachibana's treatment of Yuusuke continues.

Under Aizawa's supervision, treatment of the boy is assigned to Natori and Yokomine Akari (Araki Yuko). Shiraishi Megumi (Aragaki Yui) and the others also join but with every possible treatment of the young boy, difficulty stands in the way.

im_sakura: yamapiimconan on August 4th, 2017 04:26 am (UTC)
Ehem shinkai, I need my Aizawa x Shiraishi XDD

thanks a lot XDD
Can't wait for next week
mocoharumamocoharuma on August 4th, 2017 04:36 am (UTC)
Thank you so much for story 4. Can`t wait to watch.
watchful21watchful21 on August 4th, 2017 07:23 am (UTC)
Damn it!!! Episode 3 made me cry again. But of course, I tortured myself and watched it 4 times (and more to follow). I'm enjoying everything about this season and how they've neatly tied the storyline into their past seasons.
Thanks for pointing out little things I missed (especially about "glasses"). Couldn't stop laughing once I honed in on that one line.
Already episode 3....only 7 more to go!!! It's moving along way to fast for me.
One request: I want Grandma to make an appearance!!!
And re: translation of medical terms and procedures. I appreciate the way you've simplified it for someone not in the medical field. All the technical terminology would be totally lost on me and then ultimately distract from the more important dialogue and nonverbal stuff going on. It's just the right balance!!
Thanks again for everything.
krissy ~ クリスピーbabyshazam on August 5th, 2017 11:19 am (UTC)
Haha...I always watch an episode more than 5 times and I don't even get tired?? It's like everything still is exciting even if I've seen it already. It's well made down to little details that you won't really catch everything in just one watch.

I want to see grandma too!!! Just one mention isn't enough.

Thanks for the comment and most of all, the support :)
yi_seulyi_seul on August 4th, 2017 10:52 am (UTC)
First of all thank you again for the subs , you are a lifesaver X3

I agree with every thing you said about the 3rd episode , I love the fact that Saejima is all about her baby now !! I definitely agree that no one can question how much Fujikawa cares about Saejima whether she was pregnant or not I mean he was so into her since S2 or was it S1 ?? XD

That piano girl is making the wrong decision though , piano is important to her but there are a lot of people who are living yet not doing the thing they love the most , right ?

Aizawa for sure didn't like Shiraishi X Shinkai interaction XD I can't wait for more moments of these three !!

For the next episode , I was thinking , will that 8 years old boy with neck injury be the heart donor for Tachibana's son ? I wonder .... + I am excited to see Aizawa with 2 of the interns on location ^_^

I forget to say I like the way you simplify medical terms , I understand it more now , thank you ^_^

Edited at 2017-08-04 11:01 am (UTC)
krissy ~ クリスピーbabyshazam on August 5th, 2017 11:28 am (UTC)
Thanks for the comment! I love this drama and the discussions about it.

Yeah, I think Fujikawa has liked Saejima since S1...but he's been more vocal about it in S2 XD

The 'piano girl' is getting a bit frustrating, isn't she?? But of course the doctors can't force her to agree :(

These little elevator moments keep getting more amusing XD

And oh my...that's good theory on a possible heart donor for Yuusuke. But then I just read a TV mag that mentioned Tachibana will acquire info on a brain dead patient by Episode 6...I wonder if that's finally it.

(no subject) - yuri9_sakura on August 8th, 2017 07:08 am (UTC) (Expand)
michiyo_7michiyo_7 on August 4th, 2017 12:58 pm (UTC)
Cried so much in episode 3. T^T
As you mentioned, it really reminds me of Kuroda-sensei's incident. Damn I'm so desperate for Kuroda sensei to make a cameo appearance, just to see how he's going with life now. His situation really ties in well with this episode's theme.
With the pianist, that's really a tough situation. Like Aizawa said, if she was just a normal girl, there wouldn't be this problem.
The cyanide poisoning was intense! And when you see Aizawa's face when he hears that they might be poisoned, like shit just got real!

Haitani is showing potential in this episode for me. It feels like he's the most dedicated to being a doctor, but just lacks confidence. And the end scene where Shiraishi and Aizawa comforts him, like mum and dad giving him a boost, they're like the parents of lifesaving lol! I somehow feel like Shiraishi is the heart while Aizawa is the brain of lifesaving haha.

Love that elevator scene again, Aizawa's side profile and leg twitch when Shinkai asked Shiraishi XD
The eye contact during the surgery was awesome, shows their team bond and experiences.
And my most favourite scene would be Aizawa's convo with the wife after completing the surgery. The lines and acting was superb!! That must be the best thing to say to the wife who have lost hope that her husband wants to live. One of the most thought-provoking scenes.
This is why I love CB, combining learning new medical stuff, with thought-invoking questions, with funny scenes and lots of emotional scenes lol

Next episode, so it's Natori and Yukimura's turn to face the test that is Aizawa eh haha. Just 3 more days!

p.s. episode 2 is getting better with multiple viewing haha
p.p.s. I've seen like 3 totally different translations of scenes in episode 2. medical drama is so tough ne.
p.p.p.s. Thanks for your hardwork with the translations and subbing!!!
✹☄ Haida ☁☂tsuyoi_hikari on August 4th, 2017 02:29 pm (UTC)
Do you mind telling me which different scene in episode 2 is that? Does it really change the whole context of the script?
(no subject) - michiyo_7 on August 5th, 2017 01:56 am (UTC) (Expand)
(no subject) - tsuyoi_hikari on August 5th, 2017 02:58 pm (UTC) (Expand)
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✹☄ Haida ☁☂: YamaP ☆ Flowers for Algernon 💐🐭tsuyoi_hikari on August 4th, 2017 02:24 pm (UTC)
I really enjoyed the 2nd episode but this week's episode is just so awesome. The contamination scene is just really good! I love seeing Aizawa running around and we got plenty of that this season. 8D

And there are so much thought-provoking dialogs in this week's episode. What I love about Code Blue is that they never tried to answer all the questions that they brought forward and act like this solution is better than the other. But they just lay the question out there and let the audiences think for themselves. Just like how Aizawa always there to convince the pianist girl to undergo the surgery but he never force her or shove his thoughts on her -- he just silently there no matter how much I know it is killing him to see how stubborn is the girl.

The convo with the wife about how the husband's body is fighting to stay alive is just so good. I can imagine how that words console the wife despite her husband actually tried to kill himself twice. And the part about being a coward in also an important element to be a doctor is also very interesting. And when Shiraishi gave example that the great Aizawa-sensei also has that element meant a world to the nervous Haitani. And the fact that Aizawa told Haitani that him being the 40% is actually the things that save everyone further boost his confidence which I think is just awesome. And lastly, about the fact that the girl is gifted make her didnt value her life really hits the audiences. Like Aizawa said, if the girl is just a normal girl, it wouldn't be a problem at all.

The writer really surprise me each episode. I wonder what she has in store for us in the future episodes. The different medical procedures that she decide to highlight are just interesting particularly the gauze packing procedure that they did in this episode. For someone like me who love medical dramas, it is just a treat to see all of this.
krissy ~ クリスピーbabyshazam on August 5th, 2017 03:02 pm (UTC)
So as not to be redundant, kindly see my comments on the contamination scene, Aizawa-sensei and the conversation with the wife above lol

Honestly there are so many good things about Code Blue that I think we can make a thesis out of it XD and I love that you pointed out that they asks questions but never directly answering. They started that last season. And I remember something Saijou-sensei told Shiraishi in S2E2. As doctors they guide their patients in making the (right) choice. Non verbatim but something like that. They don't impose but they guide. I was really hopeful when Aizawa held out the pen but when Kanade said she's scared gripping tightly the paper, Aizawa withdrew his hand and my heart just broke for the girl's life.

I know most fans doubted the writer as soon as it was posted in the official site because of the change. Of course who wouldn't, right? There was nothing wrong in the 1st 2 seasons so why change? But even with that doubt, I still trusted the producer. And so far, what do we get, apart from the interns/newbies we usually pick on (lol), we have these awesome lines/conversations and refreshing subplots too - the 'love outcome' that most Japanese fans were worried about too haha and yes, new situations and medical procedures. (I remember Shiraishi already did gauze packing in S2 for Cardiac Tamponade although it wasn't shown in detail unlike in S3E3)
(no subject) - tsuyoi_hikari on August 5th, 2017 03:54 pm (UTC) (Expand)
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(no subject) - tsuyoi_hikari on August 7th, 2017 02:20 pm (UTC) (Expand)
ameithystameithyst on August 5th, 2017 12:22 pm (UTC)
Thanks for sharing what to anticipate next week! My first reaction after reading that: Just how did that happen to that poor little boy? O_O

Anyway, I enjoyed ep3 because of cyanide poisoning and damage control. It's something that wasn't done before in the previous two seasons. I also liked that scene where the three just looked at each others' eyes to communicate. Ahh, the beauty of 9 years of friendship.

And of course, that elevator scene with Shinkai! It was so amusing to watch Aizawa's body language. lol I'd love to see Shiraishi and Shinkai together if only just to wait for Aizawa's reactions. I somewhat wished that he would react to the line when Shiraishi said that she knew from Shinkai that Amano still can't decide, but of course, the mood is serious.

Oh, and I loved how Haitani got to learn the message about cowardice here. I'm so glad Narita Ryo is a good actor. :D
krissy ~ クリスピーbabyshazam on August 5th, 2017 03:25 pm (UTC)
Same reaction! And I'm just like, that's why they're called "accidents"

I'm amused how most fans I get to interact with want to see more of Shiraishi and Shinkai just to get more reaction out of Aizawa XD I dunno about others but I am enjoying this little insert of humor that's usually at the start of the episode anyway. Code Blue's thrust is being realistic, right? So of course even doctors experience love and relationships ;) Even Kuroda was once married. There's Tachibana and Mitsui too. For hardworking doctors who almost live in the hospital who else would understand them but someone in the same field right. And that last scene, only us fans would react that way. That was wayyy too serious XD

(no subject) - ameithyst on August 6th, 2017 01:50 pm (UTC) (Expand)
Yuri Sakura #SHY2K17yuri9_sakura on August 6th, 2017 12:26 pm (UTC)
uhuhu IS IT WEIRD I GET ALL EMOTIONAL READING YOUR THOUGHTS ON THIS EPISODE ASDFAGSHJKDLASD YOU'RE SO RIGHT!! Literally all your main points are the highlights of this episode for me.

Yes that eye contact scene between Aizawa, Shiraishi and Hiyama was soooo epic I literally had chills. Does that mean that even though Aizawa was busy with Neurosurgery and Hiyama at the perinatal center, they were still able to maintain a close friendship? I mean look at that trust! It would be even more impressive if they didn't keep up with each other yet could still be so connected you know?

I wanna ask, is it normal for colleagues of 9 years to still be using surnames with each other? And I think they consider each other as friends by now right? Especially Hiyama and Shiraishi, I think they're close (or at least should be) close enough to use their first names with each other. Shiraishi probably uses "-sensei" coz they're at the hospital and working but privately? Still with a sensei? Okay it's probably not important but u know, fic purposes HAH xD

I really like that chef man his smile was blinding it made me smile with him :") And remember you said that it's touching that Hiyama has overcome her fear of patients? And in this season, her romantic potential is with a patient? Idk I think its sweet <3

I loveee the whole explanation about damage control procedure I didn't know such a thing existed. I mean yeah it happened in S2 but there wasn't a thorough explanation coz it was so hectic. All three cases in this episode is so interesting, especially poison contamination damn SO INTENSE!!

And after this episode, Haitani is my favorite intern. I thought it'd be Yokomine after episode 2 but idk her airhead-ness is kinda annoying (although not to point of eye-rolling to the back of my head like Yukimura. And I just realized her name is Futaba which makes me irritated even more thinking about Futaba from Ao Haru Ride LMAO)

You know I always thought Fujikawa's crush on Saejima was cute, and they were so opposites and their height difference is so cute too (I'm a sucker for funny guy x stoic girl kinda ships lol) But they never made me feel so emotional until this episode! Ya'll I cried seeing Fujikawa's cry of relief that Saejima was okay. AND SAEJIMA'S GAZE TOWARDS FUJIKAWA!! MAN A+ ACTING LOOK AT HER EYES SAEJIMA REALLY LOVES HIM TOO IM SO EMO MY ICE QUEEN IM SO PROUD OF HER SHE'S CHANGED SO MUCH INTO A BETTER PERSON I JUST WANT HAPPINESS FOR HER ESPECIALLY COZ HER STORY WITH SATOSHI BROKE ME

sHINKAI! HOW FAR WILL THE WRITERS GO WITH HIS FLIRTING? I'm so excited I hate that I want Shiraishi x Shinkai JUST to see more of Aizawa's emotions lmao I want to see him curious, irritated, jealous, sulking (is that possible? ohoho). And I guess Shiraishi already accepted his invitation? I mean she doesn't really have a reason NOT to, especially if she doesn't think of Shinkai trying to court her or anything. Imagine being as kind and pretty as Shiraishi but not have any guy approach you, Shinkai's interest in her is not shocking. And I found it hilarious that when Shinkai's eyes practically followed Shiraishi from the moment she entered that elevator while Aizawa immediately turned away from her direction and opted to stare straight into some other direction lol

Okay I know we're just getting into episode 4, but I keep wondering what kind of major case will happen for this season's finale. What could be worse than plane crashes, trains derailing? What about a natural disaster? That'd be too intense (and costly) but its gotta be more dangerous than the past seasons right? Because so far I think Code Blue S3 is living up to the past seasons. And maybe even more enjoyable because of the light-heartedness in the beginning of an episode? coz I thoroughly enjoy every moment this rewatching the episode like about 4-5 times.

Oh and can we talk about how fun Hiyama and Fujikawa's friendship is? I swear they have the best bickering scenes even from the first 2 seasons and they also share similarities like when they both tease Aizawa (behind his back rip) but its also obvious they really care for each other. They're really like siblings, love their scenes together like when Hiyama sensed Fujikawa was worried about Saejima.

Edited at 2017-08-06 01:02 pm (UTC)
krissy ~ クリスピー: tomota!anude_orionbabyshazam on August 6th, 2017 09:56 pm (UTC)
reply 1/2
I think even if they were apart for how many years, they still share that same simple goal when they were interns: to do everything they can to save their patients :) As for how they call each other, I just thought that yeah, it is normal for Japanese to stick to how you got used to calling each other from the start for how many years, be it last names. It's because I thought until now, Ikuta Toma has been used to calling Yamapi, Yamashita. It's endearing to a point because it connotes nothing has changed since :)

I'd say the chef if charming and yes, the positive aura helps so much in that aspect. Maybe that's what Hiyama needs, a little positivity since lately she's been stressed and all, right? And yeah, I think it's great to show Hiyama has finally gotten over her fear of patients by being ~this close~ to a patient haha who'd have thought??? I think it's sweet as well.

The entire contamination scene was awesome. How I wish there was more time to show that particular scene when the heli landed and they decontaminated the passengers of doctor heli on the heliport. It was so well done. Props to Aizawa for managing that in like what? 5 minutes, right? Then of course the Damage Control. I can't get over how on point it was a 'solution' not just to stop the bleeding of the patient but also as answer if he wants to live. The lines, delivery and execution of that scene was so moving.

Michiyo mentioned Haitani also and I forgot to talk about him in my reply so I have to include him now haha o far, I think Haitani grew more in his episode than Yokomine. While Yokomine gained confidence making judgements while on the scene and doing medical treatments, I saw Haitani, despite still evidently lacking in skill, his concern and genuine desire to be a doctor. Even if he openly expressed he questions himself if he is suited, that alone is what makes him more capable to be one. Also, didn't Shiraishi tell him then to go home? Meaning, he's been staying beyond shift hours already. And when it was his heli duty, wasn't he early in the hospital. That little bit makes him a bit close to how our senior doctors were when they were interns. (just LOL you had to mention Futaba of Ao Haru Ride, that's what I thought of too when I read Futaba was Yukimura's name, MEH! LMAO)

Last night I posted the "stiff" screencap, right? LOL so yeah I was watching Episode 1. And I was amused how Saejima "bullied" Fujikawa but instead of resenting her, I think the more he liked her, ever since. How cute lol and look at them now, about to have a baby. Fujikawa might have been a tad useless in this episode lol as he was almost basically glued to Saejima's bed but I have to commend the great acting too. The changes in his facial expression was touching. And of course, Saejima. She can be scary (like in that car scene - "What properly??") and yet she was so frail in that hospital bed, and then loving when alone with Fujikawa talking about their baby. Gawd, I really wish her happiness but I hate how they seem to have something more for her to put up to. Code Blue team, I know you need to create drama and all but hasn't Saejima been through enough?? Another thing though, the BTS shots of that scene where Aizawa was checking on Saejima's condition when she woke up in TV mags was just love. It was the 5 of them in that scene and you can see how happy they were together. It said that they were talking a lot waiting for the actual shoot. *sigh* their friendship <3
reply 2/2 - babyshazam on August 6th, 2017 09:56 pm (UTC) (Expand)
dots_dokodots_doko on August 14th, 2017 02:01 pm (UTC)
for still using their surname with each other, it is more because they are always meet in professional settings and calling each other by their birth name would be unprofessional. becasuse of this, they are used with that name and ended up calling each other with surname in private setting as well. Same with tachibana, he called mitsui as 'mitsui' instead of kanna when they are at work despite once being married to each other.

it also worth to note that they are not really close (like bestfriend close) with each other to the point of calling each other by their name. unlike fujikawa and seajima, thats a different story as they are in relationship so fujikawa called saejima 'haruka' instead.

we would like to believe that they are close-knit friends but i dont really think thats the case. they are friends and close to each other (for work) and close enough to tell each other secrets or troubles but they are not bff or anything like that. note that in the first episode, when aizawa pass through hiyama in the hallway, hiyama give him a glance (like they just meet each other again after years apart or no contact) and he didnt even realize she was there. aizawa and shiraishi also has the distance like they just meet each other at work and it just stops there, like meeting each other on elevator, aizawa give consultation to lifesaving or pass through each other at cafeteria and so on. that is why shiraishi also reluctant to ask aizawa to come back to the team as she is not close to him in the first place.

for an example too, jun always call ohno, 'ohno-san' on air but when he didnt required to be formal, he will call him 'leader' as it is ohno's nickname. Same with sho, he always call ohno, 'ohno-san' but sometimes, we managed to catch him call ohno 'satoshi'. i think its the same case with yamapi and toma. while in formal setting, he will call yamapi 'yamashita' but i'm sure in private, he will either call him 'pi' or 'tomo'.