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01 September 2017 @ 11:34 am
Code Blue the third season Episode 7 notes, thoughts and Story #8  
Thrilling start and end with human drama in between. Ships all over...

I mentioned it already when the subs were posted but I'll put it also here for reference. The drama Yokomine was watching was "Kyumei Byoto 24 Ji" or Emergency Ward 24 Hours, an old and long running medical drama from FujiTV that stars Eguchi Yosuke and Matsushima Nanako. Similar to Code Blue (as quite mentioned by CS Machida), they deal with emergency cases. Season 1 started 1999 and the latest, 5 was last 2013.

Incidentally, this was actually the first Japanese medical drama that I watched. Just Season 3 though because it had Oguri Shun lol and he was kind of like a Natori-sensei as far as I can remember, that entire season dealt with a fictitious great earthquake that hit Japan.

Also, a clarification on the result of Ogata's tests, I realized I worded it incorrectly. The result of 3kg now is lower than his previous test. That's why Hiyama teased if he's been skipping rehab lol

The way Yukimura related her story was vague - shows how really reluctant she was to talk about it. She only mentioned being tired of drunks with her mother and that her father was basically not around. Reading between the lines, her mother probably was forced to work because her father was bad and useless. And that work is probably a bar and/or snacks place where the customers get drunk.

Now onto the medical terms...credit always goes to google, wikipedia and medical journals

agonal respiration, gasping respiration or agonal breathing - is an abnormal pattern of breathing and brainstem reflex characterized by gasping, labored breathing, accompanied by strange vocalizations and myoclonus.
*Oshima Masaru's condition when Shiraishi started attending to him

mesentery damage or mesenteric injury - injury on the continuous set of tissues which is formed by the double fold of peritoneum that attaches the intestines to the wall of the abdomen. It's a common injury in vehicular accidents.
*Grandmother's injury

nicardipine - medication used to treat high blood pressure and angina.
*medication Haitani prescribed during grandmother's sudden change

orthosis - a brace or other such device; orthotic for the correction of disorders of the limbs or spine to correct alignment or provide support.
*what Yokomine and Yukimura were looking for when they found Haitani slumped on the floor

*Sleeping medication provided to Haitani according to the Pharmacy:

Triazolam - a central nervous system depressant in the benzodiazepine class. It possesses pharmacological properties similar to those of other benzodiazepines, but it is generally only used as a sedative to treat severe insomnia.

Zolpidem - a sedative primarily used for the treatment of trouble sleeping. It usually works within 15 minutes, and has a short half-life of two to three hours.


Episode dealt with failure. Such a painful word as is. Moreso in the medical field where one failure could lead to a life lost. I love that Aizawa quoted Kuroda-sensei at the start but then he said the truth is ain't so.

Hiyama's words stuck to me too. Everything would have been easy if all they have to do is perform treatment. But again, doctors have to deal with more than that. Like facing their patients and their families.

Here are the interesting points (and questions) again for me:

- Yokomine wanted to be a doctor because she loved watching medical dramas. Ain't this true. I know after the first season aired before, there were more who wanted to be flight doctors or flight nurses. I found Yokomine 'fangirling' over 24 Hrs Emergency Ward uncanny as how I am so /obsessed/ with Code Blue right now. Yokomine is us! (except we can't be a flight doctor)

- Hiyama, Ogata and Natori. Now, is this a triangle that you saw coming? I know Natori 'likes' Hiyama and I feel like Hiyama and Ogata mutually likes each other but I enjoyed how it was depicted. Loved how Hiyama was oblivious of Natori's jealousy while Natori follows what Hiyama tells him because he doesn't want her to be irritated at him. And that's why my heart breaks though for this cute junior/senior tandem the next episode. Kanade's line of "you're cruel!" should be said to the writer. But um yeah..will talk more that later.

- The investigation panel. I can't believe it's still the same. The same annoying lawyer and board chairman LOL

- Aizawa and Haitani are the same? They both can't have an objective grasp of reality. Haitani can't see that the patient's death and heli crash was basically an accident no one has any control of and Aizawa can't see that Kanade's condition is not caused by him. At one point, I've thought is Aizawa getting a little bit OOC for being too involved with a patient? But then I've also thought of what he told Haitani the previous episode, take responsibility of your patient until the end. And Kanade was his initially his patient in Neuro. Well, going back, losing objectivity might be stupid to Aizawa (re: Haitani) but Shiraishi doesn't hate (and all the more she wants to help).

- Fujikawa and Saejima. Did you expect their answers? Like Fuijkawa, I think it's hard to say but somehow being in lifesaving, it's natural you want to save someone in need. Then I love how basically honest and worried Saejima was. It was a selfish request, right? But with everything Saejima went through, let's give this to her. It just warmed my heart to see how Fujikawa now means to her :) He's usually annoying but yeah..lol

- The pain of the family left behind. I remember one of Hiyama's quotes from S2, she wanted to at least ease the pain felt by the family left behind. She really is gifted in this aspect, isn't she? I love how she answered Oshima Mio's question why did she survive when she could have just died with her husband. Ogata also pointed out how Hiyama treats patients normally like him and how it has helped him in recovery.

- There is nothing wrong with a good motive. Haitani has been ridden with guilt the entire episode but apart from not having an objective view of reality, Shiraishi and Yokomine pointed this out to him. No one is blaming Haitani because all he wanted was to save the patient and Yokomine stressed how unlike most of them with selfish reasons, Haitani is a doctor who keeps in mind the patient first and foremost. This part made me think it's impossible for Haitani to commit suicide. Even if the amount of sleeping medication is suspicious as with the falling of the platform accident (I learned most suicide cases in Japan occur by jumping off the tracks :\), if Haitani is selfless then he wouldn't think of commiting suicide, right? Somehow, I'd like to believe him but I could be wrong...

- Surgeries by Aizawa and Shinkai always look so cool. Then afterwards, they still have the same topic, Kanade XD

- Kanade. Much as most of my followers on twitter know how I didn't like Kanade from the very start, I somehow want to defend her this time. Particularly on why Aizawa is this troubled about her. Going back to the previous episodes, we learned that for Kanade, her ability to play the piano was more important than her life thus she refused surgery. Eventually, she agreed but only if Aizawa performs the surgery because he believes that she's strong and can get through this. With this Kanade entrusted the most important thing to her in her faith in Aizawa. She knows Aizawa understands her. Now look how devasted Aizawa's face was when he learned Shinkai already cut out the entire tumor. His heart shattered like how his promise to Kanade was broken. As what Aizawa told Kanade, we don't know if he'll be able to save Kanade's life like what Shinkai did but somehow, I think, there was another way Aizawa wanted to do that surgery. I am in no means an expert in the medical field but maybe the tumor could have been removed slowly or by parts? Not entirely. And I honestly absolutely hated Shinkai was just like, I took out everything. There's no damage, right? Then there's no problem. Like, f you! It's not just all about removing it. Now, Kanade whining she wanted Aizawa to do the surgery? Not defending at all. Somebody slap that girl, tie her to Shinkai or something. Someone please let her see that she just has to be grateful she's alive.

- Shiraishi said Aizawa saves lives even in situations where other doctors give up. Perfect example: the grandmother

- Aizawa, someone wants to share your burden!!! as a comrade though...but then who is Shiraishi talking to anyway? It's just her thoughts. *sigh* these two... And Shiraishi, I guess basically her role this season is being a good flight leader and instructor. I like how Tachibana reminded her not to spoil the interns but then it was just typical of her. I'd like to see Shiraishi be more firm and strict from now on :) And maybe slap Aizawa more with the reality he couldn't see and then walk out of him for once.

- Lastly, I am so not ready for Episode 8 though. I really can't deal with the Season 1 Episode 8 parallelism of Kuroda's accident due to Shirashi now Hiyama with Natori. Why Hiyama???


STORY #8 (2017.8.28 MON UPDATE)

Aizawa Kousaku (Yamashita Tomohisa) tried to distance himself from the affairs of Amano Kanade's (Tanabe Ririka) rehabilitation but even if he turns the other way, he rather hears Kanade's voice.

That day is also the first day Haitani Shunpei (Narita Ryo) resumes to work in lifesaving after being injured from falling of a train platform. Haitani's explanation of the fall from the platform was due to the effect of the sleeping medication but Shirashi Megumi (Aragaki Yui) and company suspects if it was suicide. Haitani perceiving such atmosphere, goes on normally but Shirashi and Fujikawa Kazuo (Asari Yousuke) too has become awkward.

That time, a request for Doctor Heli comes in for a man who collapsed on the arrival lobby of Narita Airport. Hiyama Mihoko (Toda Erika), Natori Souma (Arioka Daiki), Yukimura Futaba (Baba Fumika) reaching the location, the man in shock, is suspected of an economy syndrome.* Natori taking the line, piercing the needle to patient's arm, wakes up the patient and suddenly acts violently, shaking off his arm. Because of that, the needle Natori inserted pierces Hiyama's finger. Bringing in the patient to the 1st ER, the patient Horiuchi Tsuyoshi (Amada Reki) vomits blood. Tachibana then thinks it's not an economy syndrome but there is some other main cause, so he hurriedly instructs the staff to wear googles, gowns, masks etc. Also contacting the Infectious disease research center, Horiuchi's specimen was collected and sent over. Treatment on Hiyama is continued but she's losing color. Natori is told not to worry.

Secretly, Hiyama informs Aizawa that Natori did not come in contact with the patient taking the line but the needle accidentally pierced Hiyama's finger so she requests to also take her blood sample to the Infectious disease research center. When Horiuchi dies in the ICU, it was revealed to Saejima Haruka (Higa Manami) that Horiuchi was a journalist going around West Africa. And in covering for a nature conservation organization, he comes in contact with animals...

*economy syndrome - the formation of blood clots in veins deep within the legs occurring during (or just after) a long airplane flight, especially in economy class (tourist class) where there is the least space allotted per passenger and ones legs tend especially to be immobilized for lack of leg room.
lalala~dreamyamy627 on September 2nd, 2017 12:56 am (UTC)
Wow, where to start on this particular episode.

-It's adorable how Yokomine was inspired to become a doctor based on a drama (these things tends to happen and it's not that cliche at all in my opinion). As somebody in the medical field, I would love to say CB helped inspired me to go onto a medical field when I was deciding what to do with my life. Granted, of course my life is nothing like CB displayed but it helped invoked these courageous feelings and motivation to get into the medical field and help others and I'm grateful for that.

-The Natori-Hiyama-Ogata triangle is making me laugh lol Granted, I don't want Hiyama to be with a character who is a divorcee but if she likes him and the feelings are mutual, then I cannot argue with that. After what Hiyama has been through from SP and S2 I feel she is entitled a love life free of drama and heartaches. Heck, all CB OT5 should all have a love life! Only Fujikawa and Saejima found love in each other but what about Aizawa, Shiraishi and Hiyama?? CB writer please make something happen! (Preferably A/S and Hiyama with somebody who would cherish her but wishful thinking right now ...and patiently waiting on edge on what CB next 3 episodes would throw at us).

It's adorable how Natori adores Hiyama's guidance and at the same time, it makes sense why he feels attached to her since she's the first one (maybe?) who doesn't see him as just the director's son but taught him a thing or two along his career. It's Hiyama who would probably motivate his thoughts and emotions on why and how becoming a doctor has different merits rather than what he's doing right now.

-Poor Shiraishi's injured foot >< And I did not let what shinkai said slide..how he said luckily Shiraishi wasn't badly injured! And all Aizawa can do was agreed...yea this Shinkai I don't know what you're trying to pull but you are not allowed near my A/S ship! Lol

-Onto the scenes between Shiraishi and Aizawa..I love the part where Shiraishi doesn't give up on letting him know her thoughts of how she doesn't hate Haitani's characteristics. Essentially, and indirectly, I feel Aizawa needed to hear those thoughts from Shiraishi because it can also be directed to him too. Aizawa shouldn't feel that guilty about what can and cannot be done during Kanade's surgery. There were precautious being taken and I understand the guilt but he shouldn't let that set him back from the Toronto residency. I love how Shiraishi told him not to give it up and to remember what kind of doctor he is! Now I may be bias but that is true support there! HOWEVER, what the heck is wrong with "comrades" in the end??? She could've just ended those thoughts without comrades. Damn CB writer...OR WAS IT THE PRODUCER??!! Either way, don't show us scenes and subtlety moments between the two if they never wanted it in the beginning! QUICK PLAYING GAMES WITH OUR HEARTS GODDAMNIT!!!

Clearly Shiraishi and Aizawa has a mutual understanding of each other's strengths, weaknesses, and thoughts and know each other well. You cannot disregard 9 years like that, whether they are close are not. Inside of themselves, they know each other the best without having to speak about it. Actions are louder than words afterall. They know when each other are having thoughts and troubles and tries to help each other in their own little way.

lalala~dreamyamy627 on September 2nd, 2017 12:56 am (UTC)
- Poor Haitani. He had good intentions on wanting to save patients and thus inevitably requested the heli to go faster. It is terrible how due to that one statement, Haitani lost a bit of his self-esteem and confidence from what he had already gained in previous episodes. It's like taking 1 step forward and 2 steps back. Doctors tends to remember the ones they cannot save rather than the ones they can save because the loss of a pt is what hurts the most in the end. FOr Haitani, he had a lot of self doubts but he slowly gained confidence but this issue is now putting a setback to him. It's difficult since other people are cheering him on and telling him his good qualities but Haitani is just filled with guilt. However, I just hope the ending where he fell off the platform isn't due to suicide. Once I saw those sleeping prescriptions I had a bad feeling despite knowing in the upcoming episodes there's a possibility of Haitani's suicide??!!

Sigh, Shiraishi would have her hands filled with more guilt if it ends up true about Haitani's suicide but I hope not!

-Last but not least of what really went on during Kanade's surgery. From her perspective I understand why she's upset and felt betrayed by Aizawa's lack of fulfilling his promise that he'll do the surgery because she puts her trust in him. She knows he is the best surgeon and if he did the surgery, he would've tried his best no matter what the outcome. However at the same time I don't think she should entirely blame Aizawa for her hand tremor. There were precaution taken and it wasn't guaranteed from the surgery's aftermath. I feel bad for her but at the same time, I hope she learns to realize that at least she has parents and people who care for her. Piano would always be part of her life and it may not be like it before but she at least was able to accomplished something she loved---hopefully with no regrets!

-I'm dreading for ep 8 to be honest. Something happened to Hiyama--AGAIN! -__- Honestly CB plot needs to stop touching my girls! First Shiraishi, Saejima, Hiyama....Saejima again and now Hiyama. Urgh! I just want these girls to have a happy ending ...no more tears and heartaches please? ><
shyza786shyza786 on September 3rd, 2017 03:30 am (UTC)
Yay another lovely review on another episode :) fyi I've read all of the other ones too but just never was able to get around posting my own opinion haha so this oneeee may be a bit annoyingly too long LOL

-So we start off with Yokomine's cute yet relatable little sweet secret: her reason on becoming a doctor. Lol as much as I'd like to laugh at that, I'm not in any better position to justify my reasons for studying pre-medicine as they are not too far off lmao
I'm also pursuing a career in medicine (though I've got a lonnnnggg way to go cuz they make you study for like 10 years here in Canada before you can acclaim your MD 😣) and I've certainly got to say that watching code blue way back when I was a senior high school student, definitely shaped these goals to certainty if not inspiring them from the beginning. Although I've always held a passion for the medical field, I cannot fathom just how much this drama played a part in fuelling an undying determination in me so it's a show that's very close to my heart. That's why I think the part where they added that trivial scene of Yokomine's inspiration was quite realistic. I mean we know people develop a passion of becoming a doctor by getting hands on volunteering experience, or following the footsteps from a family member, or just being super smart from the beginning lol, but how many cases have we seen where such a life altering decision is based on such a carefree thing as ones hobby of watching dramas related to that field? Right, not a lot. I think that ALSO can very well be a reason to spark ones everlasting interest too; and I'm a living example of that lol
It's not only with individuals and their choice of careers, but we've got to see an even broader influence where civic decisions were just as much influenced from the popularity of code blue where after the airing of the first season, the deployment of doctor heli in Japan increased to about 50 air ambulances now (according to Tomo's statement) as the system's implementation developed due to the show and its depiction of the vast medical system. So viewing things from the bigger picture, it's really amazing how far the influence of just a drama-but nonetheless an impacting one-could reach and what difference that made in actually saving lives and making the medial care system even better. So the fact that they included the drama's effects to be influential even in this way through Yokomine's obsession, I felt was very realistic and enlightening of them to do rather than just keeping it as the good old .."I wanted to be a doctor because I was once saved by one" or "because my father insisted me" or "because im just that good (lol)"
Totally loved that little part, gave me a lot to think about and made me particularly happy because I COULD relate; and quite honestly there may be others like that too; and there's nothing wrong with that, for anything can become a pretext to pave the way of ones passion and as long as it's what's you like and can feel a sense of fulfillment from, such an inspiration is worth cherishing and so I'm so glad they were able to recognize such a reason to pursue a dream as unnoticed or even dejected as this reason usually is.
shyza786shyza786 on September 3rd, 2017 03:30 am (UTC)
-So yayyy we finally got to see Saijo sensei (tho for only a minute) again after barely 4 mins of his screen time way back from ep 1 lol I was beginning to wonder if that was all the glory he’d get this season. I’ve got say I’m quite missing his participation from S2 where he was even boarding doctor heli (and having trouble with the technology in it lol). That and Morimoto senseeeiii~ Ah he was so adorable. I’ll need another paragraph to vent my emotions on his lack of appearance this season!

- Hiyama-Natori-Ogata~ LMAO How unexpected to even have the spoiled Natori join in with the two already awkwardly stubborn people. Initially, I really thought Shiraishi would be the one to guide Natori and help him with his affairs as she has been doing with Haitani, especially because both her and Natori shared a similar experience with their choice of career & how their fathers influenced it. So, when she asked him in a previous episode as to why he decided to come to the hospital, and he replied by mentioning his father, I thought they’d tie in both of their stories together with Shiraishi being the one to bring out a change in Natori, but it suddenly shifted gears to Hiyama taking over the role to guide him. So now it seems its Yokomine with Aizawa (poor girl), Haitani with Shiraishi, and Natori with Hiyama. That also seems like a good route to take if they want to show all our full fledged doctors taking on instructor roles, so I’m not really complaining; it’s just that I was under the impression it was only Shiraishi-with the help of Fujikawa- who’d be doing the teaching of the interns.
This new development with Hiyama showing her “senior” and compassionate side is also very pleasant and I dont think there's any doubt now that Natori has developed a little crush on our sparta-sensei (lol!) xD I’m beginning to actually see him in a more similar light to Hiyama now rather than Shiriashi (and her situation). More than his background, his own personality is quite relatable to Hiyama and how she use to be. While also starting off as an annoyed spoiled girl who was only in it for the “cool” operations and initially considered consultations with patients as boring, she eventually, by the means of her experience, turned into a very empathetic person, and that’s how I see things turning out with Natori as well~ so its nice! Its cute! They have a senior/junior relationship that’s also easy to pass by as a casual friendship, but I also see them as older sister/younger brother (sorry Natori lol). I just love how Hiyama is always so lax and casual with all the people she interacts with-be it colleagues, other doctors, friends, or patients.
shyza786shyza786 on September 3rd, 2017 03:31 am (UTC)
-Wow, Shiraishi in the first scene during the call of doctor heli- When she realized very quickly that it was inevitable to save the young man and told Haitani to give up and attend to the woman but Haitani could not bring to accept such a tragedy right in front of him. Her professional yet frank attitude reminded me of what Saejima said about her in S2-that “You’re changed, you’re no longer that little princess but someone who’s become cold hearted.”
I don't necessarily see her as someone who has become “cold hearted” in the sense that she’s uncompassionate now or uncaring; but rather its easy from this scene to see her as someone who has become “cold hearted” in the sense that she’s now able to calmly and realistically deploy the factual information to the patients without being hindered from emotions. I guess in a way it can come off as a little cruel, especially if it’s a case such as the one Shiraishi confronted with the bridegroom-to-be dying off and her just plainly relaying to the bride-to-be that nothing could be done about it, and I WAS a little taken aback to be honest, but then, at the same time I can empathize with her being compelled to just tell the patients as everything is without glossing anything over because as Aizawa has said in the past “it’s unforgivable for doctors to lie to their patients,” and beating around the bush to avoid confrontation would not help all the same. And not only that, but during the 9 years of her being a Lifesaving doctor, and getting called out to many sites, I think she’s seen more than enough gruesome situations to the point that she’s just hardened to it now. I mean yes, it’s unfortunate, but nothing else can be done-just as she said. She’s living through such situations as we speak, so it's just natural for her to accept reality now after going through so much trauma for so many years. But with that said, I was still in awe after witnessing such a tough or as Saejima would say “cold hearted” Shiriashi in action. I could clearly see the remarkable growth from that shy and over emotional girl with a small voice, to a confident and headstrong woman combating every situation professionally. It was weird for me in that scene. I felt a swarm of emotions-I was in admiration due to the extent of her growth, but it was also nostalgic because I was reminded of the old overly-attached Shiriashi and I for a second, longed for that girl to reappear.

shyza786shyza786 on September 3rd, 2017 03:32 am (UTC)
-Haitani’s situation really is delicate isnt it? It’s not his fault that the patient could not be saved, but its understandable for him to think he prolonged medical care for that guy since he said something that rushed the pilot. Though, more than anything, I personally think the pilot should be the one to be blamed. If the doctors are supposedly trained to not interfere with the pilots, then the pilots should also be well informed to not be swayed by any doctor’s orders. And afterall, the pilots are the ones responsible and properly trained for the safety of the flight so I dont blame Haitaini in that regard at all even though he himself does. What I WAS getting ticked off by, was Haitaini’s consistent struggle to bring himself down….ugh, boy, we know you were upset and its understandable that it’d take a toll on you because you’re only a newbie, but it WAS officially determined in that conference that you're NOT to be blamed for what happened, and moreover, Shiraishi gave you the full emotional support you needed and confirmed with you time and time again that your intentions were good for the patients so its alright, even Yokomine was there for you and provided you assurance that you’re a compassionate doctor who's driven only for the sake of his patients-yet WHY did you still prescribe yourself a shit load of sleeping pills leading to your falling off the platform..?! smh now its really obvious that he’s going to be suspected of suicide even if it turns out he didnt want that. I think in trying to give Haitani more screen time (though in my opinion he didnt even need it since last ep in the freezer was perfect character development for him already), they unnecessarily prolonged a problem that rather became annoying and didn't need to be dealt with in that manner. They could have saved that screen time for something else (I’m sure we all can give a few suggestions for that lol)
shyza786shyza786 on September 3rd, 2017 03:34 am (UTC)
- Last but not least- Shiraishi and Aizawa *doki doki** Even though their parts were a little bit vague ( I think you guys know which line I'm referring to xD) and not exactly fitting the taste of their parts from episode 1, I think it's still something to be commended for because it's really the first time after the first ep that they got this many scenes together, and it wasn't all that bad quality either, especially the last scene😱😭

One thing I wanted to comment about ep 6, that i didn't get to, I feel ties in perfectly with the A/S scenes in this episode.
The last scene of the the last ep with Shiraishi first realizing how affected Aizawa really was from Kanade's situation, had a very simple and lighthearted starting to it despite the convo shifting to a darker side: I absolutely loved Shiraishi's entrance to the scene by a simple "thanks for the good work" and "thanks for helping us out" to Aizawa. I feel even though those words had nothing to do with comforting him in his dilemma about kanade, they were simple yet all the more effective enough to shift his thoughts and worries aside and just focus on her presence and her gratitude, which to anyone at anytime, can be heartwarming. This is a simple trait Shiraishi has always possessed-she's always so quick on thanking him for each time he helps her in any way, and that's really the best way any conversation could ever begin right? ☺️ it's just such a subliminal dynamic they always have when she starts their chattering by thankful words and for some reason, it feels like they become separated from the current catastrophic world and teleported into another realm that's quiet and only concerning those two where they're compelled to share even their deepest secrets. That's the kind of magical feeling I get that I can't quite put into words when I see one of them casually walking up to the other and eliciting a very simple but meaningful communication, especially Shiraishi's words of thanks when she approaches Aizawa after a long day. If you take notice, she never fails to forget that and mostly initiates all convos like that. I think it truly lifts him from his current consciousness compelling him to downgrade his worries. I think that's truly what he seeks in her and is attracted to her for. Because of how REAL she is...if that makes sense. It’s like she provides some sort of salvation for him.
shyza786shyza786 on September 3rd, 2017 03:34 am (UTC)
Anyways, yeah so the starting of that scene just encapsulated all my A/S feelings and I really felt happy watching them like that even though I know their convo turned a bit gloomy afterwards; what can't be helped will bound to happen, and that's understood, but it's nice to take a firm stop and forget everything for a minute while only feeling a pleasant warmth.
Back to the events from this episode, Aizawa better be fricken feeling grateful for having someone as Shiraishi in his life to check up on his gloomy ass issues every now and then lol especially considering the amount of times he's pushed her away (back from S1 & 2) whenever he didn't feel like consulting something with her. This man is a different case, he doesn't associate with others without need and even took about 10 years to open up to his long time colleague-turned-friends; he's low on testosterone to have never been in a romantic relationship or initiating any small amount of interest in such a natural thing, and will only speak to others (including Shiraishi) of anything concerning him IF he's in the mood to do so. Somebody like that I imagine would be VERY DIFFICULT to tolerate. But Shiraishi is a little on the unusual/unique side too hence why she can show compassion for him again and again. But still, I think her support for him is very adamant and he shouldn't have shown her a rude ass attitude in the elevator just because he felt annoyed or wasn't in the mood. But as much as I loved criticizing this rude ass baby (lol), I like to call him a baby because in many ways he does come across to me as one. Leaving his professionalism and capability for his work aside, he REALLY does have a debilitating weakness to which he falls victim to more often than not: his soft spot for the pain of others, or in other words, his ability to deeply empathize with a suffering human being. He can't help it. As Shiraishi even pointed out, it seems to get so bad to the point where she's scared he'll even "lose himself." His sensitivity to human pain takes the better of him and he shuts out all rationality just like a child in distress would. I find that quite human about someone who's supposedly got "inhumane capabilities". And we know that's exactly what Shiraishi has also learnt of him after spending all those years together and subtlety watching over him, which is why I can say she's compelled to confront him and his problems again and again in order to elevate him to the point where she's always seen him firmly stand from. If he's stubborn and isn't willing to listen, no matter how she'll say it to him-whether through sweet and uplifting words or sarcastic blunt words- she's always trying to turn their conversation in a direction so as to make him come to his senses and spark some sort of realization in him. That's exactly how they portrayed the scene with her trying to ask advice on Haitani's problem. But this time when he gave a dejecting response, she turned his point right back to his face by telling him Haitani is not the only one who seems to be stirred by emotions. But not only that, being the typical and sweet Shiraishi she is, she also let him know that the "compassionate" side of Haitiani isn't something she necessarily thought was hateful, indirectly telling Aizawa to come to terms with his feelings and that his pain is understandable.
shyza786shyza786 on September 3rd, 2017 03:35 am (UTC)
The last part with them was just perfect to encapsulate why she had been coming up to him time and time again and trying to resolve his issues-she simply wants to SHARE his burden TOGETHER. And I guess the clear meaning to such words just transcends all other reasons one could give as to why she would say that. I don't think anyone would be ready to lift another's burden on their own shoulders no matter how close of a friend they may be. You simply cannot commit to sacrifice your own peace like that unless that person was more precious than your peace, unless you truly loved them.
The last line of her sentence though, the famous debatable one (lol), definitely contradicted the whole meaning to her whole phrase and so it's just insignificant. It just made things more complicated and showed just how confused her mind is over her physical relationship with him-but then that's also typical of the clueless Shiraishi so I don't indefinitely believe that the last line of "as friends" meant to deny her obvious love for him, and therefore put us fans in turmoil (though it could have been omitted!). I think it just realistically represented her outward personality as a pure airhead lol like I know we all made a huge deal over it as to why it was necessary to add "as friends" but honestly it doesn't downplay the fact she cares a lot for him right? And more than anything, her inward message to him..."to wish to carry his burden together with him," is exactly in sync with his idea of a marriage and why people even want it-"to be able to share each other's pains every day might bring."
I don't think this was thought out coincidentally by the writers or whatever because it just holds so much weight and is just THAT obvious. I think we're really getting a hint with her line. This is like Shiraishi's FIRST ever indication of wanting to express close proximity with Aizawa and it was portrayed in a way to encompass his ideal thought of marriage partners so I think we're really lucky to have her say something like that because it's HUGE. I mean sure we may not get to see them actually getting together by the end of the season, but it's perfectly been established that by her saying such a thing, or having such feelings (like his feelings of getting attracted to her because she's interesting), the groundwork has already been set for an unavoidable union from these two in the future.

I just love it so much❤️ I hope that the hint they dropped about an obvious love line occurring in the last episode can finally happen so everything we've been seeing with those two can come to a definite conclusion.
Yuri Sakura #SHY2K17yuri9_sakura on September 5th, 2017 02:43 am (UTC)
This sure was a shippy episode! I think you've voiced out all my thoughts too. I remember being kind of iffy in Season 1 when Kuroda said something about not being able to save a patient changes a doctor's life. Like, he didn't really mention about the patient's family, something like that. So when Aizawa kind of continued his quote with something else, it kinda made me go wow lol

Also reminded me of the scene when Shiraishi said there's a next time for us doctors, but there is no next time regarding a patient's life. This should be obvious, but I didn't really think about it since S1 talked a lot about the repercussions of mistakes towards a doctor's career. Maybe coz it should be obvious that if you can't save a life, then it's terrible for the family of the deceased idk

I wonder if I would want to become a doctor if I started watching Code Blue from junior high...probably...man i regret not watching it when it first came out.

This episode made me realize how WEAK i am for tsundere, bro-zoned boys coz I was pretty sure Natori was my least favorite fellow until episode 6 where he had quality moments with Hiyama and just last week i was telling you about how much they seemed like they have a more special bond than Aizawa-Yokomine or Shiraishi-Haitani. And now all of a sudden Natori shows some jealousy and Hiyama's oblivious aND I'M LIKE NO NO NO OMG I'M GONNA SHIP ANOTHER HOPELESS SHIP NOW ITS SO WEIRD HOW FAST I JUMPED SHIP EVEN THO I THOUGHT I WAS FINALLY REALLY COOL WITH OAGATA X HIYAMA LOL

I'm disappointed tbh in Aizawa's lack of being able to see things objectively I didn't really think this was possible for him. I suppose there were some signs back when he cut Kuroda's arm off but still. Although despite my disappointment, Shiraishi implies its something she DOESN'T hate about him, how cute is that? Shiraishi loves Aizawa more than I do, that's for sure.

That Fujikawa x Saejima scene got me soooo emo seriously their ship scenes are SO high quality idk maybe coz im biased since i didn't care for Satoshi all that much. Saejima is sooo honest and sweet when she's alone with Fujikawa, she can be selfish all she wants. Even if she takes pride as a flight nurse, she's just a regular woman first and foremost. And ofc she would never want to lose her loved one, not again.

I remember when I first watched S1, I didn't think Hiyama was the character that was going to be shown so emotionally attached to her patients. When I remember that lawyer she initially didn't like at first, when I remember how she's always talking about interesting cases, it seemed like she was going to be just your typical ambitious doctor. But she's developed to be so much more than that, seriously makes me proud. It shouldn't surprise anyone that her potential love interest is also her patient tbh. I liked that scene when Ogata said Hiyama treated him normally.

Ok, I think you're right about Kanade. She was disappointed in him since he sort of broke her trust and it was that important to her. And YEA NOW THAT I'VE REWATCHED IT A COUPLE MORE TIMES, SHINKAI WAS SO...UGH! IDK HOW TO EXPLAIN BUT YEAH F HIM! I started somewhat understanding Aizawa's heartbreak when he realized Shinkai had already done what he intended to do. But yeah, you're alive? You still can't be thankful for that? You're still 14, even if there's no piano, there's still other things in life. Kuroda lost his career at an already old age, if he couldn't do surgeries what else could he do? It seemed like it was already too late but Kuroda, even at his old age STILL somehow found another purpose in life. She should be able to as well. WHy do Kanade scenes have to be so damn long ugh

Shiraishi walking out on Aizawa for once will definitely be even more heartbreaking to me LOL what kind of situation would allow that? Aizawa has to REALLY offend her and Shiraishi only got offended and snapped like once in S1 and once more in S2 with her dad.