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11 August 2017 @ 09:16 am
Code Blue the third season Episode 4 notes, thoughts and Story #5  
How many times or how much did you cry in this episode? Japanese articles talked about the viewers response of drying up tear ducts for this episode.

First off, medical terms. Some have been simplified in the dialogues, others are just further explanations for better understanding of the situation. Thanks to Google and medical journals :) I also thought there's no need to explain terms that have been used repeatedly and explained since Season 1 like VF or Echo.

Intracranial pressure - pressure in the skull
*term used by Shinkai when he describes Kanade's condition (when he called Aizawa and the last scene)

Angiography - examination by X-ray of blood or lymph vessels, carried out after introduction of a radiopaque substance.
*Natori's recommendation for further examination of Kentaro in the 1st ER

Pseudoaneurysm- collection of blood that forms between the two outer layers of an artery, the muscularis propria and the adventitia.
*one of the observations while examining Kentaro

Congestive Cardiomyopathy - the walls of the heart chambers stretch (dilate) to hold a greater volume of blood than normal. It's the final stage of many heart diseases and the most common condition resulting in congestive heart failure.
*Yuusuke and Akito's sickness

Anticoagulants - commonly referred to as blood thinners, are chemical substances that prevent or reduce coagulation of blood, prolonging the clotting time.
*What Inoue mentioned as medication for Yuusuke but they are unable to do so since he has an artificial heart

Communicating artery - a blood vessel of the brain that connects the left and right anterior cerebral arteries
*Usage of this was the simplest way to save Kentaro however, his was still underdeveloped so they had to find another way

Dura Mater - a membrane that envelops the arachnoid mater. It surrounds and supports the dural sinuses (also called dural venous sinuses, cerebral sinuses, or cranial sinuses) and carries blood from the brain toward the heart.
*Mentioned by Shinkai while operating on Kentaro but simplified it to membrane

diazepam - valium medication of the benzodiazepine family that typically produces a calming effect
*What Shinkai asked for to the nurse when Kanade was having a seizure in the last scene

Also, just a little correction on Ogata's first name. When I first wrote it in the story translation, I used Hirotsugu but I thought I heard his name was Hirofumi in Episode 3 thus that was used. However, it's actually Hirotsugu in his medical chart.


While the previous episode asked questions and made you choose, this week, we were shown that there are different ways of saving a patient. Mostly, all of them are technical but surprisingly, just a smile goes a long way - it gives encouragement, it heals a patient's heart.

We saw that in the case of Yuusuke drawing strength from Mitsui and Kanade, from Aizawa.

Going back though to the different ways of saving a patient, we saw, one, through the surgery of Kentaro. The doctors found a way to remove the skewer without damaging his other organs. Two, the doctors fought ways to save Akito but a heart transplant would have been the best way if only they had a donor. Lastly, Kanade can only be saved through surgery. What has been hindering her though from that solution is not even a limitation like that of a donor so that gave Aizawa the resolve to talk to her to go into surgery.

Here are the interesting points (and questions) again for me:

- Saejima and Fujikawa so happy. I've been used to Fujikawa worrying for Saejima but it was so nice to see Saejima relaxing at Mary Jane's bar with the doctors looking really so happy and loving, talking to Fujikawa on the phone.

- Is "sore de" (and so?) somehow becoming Aizawa's catchphase? Like how "sono toori da" (exactly) is to Kuroda-sensei? Natori was the recipient this episode. I think this kid will finally learn his lesson next episode.

- Drunk Hiyama crying is so cute. Those sobs after talking about her place being taken by someone else, aside from pitying her would make you root for her more. I totally understand her being against Aizawa going to Toronto. I also love how she referred to Mitsui-sensei as her admired senior, having no regrets. I've always thought Hiyama was like Mitsui's daughter, especially in Season 1. And in Season 2, it was Tachibana who stood by her. So she's basically in that Tachibana family too.

- And you thought Aizawa was arrogant enough since Season 1 here comes Shinkai "then my hand is needed". But then I guess it's natural for surgeons to be arrogant? Remember what Kuroda said about Aizawa? I think he's a born surgeon, even the arrogance that comes with it (S1E5). Which also brings me, the 2 most skilled surgeons in Shohoku? While you could argue about how about Saijou-sensei? Of course saying the most skilled doctor will perform the surgery would assure the patient's family. Recalling S1E8 (unforgettable episode yo!!!), the matsuri incident injuring a family, Yuna-chan's father and grandfather both had to undergo surgery. Aizawa assured Yuna that the 2 most skilled doctors would do it. Yuna then asked, there are 2 people who are best? Witty kid.

- Kentaro's surgery to remove the iron skewer. From Shiraishi's explanation to the actual surgery. We were treated to see the details which were just...amazing. Taking the previous season's injured family as reference again, grandfather had to undergo a surgery in his colon so Kuroda was in charge assisted by Aizawa and Hiyama. While the father's surgery was in the head so it was Saijou-sensei assisted by Shiraishi and Fujikawa. Now we see Aizawa heading the surgery himself as the new interns watch.

- Saejima asked, what is the most important thing in being a flight nurse? Yukimura's answers weren't wrong, it's even like a textbook answer, to copy from Aizawa. Following though the episode's theme that there are ways to save a patient and it's not all technical, apart from being skilled, a nurse should also be wary of the patient's anxiety and be able to relieve everyone's worries on location. But Yukimura maintained that sour face the entire time they were on location especially when the mother kept on panicking. Aizawa had to be the one to tell her calm down. Something Saejima would have said immediately for sure had she be the one on duty. The way Saejima was able to convey this to Yukimura also shows her maturity (as contrast to her shouting at Shiraishi - S1E2) and sincerity. It made well up as well as I recall how Hiyama and Shiraishi consoled Saejima too after Tazawa Satoshi passed away (S2E5). Hiyama said seeing Saejima in her seat in the heli lessens her worries. That's how indispensable Saejima was to them, Shiraishi added. What a big gap from the arrogant Yukimura huh

- Tachibana's fervent desire to save Akito, his desperation. I felt he was not just fighting for Akito, but Yusuke as well. It was so heart breaking that even when everything was crumbling down - the condition isn't improving, hemorrhages and all, Tachibana just urged Akito to hold on ;(

- Tachibana family: Fireworks, crying Yuusuke and Mitsui's laughter. Crying fest continues. The things and lengths you do for your family, your loved ones especially when they're on the brink of death. Please save Yuusuke and make this family happy again.

- Aizawa's words to Kanade: you are strong. If it's you, it will be alright. Apart from encouragement, faith in one person goes a long way. Aizawa may have said questionable things but like what he said in the previous episode, a doctor prioritizes life and if there is a way to save a patient, it should be done.

- Ogata has a freakin wife?!?!! How dare you?? Is all I can say


As for the next episode, Yamapi just mentioned in his radio show this morning that the 5th episode will also considerably move one to tears. It's that type of story for tears to flow T___T The last episode also made him cry too since he's weak on things about parent and child. He immediately cries, he admitted.

STORY #5 (2017.8.7 MON UPDATE)

With Amano Kanade (Tanabe Ririka)'s emergency operation and supporting another patient's sudden change in condition althrough the night, Aizawa Kousaku (Yamashita Tomohisa) is unusually completely exhausted at their medical office. There, Fujikawa Kazuo (Asari Yousuke) carries in his arms a box of tomatoes as he reports for work. It's the tomato that the pregnant Saejima Haruka (Higa Manami) can only eat. Fujikawa complains that Saejima does not accept other food and if there's no tomato she gets in a bad mood but he looks happy in saying so. Hiyama Mihoko (Toda Erika) consults Shiraishi Megumi (Aragaki Yui) on the case of a guy you worry about having a wife but hides it under a story of a friend. However, with Shiraishi answering in a loud voice don't go into adultery, the other party Hiyama's consulting was mistakened and regrets it.

At that time, Shohoku Lifesaving Center receives a request for Dcotor Heli for an under construction drainage system worker who made the rising water spill hitting the rescue, injuring one member too. Shiraishi, Natori Souma (Arioka Daiki), Yukimura Futaba (Baba Fumika) boards the heli. Arriving at the site, Natori treats the conscious rescue veteran Kurata Masatoshi (Ohtani Ryosuke), Shiraishi and Yukimura transports the unconscious worker Yoshizaki Takashi (Hasegawa Shinya) to the Lifesaving Center by heli.

In the 1st ER, while Yoshizaki is being treated, Yukimura notices Saejima looks strange. Then the next moment, Saejima collapsed.

On the other hand, Kurata who was sent to another hospital suddenly changed condition and he was returned to Shohoku Lifesaving Center. Natori who decided on Kurata's condition trembles, however...
im_sakuraimconan on August 11th, 2017 07:03 am (UTC)

Thanks a lot for sharing this XDD
I didn't cry because I hold it down, my sister is near me in my room so I don't want her to see me crying but this episode is really T__T.

You put reference with previous season detailed with the number of season and episode, I like that XDD

krissy ~ クリスピーbabyshazam on August 11th, 2017 08:52 pm (UTC)
You're welcome! Putting the previous reference...I realized how such a Code Blue geek I've become LOL XD
shyza786shyza786 on August 11th, 2017 07:44 am (UTC)
Hello !~ I finally made a Live Journal since you were so kind enough to mention me in your tweets every time you updated with juicy Code Blue updates^,^ first and foremost thanks for always taking the time to do these miscellaneous yet effort requiring translations for us foreign fans. I can understand basic hiragana and katakana so I'm able to piece together /comprehend common & easier phrases but kanji is brutal! And not to mention all the medical/political terms ( in japanese) @_@ so thats why you're a life saver~~~ Thanks soooo much again!!

Now on to your thoughts:

I really liked the whole "a smile goes a long way" message that this episode depicted and I always wondered why such a theme ( for a medical setting) was not addressed in earlier seasons since you would think that it's pretty much unavoidable to mention that in the aspect of patient care, showing a smile and greeting the ill cheerfully is as healing and effective as any other means of treatment so I thought it to be rather odd that they mentioned this theme of medical practice this late into their many episode listings; but nonetheless, happy they did it because it was clearly a much needed topic to not only be addressed for the show's medical care essence, but also for Aizawa to realize that through showing such a gesture, he was finally able to convince and reassure Kanade of her surgery....plus Kousaku's smile is just love lol >///<
Omg I was sooo stoked to see Haruka FINALLY being able to just TAKE A GOD DAMN BREAK from work and enjoy a gleeful evening with the girls (& of course Aizawa's subtle presence w/ his random remarks lmao). And Fujukawa was actually so cute worrying so much about her and it just warmed me when she actually listened to him..Ahh kawaiii
YES ! I made a little retweet on the scene with Hiyama while drunk, nagging Aizawa, but it was funny how she couldn't come up with anything else to say/nag him about BUT the seriousness that surrounds his going away to Toronto-she explicitly says she "wont for give him if he leaves." OMG that's where my void of wanting Aizawa/Hiyama interactions (not in that way ) became much filled because it occurred to me that she WAS sensitive about his presence after knowing him for so long and it upset her to think he would leave their group~ *cries* she's so fragile actually. She's headstrong but also sensitive. I've always thought the interaction between Aizawa and hiyama was ignored and took a back seat being so rare and it really agitated me because their relationship could have served as a VERY dynamic, uplifting, and entertaining one as their thoughts seem to clash a lot but at the same time have become close and I think this closeness if given a chance to be portrayed, would have been a valuable asset in bringing out character qualities and development. So yessss I was surprised and very satisfied when seeing her "true feels" seep out about his departure (which *ahem** Shiraishi still has to comment deeply about lol) because it didnt seem apparent she was so saddened by it lol
I want to finally really comment on the scene with the Tachibana family: it was just tragically beautiful. From the suppressed tears while watching the fireworks, to Tachibana's desperate remarks to change the topic so Yuusuke would not get hurt, to Yuusuke himself knowing he should stay strong but not helping his child tendencies to fall prey to sadness, which, is more than understandable. I just hope they ARE able to pull with their crisis in the end and that Yuusuke can survive because I won't be able to take it. About Hiyama being someone who seems like she's also from their family, I totally agree. She had, from the beginning, just always clicked with them-starting from being guided by Mitsui, to clashing/learning with Tachibana as well as developing a friendly and lax junior/senior relationship with him, and then now, finally, resorting to sacrificing her "goal" I guess, just so that Mitsui could be with her son, which is something only family members could do unconditionally for one another correct? :) It's so perfect and heartwarming how she fits in with them in this way and plays a significant role in their lives. It's definitely one of my favourite character interactions in the entire show.
shyza786shyza786 on August 11th, 2017 07:45 am (UTC)
Thoughts on preview for Episode 5:

Again, thanks for wonderfully putting the preview translation together, we wuv you :*)

Nani?! Yamapi crying because of the ep?? I just cant imagine Aizawa himself doing that, so it actually really makes me want to see this for real haha although, so sorry to hear it brought our Tomo to tears :( I hope the effects won't last for too long if something that tragic is to happen..oh no!! im scared now. I really hope he's just overly sensitive and it's not as bad lol
You know, judging from this it seems we may get to experience some lighthearted conversations (if not too much) in the beginning of the show? HAHA I can JUST imagine the big mouth Hiyama discussing even her lovestruck problems with Shiraishi, and Shiriashi, being the "proper lady" yet also gullible girl she is, thinking things to the extreme and reprimanding Hiyama ! but adultery?? HAHAHA I'm really anticipating this, though I can just about envision their expressions and how it'll go down-all the more entertaining if Aizawa "happens” to be there when this super secretive convo is taking place! LOL he'll probably go into another shocker mode lololol poor baby. I'm REALLY digging the light hearted moments we get to have this season and the new characters, and all this new interaction with old characters as well as the new ones. I've noticed that Aizawa/Shriashi moments mainly get to strike on odd episodes lol weird but it seems to flow that way for now so I'm expecting a continuation from either the Shinkai X Shiraishi X Aizawa + elevator scene OR the Aizawa "Becasue you're here...you're interesting" + elevator scene LOL omggg I'm too wrecked T_T Buuuuut REALLY what’s the point of having the latter included in the show if they are not going to develop it further?

And did I read correctly, THE Aizawa is feeling fatigued from overworking??? Well, I guess even he isnt super human although, close to it lol But no, if his physical condition deteriorates I'll really be worried. But at the same time, I feel like we're getting to see alot more "dormant" sides of Aizawa that didn't come up in previous seasons: his vulnerability to patients' pain, openness towards comrades, and now looks like a soft spot for Fujikawa too given the preview. That for me is also well anticipated since we've never gotten a "man to man" interaction with the two despite general encounters at the hospital. And because it's dealing with Haruka and the condition of her pregnancy, I'm all the more eager to see what he will say to console Fujikawa-it
kind of brings me back to the consolation Shiraishi provided Hiyama (by hugging her while sitting in a similar setting as Aizawa + Fujikawa in the preview) in S2 after she was heartbroken from the potential lawsuit; I loved how she KNEW Hiyama needed her comfort so in the same way, I want to see how this scene with two boys will mirror that one.
Looking forward to seeing new medical procedures being led by our mains and Shiraishi's stern discipline for Natori since he also obviously has issues waiting to be addressed-issues with his father more specifically, but that is precisely WHY I think Shiriahsi is THE best sensei/guidance for the situation since her story unfolded pretty similarly with her own father ( when he was initially against her wish to remain practicing as a LifeSaving doctor and they clashed for that reason). And her father also held a higher position to her as a doctor/lecturer which intimidated her decisions and that's the same presence Nator's father seems to have too since he's also a famous figure in the medical care world. I can already see the overlap with the two's past so it's easy to imagine what kinds of things Shiriashi would have in stock to educate, discipline, and perhaps even provide comfort Natori for. So I CANNOT wait to see how that unfolds.

HARUKA!!! That was one thing from the preview I will never really be ready to witness in detail. I just will say that I hope she can recover fast from her loss :*[ Her and Fujikawa!! T_T Their friends will be there for them no doubt !!!!!!!
krissy ~ クリスピーbabyshazam on August 12th, 2017 01:19 pm (UTC)
I too am looking forward to those "light hearted moments" usually at the beginning or towards the end of the episode....we all need to smile too, right?? XD I just hope that that Hiyama "love story" ends with Shiraishi honestly putting it out as adultery since Ogata is actually married (I still go wtf at this twist). I'm really counting on an Aizawa x Shiraishi scene too since I noticed that odd episode thing as well which I think I mentioned to Yuri XD

Haha yeah, Aizawa, no matter how god-like he looks, isn't super human :) I remember what the producer said in the introduction when S3 was announced. This is a medical drama that thrusts on reality. No super powers or super doctors, just doctors saving lives doing the best they can. It'll be a nice reminder to see how our doctors have down times too.

And I totally on your reasoning why Shiraishi could be the best guide to Natori. Obviously, the kid has issues. Need to get it out soon and he could be bitch slapped with the reality (like what happened to Yukimura). Shiraishi is nice but don't mess with her when she snaps. And that "next time" of Natori I think will be the last straw for Shiraishi.
Yuri Sakura #SHY2K17yuri9_sakura on August 12th, 2017 06:51 pm (UTC)
Yess, I love that this medical drama thrusts on reality. I wonder if this is the reason why Code Blue isn't considered the no. 1 medical drama when I see people make lists of favorite drama by genre. We don't see some kind of amazing way to save a patient at the last second or anything even if initially all odds are against the doctors lol (i do enjoy that sometimes but still, because CB is reality, it tugs the heartstrings more and makes a bigger impact to me than super medical dramas :D)

Oh and here I thought it was like this

1. Natori -> Hiyama,
2. Haitani -> Shiraishi/Fujikawa
3. Yokomine -> Aizawa
4. Yukimura -> Saejima

But seeing Natori's backstory, Shiraishi might be able to relate more. They're a bit similar yet different too. Like how Shiraishi came to Shohoku mainly coz people expected it from her, and Natori's just following what his dad wants. Shiraishi's dad wanted her to quit Lifesaving and she opposed. Instead of hoping Natori finds in it himself to genuinely like being a doctor, what if his side story is him NOT wanting to be a doctor? Yeah unlikely, but I don't like how there's actually a doctor that isn't sincere in his job. But he got mad in the preview at the thought of it being his last time? So maybe he actually does love being a doctor? Hmm

Boyy I can't wait to see when Shiraishi snaps. The last time she snapped after being patient for so long she was like "I have a lot of reasons to break your nose right now!" damn gurl xD
krissy ~ クリスピー: tomota!anude_orionbabyshazam on August 13th, 2017 09:19 pm (UTC)
Reading the character descriptions before, I thought:

Natori - Shiraishi
Haitani - Fujikawa
Yokomine - Hiyama
Yukimura - Saejima

But it changed when the season started. Except I still stand wirh Natori - Shiraishi for daddy doctor issues haha. Interesting thoughts :) hmm...from our OT5, they all wanted to be flight doctors and I assume even if Hiyama had to repeat, she eventually completed it too. What if this season someone doesn't?? Well actually we wouldn't know since the internship is more than a year haha XD
krissy ~ クリスピーbabyshazam on August 12th, 2017 01:18 pm (UTC)
Oh wow, you even made an account. I think the others are able to comment using their twitter accounts? I'm not too familiar either since LJ has changed too, just like CB haha XD Thanks for the comment too. One thing that makes me enjoy more CB is interactions like this. How us fans rather hardcores get to discuss the show :)

Now that you mentioned why is "smile" only now? I guess it had to wait for the right timing to be focused. I used to refer to Season 1 as technical. Since it was the first, Code Blue's aim then was to make more people aware of the Doctor Heli system thus there were explanations incorporated through the season until the special. Season 2 then finally dealt more on the relationships of our OT5. mostly with family or loved ones. Season 3 seems like a mix now with the drama now getting to introduce modern technology and of course, how are OT5 doing now.

Saejima listening and agreeing to Fujikawa was sooo sweet. Because seriously, when was she ever nice to him?? Even in the staff meeting after her little speech, she swatted Fujikawa's arm away lol. She only warms up to him in private :) That's just how she separates work and private life.

And going back to that bar scene, I like how Aizawa encouraged Saejima to say at least one good thing about Fujikawa because he knows there is :) There goes the friendship, right? right? So like you, I'm looking forward to that Aizawa x Fujikawa talk next episode. It might not be too evident but I know, Aizawa cares for Fujikawa too. Like how he taught him in S1E4 and even assuring Fujikawa when he was ranting no one might come in his wake that "at least, I'd go" (S2E5), I warmed up in that scene!!

One thing I thought about when Hiyama ranted on Aizawa and his Toronto thing is that since Hiyama lost her place in the perinatal care center for lifesaving, it wouldn't be fair to her if Aizawa still gets to go to Toronto. She loses and he wins? Not fair and we know how she hates to lose. Cute petty Hiyama-sensei. If she stays in Lifesaving then Aizawa should too XD
Yuri Sakura #SHY2K17yuri9_sakura on August 12th, 2017 10:43 pm (UTC)
I noticed that's how S1 and S2 differed from each other. I personally liked S1 better than S2 coz I felt like there were more cases and operations. So while I appreciate tear jerking moments, S2 was really depressing, there weren't many episodes that I felt like rewatching over and over again. But in terms of character/relationship development, S2 was better, because there was more drama aspects than the intense detailed medical aspects.

So I really appreciate S3's attempt at mixing both of them. If S3 continues with this usual pattern I wouldn't mind. A glimpse of the personal lives of our OT5 first, then jump into the emergencies, then emo moments between the main cast with the patients/interns. I like this pattern so far. If it's just heavy from start to finish like most of S2 episodes, hmm it MIGHT be boring, depending on if I'm interested in the specific emo story. Like, if Hiyama really did fall for Ogata and her painful "affair" gets more focus than it should, I might not enjoy it.

and OMG I didn't think of it that way? That Hiyama was sad because she felt like she might have lost to Aizawa who still gets to go to Toronto? HAH! Here I thought it was just because she was sad a friend was gonna leave them lmao but your reasoning suits Hiyama more XD

Oh and I forgot to ask about that. Does this mean she's not welcome at that perinatal care center anymore? She's basically fired from that place? So will she stay in Lifesaving with Shiraishi and the others permanently now? And does everyone predict by the end Aizawa will go off to Toronto? If he does, I think the series will truly be finalized and I'll stop hoping for another season lol
krissy ~ クリスピー: tomota!anude_orionbabyshazam on August 13th, 2017 09:43 pm (UTC)
When I first watched Code Blue, I wasn't into medical dramas yet. It's not the first medical drama I watched though because one of the reasons I watch jdramas then was the cast and of course this was a Yamapi drama XD I thought it was a good drama but it wasn't a favorite of mine but when Season 2 came, it connected with me more and I kept saying each episode oooh this is so better than Season 1. And I thought it's because it showed more of the characters and their relationships. However when I started rewatching the entire series from S1-SP-S2, especially this year as I prepared for the new season, I found myself rewatching S1 more. It had more of the woah and awesome factor I guess. Yes it was technical, introducing the doctor heli system but knowing how difficult being a flight doctor is, it was exciting to see the interns do their best, even if they fail at times, to save the patients and also, be recognized by the senior doctors, especially Kuroda-sensei. And I agree, S2 tends to be depressing (especially E5. Gosh, an entire episode on the death of Satoshi T_T) But I think it was in S2 that showed more of the reality. Doctors are humans too, they can't save everyone - people die (3 patients died in S2E3! ugh) and they deal with personal issues as well.

And now that you pointed it out, Season 3 does get to mix the winning points of S1 and S2 and I'm loving it :) Sometimes the episode is so full that we're like, how come it's over already? It's time? And now we keep getting extended episodes :) I just hope they don't dwell too much on the issues especially frustrating, depressing ones because the drama has so much to offer than being stuck on those XD I also hope we get a great season ender. Could be the end if Aizawa indeed leaves for Toronto and Hiyama eventually goes back to being an Obstetrician but give us a good finale. Too early to talk about that but we're all so invested in this LOL
Yuri Sakura #SHY2K17yuri9_sakura on August 11th, 2017 12:44 pm (UTC)
Hahaha I didn't notice it but yeah "sore de" is kind of becoming Aizawa's catchphrase. What is up with Aizawa this season he's becoming more adorable for me! His odd quirks are like what I see in anime characters that are super cool but have funny quirks about them that makes them seem less intimidating and loveable haha :D And who invited Aizawa to come along when he doesn't even sit with the girls?? Was it a coincidence again? He came and Shiraishi and the girls were already there? He had to be invited this time around, coz it's clear they were at Mary Jane's bar to celebrate Saejima's wedding.

You commented on all my main highlights for this episode too. There was one thing I hoped we see was when Natori mentioned "his father told him to come," I thought at that moment maybe Shiraishi was thinking of her own father but maybe that's for the next episode? I was hoping for a bigger reaction. But if she did think of her own dad, will we finally see what happened to Shiraishi's dad?

So far I think that S3 touched upon topics in S1/2 without being TOO obvious that they're telling the viewers to remember what happened in the previous seasons. Like the whole theme in S3E3, I thought we'd get a flashback or something that makes it obvious that Aizawa thought of Kuroda-sensei. But nothing was mentioned. It's just all up to our interpretation, that Aizawa definitely thought of Kuroda and his past patients. Season 3 is a continuation of S1 & 2 without being too obvious. And while I'm okay with that, for nostalgia sake, I want them to tell us more about what happened during the 7 year time skip hm.

And if only Aizawa gave Kanade a smile earlier, her issue would have been dealt with more quick LOL but I guess Shinkai's all smiles isn't as encouraging as Aizawa's rare yet sincere one?

That Shinkai is getting too cocky around Aizawa I legit was frowning at the screen when he joined the operation. And he goes all "Needs my hands~" and I rolled my eyes lmao (not Yukimura-style tho) but then BOOM got the chills when Aizawa glared at the dude (and that creepy music to go with Aizawa's glare was on point!)

And yeah, Aizawa and Shinkai are the best surgeons? Um what happened to Saijo-sensei asdfghasd like you said I'll just assume Shiraishi said that to ease the parents. AND I NEED THAT OST THAT PLAYED DURING AIZAWA AND SHINKAI'S OPERATION IT'S SO COOL (reminds me of Fairy Tail OSTs)

Oh yess even when I livestreamed the episode, I still understood what Saejima was saying to Yukimura, that she wants Yukimura to be the kind of nurse that will make people relieved and assured. It also made me think of when Hiyama comforted Saejima after Satoshi's death and Shiraishi saying Saejima is their light (HOW CAN I FORGET IT'S THE BEST SHIRAISHI X HIYAMA X SAEJIMA INTERACTION WE GOT FROM S2 HUHU MY QUEENS). Oh, see? This season doesn't make obvious flashbacks but as hardcore CB fans, we're reminded of moments from S1 and 2 that connect with S3. Saejima must've remembered the first time Hiyama and Shiraishi (or maybe anyone) told her that her presence was comforting, not just because of her skills as a nurse.

Not much to elaborate on the Hanabi scene with the Tachibana family besides the fact that I bawled :P EVEN MORE WHEN MITSUI BROKE DOWN AND HAD TO GET UP AND HIDE BEHIND YUSUKE UGH RYO'S ACTING <3

I don't care how sad things will be, somehow keep at least one light-hearted scene in an episode please CB writer? The comedy this season is really gold imo, maybe coz our main 5 aren't as uptight as they used to be otherwise everything was a competition. And the comedy doesn't only rely on Fujikawa this time. Aizawa, Shiraishi, Hiyama and even Saejima play a part. I think their comical sides make up for not having Morimoto-sensei this season.

Edited at 2017-08-11 12:49 pm (UTC)
Yuri Sakura #SHY2K17yuri9_sakura on August 11th, 2017 12:51 pm (UTC)

Ep 4 ended with a major tense cliffhanger, but with your trans for the next story, I guess Shiraishi/Hiyama's convo abt Ogata will be a bit comical? I mean Hiyama can't be THAT heartbroken right? He only said like a few nice things, she can't have fallen that deep already, right? GIRL RUN AWAY FROM HIM HE'S GOT A WIFE

I think there were a lot of negative reactions to Hiyama's "possible" affair story from Japanese viewers. Some said that Hiyama's character (or Toda Erika's acting) doesn't deserve to be degraded into someone who has love troubles. What do u think? For me, I slightly agree with them, I always saw Hiyama as an strong, independent woman that gives no f*cks about men but then I rewatched S1E10. Hiyama said to Shiraishi she doesn't want her to quit because she wants Shiraishi to listen to her love troubles until morning (lmao). And it made me a bit guilty coz I felt like I was projecting Hiyama as some woman who doesn't need a love life when in reality, Hiyama probably has more experience than any of the 5. Maybe not a painful love like Saejima, but you know, the casual, normal relationship phase people go through depsite Hiyama being a doctor. (I mean in S2 she says casually that she wants to go to a goukon, means she appreciates a good social life away from the hospital, unlike Shiraishi and Aizawa who seems to have no interest till now lol)

So while I disagree with Japanese viewers thinking Hiyama's character is degraded just because she might like someone, I DO THINK HER CHARACTER IS TREATED UNFAIRLY BY MAKING HER FALL FOR SOMEONE WHO HAS A WIFE IDK IT SEEMED UNTHINKABLE TO ME OF ALL PEOPLE THE WRITER CHOSE HIYAMA TO HAVE THAT KIND OF COMPLICATED LOVE STORY. But at the same time, while I hate Hiyama's being treated this way, I'm also curious what will happen? How will Hiyama handle this? I don't know, I guess I have mixed feelings for the love elements on Hiyama's part. I can say for sure the person who changed the most in the past 7 years is Hiyama. Saejima and Aizawa have gotten a bit more gentle, Shiraishi's less serious, but Hiyama? I don't know how to explain it but I think she changed the most (in a good way ofc). Everyone matured but Hiyama's maturity level even more compared to S1 & 2. And her voice got deeper too (Along with Shiraishi lol rewatching S1 and Shiraishi's voice was as tiny as a mouse). She just seemed like an impulsive girl before but now really a full blown, mature woman. Then again, when she was complaining about her worries over a younger replacement, it reminds me of when Hiyama was threatened of Shiraishi overtaking her in S2. IDK ITS JUST THE VIBES IM GETTING I FEEL LIKE HIYAMA CHANGED THE MOST I LOVE HER A WHOLE LOT MORE IN S3.
Best part about this episode has to be Hiyama x Shiraishi x Saejima's moments I love them so much! Thinking about how much their relationship changed over the years, they're so much more like best friends now. And I'm excited to see we'll get Aizawa x Fujikawa bonding in the next episode. Aizawa despite being the cold guy he is, always knows the right thing to say imo

krissy ~ クリスピー: tomota!anude_orionbabyshazam on August 13th, 2017 02:02 am (UTC)
On Hiyama's story being degraded to a "love story". Same stand. I don't mind giving her a love story but come on, give her something to appease her now troubled soul, not some love affair. She deserves something more than that. I can only blame the new writer for this since I think she has a knack for forbidden type love stories, ugh [Reference: her past getsu9 dramas Shitsuren Chocolatier (adultery), Taisetsu na koto wo subete oshiete kureta (teacher/student)-incidently stars TodaEri too]. SOMEONE STOP HER!!! Of the 5 of them, I also thought of Hiyama as the one who has a social life the most. In addition to those past instances you mentioned, wasn't she also incredulous finding out Shiraishi has a "guy" (S2E4) lol

Female friendship like Shiraishi x Hiyama x Saejima please. Shiraishi & Hiyama of course hit it off first being in the same boat as flight doctors but with Saejima it wasn't too evident until Satoshi's death. It was wonderful to have witnessed it grow, how they supported each other. Like when Shiraishi wanted go quit, Hiyama & Saejima didn't allow her to (S1E10). Shiraishi stood by Hiyama throughout her lawsuit (S2E7) and of course Shiraishi & Hiyama supported Saejima when Satoshi passed away. At present, Saejima is still Saejima snapping at the doctors lol (S3E2) but note that there she asked "is that as a friend..." and it was so nice to see them together all relaxed, celebrating at Mary Jane's bar.
krissy ~ クリスピー: tomota!anude_orionbabyshazam on August 13th, 2017 01:44 am (UTC)
What happened to Aizawa? I think he's getting more and more humanized. Just like Season 1, he was still so technical, all focused in honing his skills but being reunited with his grandma and meeting these comrades, he's gotten more humanized. Like what his promotional vid for the Season 3 said, he's formed bonds in his heart :) which maybe, he lost a bit when he was in Neuro? But now that he's back in lifesaving, reunited with his old friends, his odd human self is surfacing again. In being in the bar, when did Aizawa ever volunteer to sit with the others anyway? Never! LOL He always sits on the table next to them or they join him in his table. So I'd like to believe he was invited to join the celebration for Saejima and he happened to be off duty that night. Those odd quirks indeed make him more lovable :3

Don't we all want to know what happened in the 7 year gap! We have so many questions on the relationships they've shown in S2 that are still unanswered in this new season so far. And I love how subtle their references are too on the previous season because not everything needs to be explicit. Shiraishi mentioning Kuroda-sensei was enough. Only geeks like us would remember, including the particular season & episode lol.

Aizawa's smile is so rare so it's really rewarding to receive it. Not like Shinkai who just have it plastered on his face you don't know if he's sincere lol

Japanese fans love that new BGM too. We've heard it twice so far and both on operations. I think it's great too depicting the action and tension during surgery.

Our OT5 has gotten over that competition phase already. Before they were fighting for that internship, for their position as flight doctor but now they're fighting together for this new lifesaving.
Yuri Sakura #SHY2K17yuri9_sakura on August 11th, 2017 12:53 pm (UTC)
I saw a comment saying that the ratings went down probably coz this season doesn't have OT5 working together LIKE S1 and 2. And as much as I crave OT5 too, I don't think that's true? I remember wanting more OT5 interactions in S1 and 2, like I wanted to see more of them doing a surgery together or something like that. But facts are, in S1, the only times the OT5 worked together was in S1E3 (when Kuroda wasn't present) and the last lifesaving attempt in that tunnel in S1E11.

In S2 it was even more individual focused (except for Fujikawa, his story relied more on being in a one-sided love with Saejima as she cries about Satoshi except for S2E2 when he was finally praised by someone but ended up not being able to save someone while Aizawa gave him instructions. Now THAT was sad). At least we got that one scene in S2E7 where they went for a drink. And Aizawa/Shiraishi/Saejima on location at that cabin in the mountains.

Whoever said that CB was dropping in ratings coz no OT5 is obv wrong, when CB has mostly been (besides the medical/human aspect) about the growth of 5 individuals. Their relationships with each other is second. But that being said, I still would appreciate more lighthearted moments between our top 5, but I understand they're busy, they won't have time for all of them to gather. So the potential Fujikawa x Aizawa and Shiraishi x Hiyama x Saejima now is all good. I just love their friendship I appreciate anything. And I appreciate getting a glimpse of what Hiyama truly feels about Aizawa and Toronto. There's one person that will obviously be sad. Now I wanna know what Fujikawa, Saejima and Shiraishi thinks. Shiraishi hides her emotions a lot more than we think, probably coz she wants to stay positive most of the time and would rather not complain. She was obviously sad that Aizawa initially had no thoughts of coming back to Lifesaving yet still put up a front that she was still going to be fine with whatever Aizawa chose to do, still let him choose for himself on what would make him happy. After he left the place you could see her sad expression. Shiraishi's truly selfless. She'll definitely be sad with Aizawa going but would still encourage him regardless. ALTHOUGH I'M CONFIDENT IN THIS HEADCANON, I STILL WANT TO SEE HER REACTIONS IN THE UPCOMING EPISODES OKAY.

(All my comments were up to 9k characters lmao I had to separate them I'm too lazy to read again and edit words to make it below the limit xD)

Edited at 2017-08-12 06:34 pm (UTC)
krissy ~ クリスピー: tomota!anude_orionbabyshazam on August 13th, 2017 02:03 am (UTC)
I honestly have no idea why the ratings have been dropping too except people are just too busy to watch real time XD The drama is always a trending topic, good articles online, lotsss of views on FujiTV's On Demand and replays of the episode on weekends. Maybe it's not exactly about OT5 not working together but maybe because there seems to be more characters to focus on? Like the interns and nurse. And they're not exactly likeable at the onset unlike our OT5 XD

You win this week in the most number of characters in a comment. I can't believe that even when we moved away from twitter we still reach posting limit XD
lalala~dreamyamy627 on August 11th, 2017 11:39 pm (UTC)
Oh boy...in the next few episodes we will be seeing a build up of what CB as a drama is meant to play out. I mean CB is a human medical drama that invokes thoughts and emotions in the rest of us. I always watch CB S1 and S2 over each year and it just never gets old with me because it makes me empathized and think about life.

I have some friends who are split about S3 however. Many are liking the interactions between Shirashi and Aizawa but also there are some that feel with the new coming fellows, it fails to compare to their predecessors. I mean if we think about it, S1 and S2 was during the years 2008 and 2010 respectively when they were still using charts primarily and their handphones were 2G phones. Fast forward to 2017, everything is electronics (from smart phones to tablets to laptops). It shows a shift of changes in technology as well in the medical field (this is true since I am in the medical field and everything is electronic now).

With the new incoming fellows, many of them consult to the internet or videos on "how-to" do things rather than practicing on actual patients. These fellows lack what our OT5 had from the beginning with textbooks (scenes where Shiraishi and Saejima was in the university's library consulting on books over diseases etc). Meanwhile with technology, everything could be searched online and thus these newly fellows lack the knowledge and skills needed compared to OT5. It shows a different generation and how in this century, everyone has to adopt to the changes. But at the same time, it shows how OT5 can guide these fellows into properly becoming doctors/nurse and still have the same characteristics a medical person should be having.

Aside from that issue, I feel really bad for Akito in ep 3 because it shows how Tachibana tried his best to save Akito. I believe by saving him it gives him hope on his own son having his best chances to continue living. At the same time it gives a cruel reality check on people waiting for an organ donor and being waitlisted based on priority and it's the truth. But the beauty of CB's moral is to show no matter what life throws at you, to enjoy each day without any regrets with the people you love.

The last scene with Aizawa encouraging his patient and smiling in the end shows how much he developed as a doctor since S1. Granted, Aizawa is still Aizawa in some aspects but he consoles his patients and gives them energy/encouragement and still strives to become the best doctor at the same time, never wavering from his ideals...only those ideals grew into something much more bigger and meaningful. The OT5 bond from S1 and S2 shows how much, despite the differences and personalities, each and one of them influences one another to become a better person/doctor/nurse possible and continues to grow with one another. The lifesaving group comrades for life!!

I'm actually dreading the next episode because of the teaser ep 5 showed us. I think Saejima suffered enough since S1 and I believe she deserves the happiness! She has been alone since her family is full of doctors and she's the only nurse and that's why she didn't talk to her family since she started nursing school (from S1). And with that comes loneliness and not to mention her ex had ALS and passed away--I believe CB should give justice to Saejima!

With each case building up in each episode, I can't help but compare it to the previous seasons and the connections. I just hope in the end, the writer (even though she's different from the previous CB writer) will give CB a meaningful story line and plot. Personally I don't like the new fellows and nurse but everyone has to start somewhere and grow and with OT5 as mentors I hope they eventually see with their own eyes the Lifesaving OT5 wants to build (and fulfill Shirashi's wish!)

Phew...that was long but I'm too lazy to check for grammar and spelling errors so I apologize for any mistakes! (and any incoherent sentences)

lalala~dreamyamy627 on August 11th, 2017 11:39 pm (UTC)
P.S I secretly hope there are more Aizawa and Shirashi interactions..subtly is still fine as always!

PSS OMGOSH I hope HIyama doesn't go down the adultery road because I would really hate the new CB writer for doing that! HIyama deserves much better than that! Just because this guy says a few words she should fall for him?? Heck no! I don't even want her to go down that road! As much as Hiyama hates it, I hope she heeds Shiraishi "advice" -_____-
krissy ~ クリスピー: tomota!anude_orionbabyshazam on August 13th, 2017 09:09 pm (UTC)
What sets apart these newbies from the original cast is how they lack the drive and motivation to be flight doctors. While some of them really want to, like Haitani and Yokomine, they still lack the resolve to prove themselves which the 4 all had just at the onset of the very first episode. Another thing, I don't see any bonds formed yet between the newbies. Sure they talk but it seems all gossip since I don't feel any concern or sincerity at all. I hope that aside from learning how to be a good flight doctor/nurse, they'd also see the good camaraderie OT5 has. Just like how you described growth and bond they have :)

I'm not really happy too that Code Blue seems like making Saejima suffer like this (and giving Hiyama frustrating obstacles). I just wish her a happy family with Fujikawa which she deserves after all the discord with her family.

On your PS...they're little scenes but it's been eliciting huge response xD so even if it's just up til that, I'll take it.
✹☄ Haida ☁☂: Tsuyoshi ☆ My Hubby 🌸🌿tsuyoi_hikari on August 12th, 2017 08:29 am (UTC)
When Aizawa come and see Kaneda, i was afraid that he's gonna say something to reissure that its gonna be a successful surgery. Im glad that he didnt and just say something along the lines that she's gonna do great at rehab as she is a strong girl. But then the convo with Shinkai had me worried about the possible lawsuit that he could face. I dont him to go through the Hiyama route since that would be annoying. :( But i think shes gonna be fine seeing how confident Aizawa is. Totally ott but i would be willing to take any operation if Aizawa- sensei is smiling at me too. :P

And i cant believe the writer made a loveline between Hiyama and the patient. Pairing her with Shinkai would be more interesting..
krissy ~ クリスピー: tomota!anude_orionbabyshazam on August 13th, 2017 09:13 pm (UTC)
That smile of Aizawa would make me do whatever he wants me to LOL

I really hated the writer the moment I realized that the girl was Ogata's wife. I mean, COME ON! Then I got flashbacks of Taisetsu na koto.. & especially Shitsuren Chocolatier. STOP THIS WRITER PLS! XD there is no place for that forbidden love of yours in Code Blue :((
yi_seulyi_seul on August 14th, 2017 08:10 am (UTC)
Thank you for the subs ^_^

The last episode was so emotional I hold my tears cause I was watching it with my sister & I don't like it when people see y tears hihi

I have a guess about the next episode looking at Saejima's tears I believe she will lose her baby T_T (still hope I am wrong)
But if this really happens then will it effect her relationship with Fujikawa or effect her work ... I wonder ...

I can't wait for the next ep >__