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24 August 2017 @ 10:19 am
Code Blue the third season Episode 6 notes, thoughts and Story #7  
Funny, exciting, moving and heartbreaking. Accident scenes are exciting as always + heartwarming stories always make up a great episode.

And with more treatment scenes this time, more medical terms used XD

glossoptosis - medical condition and abnormality which involves the downward displacement or retraction of the tongue.
*condition of Aizawa's 2nd patient in the cold storage warehouse, Iizuka

epidural hematoma - also known as epidural bleeding, a type of traumatic brain injury in which a buildup of blood occurs between the dura mater (the tough outer membrane of the central nervous system) and the skull.
*Aizawa's initial diagnosis of Iizuka

trepanning - also known as trepanation, trephination, trephining or making a burr hole, is a surgical intervention in which a hole is drilled or scraped into the human skull, exposing the dura mater to treat health problems related to intercranial disease or release pressured blood buildup from an injury
*Aizawa's initial treatment for Iizuka

raspatory - An instrument used for scraping the bone.
*Instrument Aizawa was asking for that Yukimura is not familiar with

retractor - surgical instrument with which a surgeon can either actively separate the edges of a surgical incision or wound, or can hold back underlying organs and tissues, so that body parts under the incision may be accessed.
* instrument Saejima offered to Aizawa

angiorraphy - suture repair of any vessel, especially of a blood vessel.
*treatment for Moriguchi that Yokomine and Haitani have no experience of

mydriasis - dilation of the pupils
*Iizuka's worsening condition when Aizawa can't find the source

cerebral swelling or cerebral edema - a condition where the blood–brain barrier or the blood–cerebrospinal fluid barrier breaks down, allowing fluid to accumulate in the brain's extracellular space.
*Iizuka's injury

necrosis - the death of most or all of the cells in an organ or tissue due to disease, injury, or failure of the blood supply.
*Risk of Moriguchi's treatment on site that should be avoided


This episode made me think again how tough it is to work in the medical field, especially for doctors. No matter how skilled you are or no matter how noble your intentions are, not everything goes as planned and in the end, what matters most are results.

As a Team Aizawa viewer from the very start, it's heartbreaking to see how bothered he is with the results of Kanade's operation. And what's even more frustrating, I think the worse is yet to come next episode once they show us what actually happened in the operation. Did Aizawa really make a mistake? I'm like, unbelievable, but then, Aizawa is human too and he did mention there was also another operation that night on an ICU patient. Doctors get tired too :(

Shiraishi talked about discouragement. A loss of confidence or enthusiasm; dispiritedness. I think all of us get to experience this at one point in our lives and as what have been said, discouragement paves the way for change, to grow. Right now, Aizawa is going through this and we all know Hiyama went through this in Season 2 and we also see now how she moved on from that setback. Even the interns had to overcome that loss of confidence as well. While it's said that results matter most now, it's also shown that growth never stops.

Here are the interesting points (and questions) again for me:

- Saejima returns to work! And what better way to show her return by her scaring off the now seniors doctors, even Aizawa XD I love every single detail of that scene. Hiyama laughing off Yukimura's story about Saejima, Shiraishi quickly agreeing to Saejima being scary, Aizawa's wary looks as the girls continue then he finally notifies them of Saejima's presence, Saejima's appearance by parting the IV bags, Shirashi and Hiyama's flowery nice words towards Saejima, Saejima's glares, Hiyama's obvious nervousness they're doing heli duty together the next day, the girls' "rounds" escape, Aizawa glancing at Saejima and gets taken aback. Obviously my favorite scene XD Precious lighthearted moment.

- Hiyama and Natori. Before the season started, I never thought they'd be the senior/junior that would connect especially since I thought Natori's character description was close to Shiraishi. But come Episode 2, I noticed Natori got to mention a bit about his father and Hiyama listened to him with no judgments. Compared to interns' conversation in Episode 3, Yokomine quickly dismissed Natori when he mentioned it's not like he really wanted to be a doctor. Anyway, in this episode, it shows how opposite Hiyama and Natori are towards the patients but with this, they got to learn from each other. Hiyama saw how she could be in a better position if she was more like Natori and Natori was able to get close to his patient too in his own way. AND!!! Hiyama finally addressed him Natori ;____;

- Aizawa x Saejima, You have to admit, the strongest doctor x nurse combination. Tried and tested since Season 1. The most skilled doctor and nurse. I love how Aizawa asked for Saejima to go to the site and even more seeing Saejima moved hearing this, her face lighting up showing how much she wants it so bad.

- Watch and learn Yukimura. So after Saejima taught Yukimura to make the atmosphere better with her presence, Yukimura learns that being skilled as a flight nurse is not only learning on site but being perceptive and gaining experience from every day activities. In this case, enthusiasm surely cannot rival experience. And I surely bet Yukimura got totally exhausted with Aizawa ordering her around XD

- The flight suit camera and monitor. We get treated again to another modern technology in the medical field. Shiraishi was able to help out the interns remotely. And yay for Haitani overcoming his cowardice. Which brings me...

- Why does Aizawa always know the right thing to say? This made me remember how Aizawa supported Fujikawa in S2E2. And also, this shows the second time(?) Aizawa has helped out Shiraishi. I know we are not to count since they're a team but I feel like the time for Shiraishi to support Aizawa is soon to come. The question though is, will Aizawa accept it? Well he has too, he needs it.

- The entire organ extraction procedure was both overwhelming and somehow eerie. I'm like Tachibana, who thought that many people are involved? And speaking of Tachibana, imagine how frustrating and painful it is to see that heart that could have been for his son being taken away. He was even next in the order!! Inoue reminded him though that through that procedure, 6 lives have been saved from 1.

- Other small details: Shiraishi handing the bag to Aizawa, Fujikawa and Saejima in the heli and he asks her if she's alright , Yokomine and Haitani working together to save the patient and taking responsibility until the end, Hiyama mentioning Nogami Tsubasa and what she learned from it, recalling Tadokoro-sensei's advice.


STORY #7 (2017.8.21 MON UPDATE)

Aizawa Kousaku (Yamashita Tomohisa) visits the office of department head Saijou Akira (Sugimoto Tetta) and conveys his withdrawal as candidate for the Toronto University residency. Asked by Saijou if the cause is Amano Kanade's (Tanabe Ririka) postoperative progress, Aizawa goes out of the room with no particular reason. Shinkai Hiroki (Ando Masanobu) then arrives and gets surprised hearing from Saijou about Aizawa's withdrawal.

On the way to the lifesaving floor, Aizawa meets Shiraishi Megumi (Aragaki Yui). Shiraishi was worried that Kanade's surgery and lifesaving surgery is piling up and Aizawa hasn't written the surgery minutes. However, Aizawa tells Shiraishi it doesn't concern her and leaves.

Hiyama Mihoko (Toda Erika) and Ogata Hirotsugu (Maruyama Tomomi) are in rehabilitation. Soon, Ogata will be transferred to the rehabilitation department for his welfare but it's tough, for Hiyama can't think of him as a patient. Natori Souma (Arioka Daiki) gazes at them looking like a married couple and teases Hiyama, what is good with Ogata anyway?

In the CS room, Fujikawa Kazuo (Asari Yousuke) asks Yokomine Akari (Araki Yuko) and company the reason why they aim to be doctors. Haitani Shunpei (Narita Ryo) answers when he was young, he had the experience of being saved by Doctor Heli.

At that time, request for Doctor Heli comes in. 3 persons are injured in a railroad crossing accident. Doctor Heli immediately takes off to the site but an unexpected situation occurs...
Yuri Sakura #SHY2K17yuri9_sakura on August 24th, 2017 03:18 am (UTC)
How do I begin. This was a fantastic episode! I barely understood all the medical procedures but the action brought so much thrill! hearing that patient cry out when Yokomine and Haitani were treating him got me tearing up and getting chills at the same time.

Haitani my boy I'm so proud of you! Aizawa always getting the best lines tho loved how he got rid of Haitani's cowardice. Made me legit applaud.

Shiraishi being a cool leader got me so touched ;;A;; I like how I'm reminded by the fact that Shiraishi's still that medical bookworm when she said she read some medical reports about using ice as a replacement once.

I love Saejima's evil/sarcastic smile ever since she showed it off to Aizawa haha (was it S1E2 or S1E3) and Aizawa's annoyed look after that. But now he scared af too LOL I love how Yamapi acted in that scene. We only saw just a SLIGHT movement when he turned to see Saejima's reaction and that's all it took for us to notice he was FREAKED. Its so Aizawa haha

I noticed its been 6 episodes already and they haven't broken the pattern of having
1. comical/lighthearted moments in the beginning,
2 proceeding to the intense medical scenes
3. emo scenes

and I'm really glad. I like this pattern, mostly coz its easier for me to recall where I wanna repeat a specific part lol just go to the beginning to find those comedy scenes. I thought at some point it was gonna be really tragic that there won't be any comical scenes in the beginning because its following up from the (ALWAYS) sad cliffhanger.

Altho for the next ep I have doubts coz it seems like its gonna start off with Aizawa withdrawing from Toronto...

I'm so happy seeing Saejima back in action! Her baby was sacrificed but my intial worries if we were gonna see less Saejima and more Yukimura coz she was pregnant was pointless in the end.

Yukimura still hasn't grown on me just yet, but I'm liking Natori's development and his relationship with Hiyama the most when it comes to senior-junior interactions. I agree with you, I didn't think they'd be the pair I would get emotional over the most lol maybe its coz while Aizawa-Yokomine and Shiraishi-Haitani seem like teacher-student, Hiyama-Natori kind of give me a close friends vibe? Like they're equal somehow, even if their principles clash. And its like a sibling-like relationship too. Love how its emphasized that Hiyama started calling an intern by their name for the first time, and ofc it's Natori :D

That whole donor scene was super eerie I agree. From the beginning when it showed a bunch of doctors looking like an army of robots? im like wtf is happening now and OH! my heart cried out for Tachibana. but that whole convo about saving 6 lives made me emo. it lessened the fact that the whole scene was freaky at least. that scene must've been hard to film. as well as the cold storage room scenes.

And it's probably coz I didn't pay attention much to Kanade's scenes coz I could care less for her so I forgot that Shinkai warned Aizawa about promising she can play the piano again if she goes to rehab rip. I was under the impression that she knew she might not be able to play like she used to but she can still work hard for rehab, not that Aizawa promised her she can play like before? When you mentioned Aizawa's mistake, was it during Kanade's surgery? Or another surgery he made a mistake on because he can't concentrate?

krissy ~ クリスピー: tomota!anude_orionbabyshazam on August 24th, 2017 06:12 am (UTC)
Yes, thanks for mentioning bookworm Shiraishi... Her methods have always been supported by medical write-ups :D

Yamapi never admits it but he's always been a natural in comedic scenes as he knows the perfect timing and execution. It's so hilarious how he was so wary of the girls dissing Saejima in her presence then him being scared of her as well XD

You're right, Hiyama and Natori are turning out to be more like buddies than senior/junior :) And I think that's what they both need/works for them. It's quite heartwarming!

The transplant team really looks like a bunch of robots especially when they arrived! That's why it gave an eerie feeling! At the back of my mind, I even thought if it didn't occur in Shohoku, it could have been an underground syndicate lol

Based on the preview, the captions were "reality of the emergency operation" and "fault he committed" so I assumed Aizawa made a mistake. I hope I am wrong though ;__; (I'll get back to you more on the preview as I am deciphering still some of the lines as not all are audible because of the VO)
woodchuckmittwoodchuckmitt on August 24th, 2017 03:41 am (UTC)
Yuri Sakura #SHY2K17yuri9_sakura on August 24th, 2017 04:02 am (UTC)
ep 7 preview
Ep 7 please, PLEASE have a lighthearted scene in the beginning of the episode like usual.I'm gonna be too sad about Aizawa I'm gonna need all the funny scenes I can get! Btw the comedy scenes in this season tops S1 and 2. A lot more natural imo


We're gonna get at least 2 Aizawa/Shiraishi scenes and I hope for them to be high quality, whether in the angst or the hurt/comfort part. It really broke my heart to hear him say "its none of your business" because despite Aizawa's original colder attitude during S1, while he may have ignored Shiraishi's views on certain things, when it actually concerned his private life and his relationship with his grandma, Aizawa never said anything like "its none of your business" even though he told Saejima that she didn't have to ask anything if its got nothing to do with work. When Shiraishi said that she's sure his grandma didn't think of him as a sacrifice, he was just quiet, and in the end even said "thank you...for treating my wounds." we know that he wasn't JUST talking about the wounds on his cheek.

I guess this time Aizawa's probably never been so hurt before. You think Aizawa's gonna potentially go through a lawsuit like Hiyama? Can we please not repeat that issue? If they wanna repeat it again I suppose it happens a lot to doctors in real life, if not, don't use this issue just for drama >.<

Hmmm so they're really gonna make Ogata x Hiyama a thing, huh? Hiyama can't think of him as a patient? My poor girl please don't suffer anymore you care for patients too much and it just becomes worse if it's romantically ;;A;; Natori's gonna be cupid? Now that's something I didn't see coming.

If Haitani was saved by Dr Heli when he was young, I'm going to assume its during Kuroda's time. Doubt its when Aizawa and the gang were fellows. We might see Kuroda's appearance? Do they normally not spill on any potential guest appearances? Articles would announce beforehand right?

And yes another major accident! I hear Dr Heli crashes but its not a major crash or anything, right? Its probably a minor crash and Dr Heli can't be used to transport patients for the time being? Hope Shiraishi or Hiyama's next for flight duty but if Hiyama in the next ep is at the rehab center, then its probably Shiraishi?

I have so many mixed feelings, I'm worried about what Shiraishi's major conflict this season is. So far she's the only one who's conflict hasn't been explored in depth yet. Aizawa with Kanade's case, Fujikawa x Saejima and the pregnancy, Hiyama x Ogata. I'm worried it could be a repeat of Kuroda's accident again. Like Shiraishi going out of her way to save the fellows and injuring herself, thinking its karma or something since she caused Kuroda's accident. Or WORSE, a fellow is injured and Shiraishi blames it on herself and she thinks she's a curse or something like that IDK WHY DO I THINK OF THE WORSE CASE SCENARIOS WHEN IT COMES TO MY FAVE GIRL

And cmonnnn I've been waiting for scenes of Shiraishi being the one to support Aizawa since season 2. in S2 it seemed like they were both there for each other but I feel like Aizawa did MORE for Shiraishi, with the whole train scene, or when he gave her his notes about the latest medical treatment for her father. And during the plane crash he made sure she kept calm and reminded her that she's supposed to be a doctor, but at the same time praised her that at least she can remember 3 things about her dad.

Now its time for Shiraishi to return the favor and I think we'll get it! The whole "getting through tough times together" is a hint to me that someone's gonna be there for Aizawa the most through his tough times and it'll be Shiraishi since she's the only one out of the main 5 that is concerning herself with Kanade (even tho Hiyama found out about Kanade too in ep 2)

Oh and is it confirmed we only got 10 eps this season?

krissy ~ クリスピー: tomota!anude_orionbabyshazam on August 24th, 2017 06:12 am (UTC)
RE: ep 7 preview
Re: Aizawa being cool. HE IS ALWAYS COOL! From the way he rides and closes the ambulance door, to getting on and off the heli, to helping Fujikawa/Yokomine when they slipped to even dropping to a prone position on the floor to intubate. UGH. It's not fair! There is no doctor like him!!! LOL

I love all your previous season references as usual. It was as if they all just happened recently for you to mention them XD CB A/S geek indeed :D especially everything about A/S, all on point! And I don't want a lawsuit either. I also asked the same thing, is this really common for all doctors? I mean, particularly for surgeons? I also remember Aizawa in S1E5 mentioning if the results are bad, you get sued when they were talking about Mitsui-sensei's case.

As for Natori, I don't know if he's gonna play cupid but definitely he'll be teasing Hiyama about it. Something Shiraishi won't probably do if she knew haha.

I also think Haitani was saved way before our parents' time so it's either Kuroda's era or even Chief Tadokoro. So I'm really hoping for a mention of the previous flight doctors! Guests usually get announced earlier but I know, sometimes there are surprise guests too. Articles just come after the episode gets aired. I wonder if this will be the case if ever for Kuroda or will they announce to hype up the episode more. Personally I prefer to be surprised :)

Editing my reply on who's on heli duty on the railroad accident. Read from a certain paper it's Shiraishi and Haitani.

I'm waiting for Shiraishi's major conflict as well. So far, she's just being shown as being a flight leader, acting commander on situations as well as guiding the interns. Other than that nothing much. I'm guessing the next episode could be the start of her major conflict for this season.

No information yet as to how many episodes we'll be getting this season. From a recent TV magazine, it said something like "last episode TBA" but I hope it's still 11 like before. The getsu9 last season had 11 episodes too.

Edited at 2017-08-24 06:24 am (UTC)
✹☄ Haida ☁☂: Huge Grant ☆ Can I Marry His Accent? ◕‿◕tsuyoi_hikari on August 24th, 2017 04:45 pm (UTC)
Re: ep 7 preview
Its actually pretty common for doctors to get lawsuits esp when the results are bad. Even if the results are good, they also could face lawsuits if their patients are unhappy with any of the outcomes. Aizawa's talk to Hiyama at that time is so true -- all matters are results but results could be bad even when you do everything right (the hilar twist that he did could failed even when he did it the right away) -- thats the risk that they signed for when they decided to be a doctor.

Lawsuits are pretty common in the US but not so much in Asia. And I hate it that even if the doctor done EVERYTHING the right way, they could lose their license if the patient got a good lawyer to back them up. Boston Legal or any other lawyer-centric dramas has scarred me so much on this issue thats why I really hate this plotline. There's one time, this woman is suing the doctor for saving her life by using a pig heart. It goes on trial despite knowing that they got no other choice at that time to save her. Talk about how entitled some of the patients are in general.

But in Aizawa's case, I dont think they have a case because he never promised Kanade anything. Like I mentioned in my earlier comment, I was afraid he gonna say something unnecessary but luckily he didnt. He just say something along the lines that she gonna do fine at rehab since she's a strong girl. And he also mentioned at that time that there are risks for the operation. And when she and her parents signed the papar, its all written in there the possible outcomes so they really have no case. But, Aizawa did say she could probably play the piano again like before and she could use that against him. I knew the girl was trouble the moment she made an appearance in Episode 2 lmao. :P
yi_seulyi_seul on August 24th, 2017 10:27 am (UTC)
Thank you for the subs ^_^

Scary Saejima scene was so funny XD The way she answered Fujikawa on the heli ... I was so attracted by her aura so cool really !!!

The scene when doctors were removing that kid's organs was so sad ... That scene has the most impact on me

next ep:
The fact that Aizawa may has made a mistake during Kanade's surgery is just surprising .. I mean I know everyone make mistakes but I didn't see this coming


But most importantly was : will the heli crash or something ? & who was on it what that happen (if it really did) ... Could it be Aizawa , Yukimura & one of the interns T_T
krissy ~ クリスピー: tomota!anude_orionbabyshazam on August 24th, 2017 11:57 am (UTC)
From a mag or newspaper, I'm not sure what, I read that it's Shiraishi & Natori on flight duty to that railway accident. The heli fails landing. Staff is safe but they're unable to transport the patient anymore
✹☄ Haida ☁☂: Arashi ☆ 🌈( ˘ ³˘)♥tsuyoi_hikari on August 24th, 2017 04:18 pm (UTC)
Another great episode! But Code Blue being Cold Blue that it is, despite the many thought-provoking dialogs, they also looooove to put cruel quotes/dialogs in the drama. 'Discouragement is needed for growth is only when you are young, what we need now is not growth but result. Thats all to it' I DON'T NEED TO HEAR THAT lol! I remember when they did the plot where Aizawa's mother committed suicide because of him, lol spare the guy. ;_;

Surgery without anesthesia is brutal -- poor the guy. Taking out the blood vessel and tie it to stop the bleeding is excruciatingly painful. Luckily Haitani gather the courage to do it. And I really enjoyed the part where they show how experienced and efficient is Saijiema. :)

I love that they emphasize so much on the organ donation part to spread the awareness of the importance of it to the viewers. The part where they keep mentioning how 1 person can save like 6 lives is just amazing. And the parts where all doctors come to take out the organs and transport them to their respective hospital is just great! Its awesome when you can educate people from watching dramas and amazingly, Code Blue has always done that many of times. Thats one of the reason why I love the drama. :)