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18 August 2017 @ 09:02 am
Code Blue the third season Episode 5 notes, thoughts and Story #6  
Episode 5. The heavily warned episode that will make you cry. Did it? Episode 5 was one of my favorites in Season 1 (gas explosion episode where Aizawa did an aorta clamp on the scene) and in Season 2, it was so depressing with Satoshi's death and now?? Another heart breaking episode T__T

First off, I just noticed when I was watching again last night after VSA that there was one line missing during the conversation of Yokom‌ine and Kurata's wife. I actually saw it was missing when I was rechecking the subs and I inserted it through the Subtitle Editor but somehow it gets deleted when I save? IDK why :( maybe because I started the sentence with a number. So anyway, the missing line is:

"In 2009, when there was a landslide on Mt. Gakurai"

Some medical terms used in this episode.

hypoxic encephalopathy - brain damage from lack of oxygen
*Aizawa's findings of Yoshizaki because he drowned for a long time

McDonald surgery - also known as cervical cerclage or cervical stitch is a treatment for cervical incompetence when the cervix starts to shorten and open too early during a pregnancy causing either a late miscarriage or preterm birth
*the treatment Hiyama tried to save Saejima's baby

cervical atony / incompetency - medical condition of pregnancy in which the cervix begins to dilate (widen) and efface (thin) before the pregnancy has reached term.
*cause of Saejima's early childbirth and miscarriage


Episode 5 focused on pain which also touched on friendship, partnership and the sense of responsibility. I don't know about the others but with Code Blue, if you don't cry because of the severity of the situations or being moved with the lines, I just cry how beautiful this drama is. Cheesy I know XD

So yeah, the episode centered on pain. The pain of losing someone, the pain of not knowing how to ease someone else's pain, the pain of feeling responsible over someone else's pain and also the pain of admitting one's mistakes.

Here are the interesting points (and questions) again for me:

- Everything about Saejima and her baby was just heartbreaking. From her collapsing in the ER to the operation in the treatment room to her finally being able to find food delicious again to her final trip with her 'child'. What I find beautiful here is that Saejima finally knew the importance of one's 'family' and treasuring it. She's been used to only having her work as the permanent thing but she has Fujikawa now! Her breakdown in the room while eating was realization but on that ride home, she had her resolve.

- Patients get saved by doctors but doctors learn something in return from their patients too. At first, Aizawa didn't know how to respond to Fujikawa when he spoke helplessly about Saejima but we saw like Aizawa, how Kurata's wife has just stood by him all these years. And so, Aizawa was able to learn what marriage should be about despite being unmarried. Same with Natori. Kurata was able to instill in him the sense of responsibility that comes with their jobs. Natori may still be conflicted if he really wants to be a doctor but in that situation, he functioned as a doctor thus making him liable.

- Marriage views. Don't you think what Aizawa and Shiraishi said was just beautiful and actually deep? To think they are unmarried. On the contrary, Hiyama's is it more fun to be alone makes you think as well. Two opposing sides shown.

- Hiyama still doesn't call the interns by their names!!! LMAO Shiraishi already mentioned Natori then Hiyama launches in the story with "on location, the intern..." I wonder now if she's already doing it on purpose XD

- Shinkai is really touchy with Aizawa??! I can't with his acting close to Aizawa XD

- What is a good thing to say to a friend? Especially to someone in pain. For Fuijkawa, he needed that talk given by Aizawa since he basically asked for it. For Saejima though, sometimes you just have to show you're there and you don't even have to touch on the actual subject. Just like what Shiraishi and Hiyama did. They took off Saejima's mind momentarily and made her laugh (at the expense of Shiraishi XD). Those two consecutive scenes were just heartwarming and UGH I love those 5 so much. Please make them all happy in the end please?

- Interns dynamics improving? Haitani likes Yokomine? Yokomine's talkative (lol) and like Shiraishi, I still can't understand Natori much but I know in this ep, it took a lot on him to admit his miss. I mean, how many times did he just end up walking out??


STORY #6 (2017.8.14 MON UPDATE)

Because of Aizawa Kousaku (Yamashita Tomohisa) and Shinkai Hiroki (Ando Masanobu), Amano Kanade's (Tanabe Ririka) surgery safely ended. However, when Shiraishi Megumi (Aragaki Yui) asks Shinkai about it, the enunciation was quite bad. Kanade's parents seem to understand the result of the surgery however... On the other hand, a 17 year old high school male student has been given a diagnosis of brain death. That implies to Tachibana Keisuke (Shiina Kippei) that the potential heart transplant for his son Yuusuke (Kiyama Ryuusei) has probably come. With cardiovascular doctor Inoue Nobuaki's (Takito Kenichi) identification, Tachibana reins himself not to hold expectations.

At that time, there was a collapsing load accident in a cold storage warehouse. Shohoku Lifesaving Center receives the request for the dispatch of Doctor Heli. Aizawa, Fujikawa Kazuo (Asari Yousuke) and Yukimura Futaba (Baba Fumika) head towards the location. In order to preserve the commodities, electrical power of the freezers were not cut off so in the coldness, Fujikawa and company start medical treatment. Transporting the patient to the ER, Fujikawa exchanges with Haitani Shunpei (Narita Ryo) and Yokomine Akari (Araki Yuko).

Haitani and company, under the instruction of Aizawa, head towards the casualty in the freezer. They start treatment but before long, electricity got cut off and in the dark freezer, Haitani, Yokomine and the injured worker get locked in. With the lighting strike as the cause of power outage, restoration will take as much as 2 hours. Furthermore, as there is still the possibility of another lighting strike, Doctor Heli is unable to fly... In the middle of that, outside the freezer, the condition of the patient examined by Aizawa suddenly changes. Moreover, inside the freezer, Haitani and Yokomine finds one more worker who is heavily bleeding. With just the 2 interns dealing with this situation what must they have to do...
zatieyusrizatieyusri on August 18th, 2017 05:13 am (UTC)

I love how they define the pain brilliantly..i mean the scene when patients looking up at ceiling..its really seem lonely and its really sad😞😞

krissy ~ クリスピーbabyshazam on August 19th, 2017 03:21 am (UTC)
I noticed that ceiling and from the top shots too, great job for the director this week!
im_sakuraimconan on August 18th, 2017 07:28 am (UTC)

I cried ;(
I was so touched by all that happened.
I like their friendship too
I learned a lot from Code Blue.

Thanks a lot for your subs, thanks a lot for this post too XDDD

krissy ~ クリスピーbabyshazam on August 19th, 2017 03:22 am (UTC)
Their friendship has grown too, it was heartwarming to witness :)
yi_seulyi_seul on August 18th, 2017 08:20 am (UTC)
Thank you for the subs ^_^

I learnt a lot from the latest episode & was so moved by Aizawa's words about marriage <3

The next episode is for sure to be anticipated ... I am curious to how will the interns deal with the situation !!!
krissy ~ クリスピーbabyshazam on August 19th, 2017 03:24 am (UTC)
Yes, I'm excited for the next episode too! Accident location again & yes, time for the interns to step up :) I'm a little more confident with them now than at the start haha
✹☄ Haida ☁☂: YamaP ☆ Flowers for Algernon 💐🐭tsuyoi_hikari on August 18th, 2017 12:19 pm (UTC)
I was mad at the writer for doing that to Haruka (esp seeing how happy Fujikawa is at the start of the episode). T_T I guess they have to sacrifice someone if they gonna save Tachibana & Mitsui-sensei's son in the later episode. :( But like Fujikawa said, first her lover and now her baby. Poor Haruka...

But then, I cant get mad anymore since the script for this episode is just sooooo good (as good as the 3rd episode imo). Shiraishi snap at Natori saying for doctors, there will be next time but for patients, it wont be anymore if you as a doctor overlook them.

And the best advice ever in the history of Code Blue would be the advice that the rescue worker gave to Natori. About you can give thousand of excuses since there will always be bad situation when you are doing rescuing works but people entrust their lives with your ability. I guess Aizawa understand Natori thus his reaction to him is different compared to what he gave the other interns. Aizawa fully aware that Natori is the most capable among the 3 and what he lacks is interest thus Aizawa knew Natori 'overlook' the pelvis fracture -- not because he lacked the knowledge but because he just didnt care (I was impressed with Daiki lol. He is excellent in playing the uninterest Natori -- so unlike his real self). Thus, Aizawa just let him be until he finds his own way slowly. Stuffs like 'interest', 'empathy' or 'compassion' cannot be taught thus he cant teach Natori to feel those feelings. The rescue workers advise was perfect for him.

And Aizawa's advise on marriage is so true despite him not married (lol). I guess Fujikawa really finds the strength in himself and the courage to face Haruka with his advise. And his praise of Fujikawa being like the sun for the team is just accurate -- even when Aizawa is with Fujikawa his face is less stiff and more relax (he did find Fujikawa annoying but Aizawa's face is always so light when he is with him). And the part that Fujikawa said Haruka is a good mother since the baby is the first thing on her mind is just awesome. I guess with that, she will stop blaming herself for the baby's death.

I'm so desperate for Kanade to be okay lol. Aizawa needs the good news too after series of depressing incidents (his face says it all). But Code Blue, being Code Blue that it is -- full of death and life long injuries/disability, they have to do that to the girl. :P Hopefully like what Aizawa knew Kanade is capable of, she will overcome that tremble with rebab.

So far, I do think this season is better than the previous 2 seasons. I'm just so happy that the drama reached the hype and performed better than I expected. Cant wait for the next episode and i guess Haitani is the main? :D

Hiyama said Shiraishi is clueless is so accurate lol. And RIP Shiraishi clean house now that Hiyama stays with her. :P
krissy ~ クリスピーbabyshazam on August 19th, 2017 03:45 am (UTC)
I think everyone's been mad at the writer too for this development but I guess it's just really "can't be helped" and we can't just let this hate to ruin our love for this series XD Since yes, the script was good, acting abilities were shown and the characters were able to accept and learn from the ordeal as well.

Thanks for mentioning Shiraishi snapping at Natori..that should have gone to my highlights as well. How can I forget XD

I totally get your analysis on Aizawa/Natori. I remember in E3 that it was Natori who Aizawa asked to take note of the poison effects on the patients. And I noted too on this episode it was Aizawa who answered Tachibana's questioning. Also, it was typically kind of Fujikawa too to say he himself might not be able to detect the pelvic fracture on location as well.

Aizawa may never admit it but he has supported Fujikawa and enjoyed his company since Season 1 XD And I like that he has been more vocal now in supporting him :) Fujikawa's speech on Haruka being a good mother is one of the best lines in the episode for me as well. It's healing for Saejima. I just have a request, I want to know how Saejima calls Fujikawa privately! Kazuo? XD

Kanade is indeed frustrating. From the first time we knew her up to know we're seeing the results of her surgery. I know I'm selfish but I just want her to be okay so as not to be a burden to Aizawa anymore XD

It seems to me that Haitani will lead next episode too as Aizawa is heard instructing him. Time to step up boy! (and impress Yokomine :P)

Shiraishi's place is unrecognizable anymore XD
✹☄ Haida ☁☂: Arashi ☆ Juntoshi (>^o^)><(^.^<)tsuyoi_hikari on August 19th, 2017 02:55 pm (UTC)
LOL I would love to hear what Haruka called Fujikawa too in private. I hope the writer will give us at least that before the season ends.

I totally get what you mean lol. I dont want her to be a burden to Aizawa and Aizawa has to go through the Hiyama route like in Season 2. That was painful (I love it when she shouted at Tsubasa uncle and lawyer cause they totally deserved it :P). I hate when patients become selfish and start blaming good doctors for their misfortunes. Boston Legal has give me enough of that. A doctor losing his/her license despite being a good doctor just rage me so much. I mean, do these people understand the hardship these doctors have to go through to be called doctors? I wish we will not see that in this season as I really hate those kind of storylines in medical dramas. >;( I mean those extra airtime could be used for them to show Aizawa in action on location (lol).

I noticed Shiraishi totally lack of screen time in the past episodes. I wonder if Gakky is busy or the writer unintentionally reduce her screen time.
kotaro8249nadiamania on August 18th, 2017 06:54 pm (UTC)
dear, do you have the latest VSA link available?
krissy ~ クリスピーbabyshazam on August 19th, 2017 03:47 am (UTC)
I haven't checked the Arashi comms, they most probably have it XD
Yuri Sakura #SHY2K17yuri9_sakura on August 18th, 2017 10:10 pm (UTC)
"So yeah, the episode centered on pain. The pain of losing someone, the pain of not knowing how to ease someone else's pain, the pain of feeling responsible over someone else's pain and also the pain of admitting one's mistakes."

DAMN CODE BLUE ALWAYS MESSING WITH MY FEELS! They address a lot of things in one episode, it's really amazing.

So what caused Saejima's cervix to be shorten and open too early? That sounds really scary. It's really because she worked too much and didn't get off the heli sooner? My sister had a miscarriage too yet I'm too scared to ask her how it happened and why.

I saw a tweet that said S3 isn't as good as S1 & 2 because there's too much focus on drama, and that the emotional scenes felt "forced" like it's trying to make you cry but its not working. lmao that's really what they think? Then that means I'm just a major sensitive bitch that cried like 4-5 times in this episode alone lmao (the majority of them because Saejima's crying is so contagious. Higa Manami is such a fantastic actress, I need to watch more of her stuff)

I don't know why I wasn't prepared for Saejima's baby to die. It should be obvious? Coz Saejima's the ace flight nurse plus she's part of the main cast and this is a medical drama, so if she was pregnant we wouldn't be able to see her in action this season at all!

Saejima's probably the character with the best development out of the five and she's probably the strongest. Like Aizawa said in CB SP, separation also makes you stronger, and Saejima unfortunately had to go through TWO major deaths. Fujikawa is ALL of us when he was like "Why is it always Haruka?" ;;A;;

For some reason I think we'll get Fujikawa x Saejima's wedding scene in the finale? Not detailed ofc, but a glimpse in their already married lives. They're getting engaged first right? Then again, Fujikawa already called Saejima his wife lol

At first I was a bit sad coz Aizawa just listened to Fujikawa but he didn't say anything and just left. I know its because he didn't know what to say, but I still felt sad for Fujikawa haha. But I like that Aizawa just wanted to take time to think about what to say, and he found his answer pretty quickly thanks to his amazing eavesdropping skills lol he's always just quietly listening/watching over other people.

So does Hiyama really think it's more fun to be alone? Even after it seemed like she was surprised with what Shiraishi's views on marriage was? I thought that they were smiling after that was because Hiyama maybe agreed with Shiraishi too, or was it she just accepted that Shiraishi's views were surprisingly different than what she thought?

There was no A/S in this episode, but it still feels like there was because of DEM HINTS! I'm gonna keep preaching they're hints for something major between A/S okay it wasn't really THAT necessary for Hiyama to ask Shiraishi's views on marriage too but I suppose from the writer's POV, Fujikawa, Saejima, Hiyama and even Aizawa was talking about marriage/relationships in this episode, so the "non-shippy" reason is just so that Shiraishi's not left out of this discussion no matter how clueless she is lol I mean c'mon! Shiraishi came by to comfort Saejima by talking about something completely unrelated to what Hiyama was gonna say to Saejima at first. Either Shiraishi's intention was to completely distract Saejima or she did it without thinking just because she had no idea what to say to Saejima in that situation because she can't understand Saejima's pain.

I'm just surprised and happy that Aizawa's views on marriage aren't...negative? I know he's warm at heart but considering what happened to his parents divorcing and mom committing suicide, I thought he'd have less than favorable views. Then again he's not completely saying "hey I wanna get married too someday!" like Shiraishi who still dreams of it. But hey, as long as he doesn't completely hate the idea of it, THERE'S STILL HOPE LMAO.

Yuri Sakura #SHY2K17yuri9_sakura on August 18th, 2017 10:12 pm (UTC)

And its so funny the girls were picking on Shiraishi for being clueless and insensitive. But is it just me or is her insensitive-ness not really consistent? She's clueless to simple things like not being to consider Hiyama's feelings blurting out her problems where so many other co-workers could listen in on them, or Hiyama mentioning her flipping at Natori but at the same time Shiraishi scolds Aizawa for his harsh words on Yokomine, tells him its her first experience ofc its natural to get nervous etc. And Shiraishi was able to understand Aizawa's inner turmoil between Lifesaving and Neurosurgery yet was thoughtful to to consider his feelings and let him know that regardless of what he chooses, he's still a good doctor.

Or when Shiraishi was the one scolding Aizawa and Hiyama for calling patients "drop guy/hallucinating patient" or when Shiraishi called out Hiyama and Fujikawa for gossiping about Aizawa and his grandma. There were lots more cases in Season 1 where Shiraishi was thoughtful when it came to her patients, just Mary Jane Yoko thought she was insensitive because she couldn't understand the lengths people go to for love. It made me think that maybe she's only clueless on ~love~

Or are those situations not about being clueless, just that Shiraishi's kind? I always thought it was weird that Shiraishi's both insensitive and thoughtful/considerate at the same time. And her views on marriage doesn't sound like someone clueless would say. Where's her limit? It seems like she's only clueless to the simple things but when it comes to major things she understands more than anyone else? Is she only clueless to the atmosphere but not necessarily the feelings of others? (She's comforted Aizawa, Hiyama a number of times). Or am I the one who's clueless coz I can't understand her thoughts sometimes?

The fellows have to do something MAJOR for Hiyama to acknowledge them with their surname at least lol. Maybe next episode when the fellows are really tested?
Yuri Sakura #SHY2K17yuri9_sakura on August 18th, 2017 10:28 pm (UTC)
Shinkai being so touchy with Aizawa is bringing out all the BL fans lmao the ppl who didn't wanna ship Aizawa with Shiraishi or Hiyama (coz they're shipping Shiraishi x Hiyama) are probably shipping Aizawa x Shinkai now xD

I like how there were both different ways that Aizawa, Shiraishi and Hiyama used to comfort Fujikawa x Saejima. If it weren't for the fact that Fujikawa basically asked Aizawa about the topic, I would've thought Aizawa would be the one to comfort him using the "distraction" technique, while Shiraishi touches on the actual subject, but Aizawa and Shiraishi are considerate friends, they use the technique out of consideration of what Fujikawa and Saejima's needs are rather than (what I theorize) they'd be comfortable with. Am I making any sense?

Hiyama and Saejima can call Shiraishi insenstive, but she was the most thoughtful one there by using a distraction to cheer Saejima up when Hiyama was struggling to touch on the subject. (SEE? ONCE AGAIN I CAN'T TELL IF SHIRAISHI'S ACTUALLY CLUELESS OR THOUGHTFUL. She could be considered clueless because she's not sure what to say to Saejima but unintentionally thoughtful because it turns out a distraction was the best way at the time to cheer Saejima up).

I know its all good that the fellows are developing/improving but man I'm so biased towards the OT5 I'd rather have more scenes of them bonding together than the interns (or if I'm completely honest, MORE A/S COZ THEIR SCENES KEEP GETTING CUT).

Ogata divorcing makes me feel really REALLY bad for him. He probably can't cook anymore even after rehab, and his wife is leaving him. But I suppose I'm not as against Hiyama x Ogata now. Still doesn't make me completely root for them either if Hiyama's gonna be in pain. Hiyama has enough to be sad about, like getting replaced by a pretty youngster at her old workplace, I don't want her to be sad for being /potentially/ in love with a divorcee. She shouldn't have to feel like a replacement to ANYONE.

And am I the only one who couldn't really care less about Kanade? I mean ofc I feel sad about her story but when I think about the fact that Aizawa's individual story in this season doesn't have anything to do with his grandma like the previous two seasons, I feel like I'd rather have his grandma come back than Kanade. But I understand the writer's don't want to have a repetitive story line for Aizawa and there should be a distinct difference between this season and the past. But still I can't help think "if there wasn't Kanade we could've gotten Ba-chan smh" lmao i'm so mean and petty but who knows I could be mean for no reason and we might get to see Ba-chan in the upcoming episodes.
krissy ~ クリスピー: tomota!anude_orionbabyshazam on August 19th, 2017 12:13 pm (UTC)
I'm still half/half on Ogawa. I feel bad that on top of not being a chef anymore he got divorced. On being on a romantic level with Hiyama, I don't know either. I'm with you on not wanting Hiyama to be just a replacement. I think they could be good friends though. They can help each other.

And me not mentioning Kanade in my highlights means I couldn't care less about her too XD especially if she's going to affect Aizawa in a negative way. Like NO WAY with that law suit arc again. I totally hated that in S2. I don't want to see the Shohoku lawyers either. I've always hated them since S1.
krissy ~ クリスピー: tomota!anude_orionbabyshazam on August 19th, 2017 12:13 pm (UTC)
I don't think Shiraishi is THAT insensitive. I think it does depend on the situation or standpoint. Like, if it's work related - the interns, Aizawa's conflict, she knows what to say. However, in trivial things, it's another story. And I guess it's because she just doesn't have much experience in dealing with people on that level XD
krissy ~ クリスピー: tomota!anude_orionbabyshazam on August 19th, 2017 12:12 pm (UTC)
The only reason I can think of Saejima's early childbirth is her working. I mean, the first trimester is always critical, right? And there are even moms who are advised to take complete bedrest.

Awww so there are such tweets? Glad I don't see such lol we can't be friends haha. For one to feel that drama is forced then maybe I dunno..the person might just not be really invested in the show. Just don't watch if you like what you're seeing.

Fujikawa and Saejima's married already, right? I know I read something the producer said about them but I can't remember exactly what, I'm so sorry!! But if I'm not mistaken, it's something like how the 2 of them got together and it will be revealed in the last episode haha

I think Hiyama just made that conclusion on being alone seeing how tough it is also to be in a relationship. I think she can still go either way and whatever happens, she's okay with it :)

After that odd episodes A/S theory I was hopeful but I guess I'll have to they what is offered -- marriage views and tiny glances at the ER LOL

And that was really kind of Aizawa to give that positive view on marriage. Can it also be a wake up call for himself???
Yuri Sakura #SHY2K17yuri9_sakura on August 18th, 2017 11:16 pm (UTC)
Now onto my thoughts for the Ep 6 preview. HOLY SHIIIIT I'M SO EXCITED!!!

First, Kanade's parents really DO understand the results of that surgery, right? This little preview better not troll me coz I'm worried about that "however." Maybe its actually Kanade herself that doesn't understand? Maybe she's gonna turn her back on Aizawa? Hiyama DID learn not to trust the patient and their families too much, after all. We're not gonna get a repeat of lawsuit cases, right? That's definitely gonna affect Aizawa going to Toronto. I may have petty reasons for not really caring when Kanade gets screentime, but I better not get ACTUAL reasons to hate her otherwise it'll be a pain. You don't know how much I hated that divorced mom for going along with her brother to sue Hiyama. I cried for you and your son and this is how you repay me?! smh i still don't get why she was gonna go through it knowing that suing Hiyama won't make her feel better about her son when Hiyama tried to give a proper closure to her.

And um "when Shiraishi Megumi asks Shinkai about it" ASDFAGHJSKDASD WHY IS SHIRAISHI ASKING SHINKAI AND NOT AIZAWA?? Writer you better have a good reason for this. I'll only accept that Aizawa needed some alone time or something and Shiraishi didn't wanna bother him. The only Shinkai x Shiraishi interaction I accept is if Aizawa is there to witness it so I can see his reactions. But behind his back? NO. (lol im so dramatic)

So I feel like there's hope for Yuusuke to live. I mean the writer can't sacrifice BOTH Saejima's baby and Tachibana's son, right?

FINALLY Fujikawa's gonna be on location! And I wondered why we didn't get to see such problems like the heli not being able to fly coz of dangerous weather in Season 2 at least. Come through Yokomine and Haitani!

Nothing specific on Hiyama and Saejima? Well I suppose no drama next week, and we'll get to see Hiyama and Saejima in action too. I need more Shiraishi man I know she's the "commander" but I don't want to see her /just/ communicating with a headset telling the interns what to do. We haven't seen her giving treatment in detail since episode 1, and even then Aizawa took over.

krissy ~ クリスピー: tomota!anude_orionbabyshazam on August 19th, 2017 12:14 pm (UTC)
I want to see Fujikawa (and Hiyama) on location too, in the flight suit and all. It seems though next ep, it's Aizawa and Haitani on flight duty but probably because of the severity of the incident, Fujikawa was asked to go on the 1st heli ride (like in Ep1, Shiraishi asked Hiyama to go with her). They need to rotate more on the heli duties and more action on the site itself :D

Haha...I was waiting for someone to react on the "Shiraishi asks Shinkai" and I knew you would 😂 WHY OH WHY. Well maybe because basically, Shinkai is still Kanade's attending physician? And I do hope too she asks when Aizawa is around ^_____^
Yuri Sakura #SHY2K17: pic#127615444yuri9_sakura on August 19th, 2017 09:47 pm (UTC)
Lmaoo how could I forget, yeah Shinkai's the one in charge of Kanade and not Aizawa 😅 But now I wonder why Shiraishi asks about Kanade in the first place. I mean, both Hiyama and Shiraishi found out about Kanade's condition at Mary Jane's bar, yet only Shiraishi actually asks about Kanade. If I have my shipping goggles on, I would say it's because Shiraishi's worried about Aizawa 😝

But if I'm trying to be logical, either Shiraishi became concerned with Kanade herself somehow, or she bumps with Shinkai on the elevator and notices he's a bit stressed, so being the kind soul she is, asks if everything's okay and if it has anything to do with Kanade. I'm going to assume they've had a meal together already and they've become actual aquaintances, so Shiraishi knows what he's worried about.

As much as I dont care for Kanade, I still would like it if Shiraishi has a scene with her somehow. (And Kanade asks about her relationship with Aizawa LMAO unlikely since after this we'll probably just get a sad Kanade. I like to think she's actually a strong girl but she really loves the piano after all).