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17 September 2017 @ 10:16 am
Code Blue the third season Episode 9 notes and Story #10  
The so-called semi-final. Prelude to the final, the climax. Probably the heaviest episode of the season. Previous episodes, while they tend to be sad, there were other things that balanced it out like lessons learned, having your comrades with you but this episode just left us with a disaster seriously questioning what happens now to our beloved lifesaving team???

This was a tough episode to translate. And I can't believe tomorrow is already the last Story for the third season :( The 11 cast members' message/comment about the Finale is playing in ALTA vision in Shinjuku. You'll see the taken fan videos on my twitter + some translation. I feel like some gave away a little clues with the questions they asked XD

Seeing the crank up photos yesterday made me even more sad! Of course no pic yet of Yamapi but articles said he had crank up with smiles and tears T___T

I honestly failed to make medical notes but here's what I have gathered quickly:

T-POD - device that stabilizes a pelvis
*what Haitani installed to Morozumi's pelvic fracture on location

Counter incision - a second incision made to promote drainage or to relieve tension on the edges of a wound.
*measure Natori did on the 2nd emergency patient

degloving - injury is a type of avulsion in which an extensive section of skin is completely torn off the underlying tissue, severing its blood supply. It is named by analogy to the process of removing a glove.
*one of the illness of the 3rd emergency patient

revascularization - is the restoration of perfusion to a body part or organ that has suffered ischemia. It is typically accomplished by surgical means
*treatment for the 3rd emergency patient

ICP sensor - Injection Control Pressure sensor, an integrated circuit piezoelectric sensor used to measure dynamic pressure, force, strain, or acceleration. ... In addition to providing crucial impedance conversion, ICP sensor circuitry can also include other signal conditioning features, such as gain, filtering, and self-test features.
*procedure for the 3rd emergency patient's injury on the head that needs assistance from Neurosurgery

brain herniation - occurs when something inside the skull produces pressure that moves brain tissues.
*possible illness of the 3rd emergency patient

immunosuppressant drug - class of drugs that suppress, or reduce, the strength of the body's immune system. Some of these drugs are used to make the body less likely to reject a transplant
*one of Yuusuke's medications after transplant

PTSD - Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, a mental disorder that can develop after a person is exposed to a traumatic event such as sexual assault, warfare, traffic collisions or other threats on a person's life.
*Haitani's illness

SSS - superior sagittal sinus (also known as the superior longitudinal sinus), within the human head, is an unpaired area along the attached margin of the falx cerebri. It allows blood to drain from the lateral aspects of anterior cerebral hemispheres to the confluence of sinuses. Cerebrospinal fluid drains through arachnoid granulations into the superior sagittal sinus and is returned to venous circulation.
*the bleeding part of Morozumi's head that Aizawa noticed in the CT scan


STORY #10 (2017.9.11 MON UPDATE)

Before the opening of a subway, a collapsing accident occurred within the tracks and request for Doctor Heli came in. Aizawa Kousaku (Yamashita Tomohisa), Shiraishi Megumi (Aragaki Yui), Hiyama Mihoko (Toda Erika), Saejima Haruka (Higa Manami), Fujikawa Kazuo (Asari Yousuke), Natori Souma (Arioka Daiki), Yokomine Akari (Araki Yuko), Yukimura Futaba (Baba Fumika)of the Lifesaving Team are mobilized to the location. Recovering his wounded heart, Haitani Shunpei (Narita Ryo) and Tachibana Keisuke (Shiina Kippei) were left behind the hospital to receive the patients.

As Aizawa and company arrives at the accident site which is the central station concourse, several adults are in commotion. To commemorate the opening, a field trip event was held and there were around 300 participants. Shiraishi in charge of commanding the medical team, made Aizawa and Fujikawa go towards the collapsed 2nd basement. Saejima, without thinking, told Fujikawa "Don't go." However, Fujikawa left Saejima and went down to the basement.

Hearing the seriously ill patient information from Aizawa and Fujikawa, Shiraishi conveys to the two to continue medical treatment on location. Shinkai Hiroki (Ando Masanobu) also comes to the scene. At that time, Hiyama and Natori on another spot from Aizawa, examines a pregnant woman with head injury but seems cannot be saved. Hiyama speaks to the husband that the mother's body cannot be saved but the child's life probably could be saved.

On the other hand, while continuing treatment, Aizawa notices underground water dripping on his shoulder. The next moment, a large amount of solid ground from above crumbles down. Collapsing occured in the 2nd basement once more. Not just patients but are the fire fighters, rescue team, also Aizawa and the medical team safe...
yi_seulyi_seul on September 17th, 2017 07:10 am (UTC)
Thank you again for subbing the episodes & all the translations you do for CB international fans <3

Really the last accident is the scariest major accident we had since season 1 !!! My sister even got scared of riding the subway because of this episode

I am really scared of watching the last episode ...I don't know what to expect .... The idea that one of the medical team may die is so scary

Though I am little excited to see how will Shinkai do in the scene since he isn't a heli doctor :)

again I hope the last episode won't break my heart ....

OH I hope there will be a special at least since they already announced that this is the last season !

Edited at 2017-09-17 07:12 am (UTC)
Yuri Sakura #SHY2K17: pic#127615444yuri9_sakura on September 17th, 2017 08:05 am (UTC)
We somehow got a comedic opening this episode but this time around it felt like it was obligatory lol coz right after that scene Yusuke's like "Is there a heaven?" Like wow a drastic mood change 😭

It took 9 episodes but still happy to see the Lifesaving team like a really solid team in this episode. I missed Saijo-sensei so when he came to the ER it brought out the nostalgia 😭

There's something I wanna ask for a long time but I just kinda forgot, its probably even a stupid question but i wondered why Shinkai made it a big deal that "Aizawa never refused the summons of your former comrades." Or when Hiyama's like "But he came here today."

Like, is Aizawa allowed to refuse if he just wants to? And if he does, they still HAVE to send someone to help out Lifesaving for consultation, right? That's why Saijo came coz "the young ones are operating."

I almost felt a little sorry for Shinkai when he said "you already don't believe what I'm saying." Haha since when was Aizawa a liar? He said thats not it but he obviously still doubted Shinkai's "maybe you're overthinking?"

Meh he'll probably take part in saving Aizawa's life so I dont wanna hate him too much (unlike Kanade who we'll have to see grovel in guilt for forgiveness just wait LOL)

I forgot to mention the part I cried the most was when Yusuke said "Father waited for other children to die" coz yes this season it was a little freaky seeing Tachibana desperate about knowing about a possible child donor. Ofc its understandable but I just had a passing thought abt it in the earlier eps and here Yusuke is mentioning it 😭

Did Haitani's PTSD start a while ago but Fujikawa only noticed the morning of the day in EP9? coz there's a bit of a time skip right?

And can I just say the best part of this episode was Fujikawa's smile when he says how much Saejima loves him? Or when he's proud of being a flight doctor? PLEASE BE OKAY 😭

I want to believe that Aizawa being worried for Lifesaving is a bigger reason for him not going to Toronto with the constant "teamwork" talk and the camera panning to Aizawa like he's thinking hard abt something.

Oh no....more of those "between mother and baby only one can be saved" cases and the mother is more in danger than the baby??!! 😭😭

Man I said it a number of times already but I'm sooo scared the ending won't be satisfying (and not coz im just always greedy for more). LETS GEAR UP FOR THE FINALE AND HOPE FOR A SEASON 4/SP/MOVIE REGARDLESS!
mocoharumamocoharuma on September 17th, 2017 08:23 am (UTC)
Thanks for sharing, Owaritakunai, hope there will be another season and SP.
Sakura CnSakura Cn on September 17th, 2017 10:42 am (UTC)
I hope that they wont throw out logic for the final ep.
Like how they abandon Haitani injury & straight away showing him recovered. LOL
The nurse( Yukimura) and the patient were besides Aizawa during the ceiling crumble down.
So, I hope there is some logic there if the other two escape injury free.

I am questioning about the safety check before they went underground in this ep
After the incident with Kuroda Sensei, I thought they will be more careful about it.
Why dont any of the medical staff at least wear a safety helmet before going down?

Lastly, I just cant make sense of Aizawa action of not going to Toronto due to Kanade.
We always know Aizawa's character & he is not the one who will act with emotion
He is a tough cookies even with his own family
Aizawa even said that he cant prioritize personal matter over his duty during his grandmother hospitalization
Did he really change so much after Code Blue S1 & S2?

It makes more sense if Shiraishi who acts that way
She is easily affected by the emotion of people around her
But she seems to be much mature & tougher than Aizawa in this season

Hopefully, its going to be a satisfying final ep

Edited at 2017-09-17 10:57 am (UTC)