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20 February 2018 @ 11:54 pm
[trans] Photographer’s facebook post on Yamapi  
Kunihiro Takuma‬

‪Today I was able to shoot Yamashita Tomohisa-san. ‬

‪Since it was my first time to shoot him, I wondered what kind of young man he was, ‬

‪I, with the fear of strangers (lol), worried but... ‬

‪Well, he’s good young man!!‬

I also thought in conclusion, “He’s that kind of person who draws luck huh.” ‬

‪Reason is, at the end of last week, the weather forecast was it will snow today. ‬

‪When I saw the weather forecast,‬

‪“Oh no, it’s coming- I wonder if it will snow on location” my spirit was down. ‬

‪Even so, today’s a wonderful clear weather ‬

‪And when I asked Yamashita-kun who descended from the bus on location,‬

‪“Perhaps you’re a sunny guy?” ‬

‪“Yes, I’m a sunny guy.” He declared with a smile. ‬

‪Declaring “I’m a sunny guy!” was wonderful, well done!‬

‪Then of course, shooting started and until it finished‬

‪No matter what I say to him‬

‪“Thank you very much!” was the reply that came. ‬

‪Within the 2 hours of shooting,‬

‪I don’t remember much how many words of “Thank you very much” I heard. ‬

‪He said “Thank you very much.”‬

‪Often, I hear remarks “the youth now are this and that” but‬

‪I came to feel that I’ve been taught of important things as a person by the youth now.‬


‪T/N: “sunny guy” / hareotoko - man who causes the weather to become sunny when he gets out.
*Amateur translation. Please feel free to point out if there is any mistake, thank you.

sofrelvsofrelv on February 20th, 2018 04:49 pm (UTC)
Thank you for translation :)