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06 October 2018 @ 11:35 pm
Here goes, Yamapi's 2nd stop, his first Osaka venue!

As what I have done in my previous reports, I just have one post about the shows I've attended for the tour since the songs and performance are nearly the same but for the MC and the differences, I'll mark the start of the sentences/paragraphs with (1) for the show on Oct 1, Monday, (2) for the first show on Oct 2, Tuesday and (3) for the last show that Tuesday.

Heavy image warning and all pictures with Yamapi aren't mine. They're mostly from the Chiba show except the encore (since he wore all black there) which was from Kanagawa, same with the additional pictures of the balloon and frisbee.


You enter the venue with a see through drape covering the stage with the tour title imprinted:

[Seat chart of Festival Hall. the red line marking Yamapi's path during MAGIC in the Tuesday shows. The stars mark where he stays momentarily. The blue circles were my seats]

When the lights go out, a video is projected through that drape - people, scenery and situations until it closes in on Yamapi wearing all white standing on like a port in a beach (?), it zooms out and Yamapi fades away like a glitch in a computer program (made me think of Vanelope in Wreck in Ralph haha) but he appears on top of the stage with shades on! He can be seen through the drape where more visual art is projected including his gorgeous face, front/side. Yamapi starts reciting English lines ("Sometimes I feel like.. But it depends in your hands...") in a deep low voice including "unleashed" repeatedly in between heavy beats. This could probably the opening track in his album, "UNLEASHED theme" or something. Anyway, he would move his arms from time to time, to the side then bringing them in front and there's a part he side steps to his right like banging his head to that side too. Soooo cool. The current music stops, the drape falls and the intro to Tokyo Sinfonietta begins.

Tokyo Sinfonietta

Yamapi goes down the center stairs then removes his shades when he reaches the main stage. He tosses this away to the fans in front. All male dancers join him for a full sing and dance performance.


It goes straight into LOVE CHASE where Yamapi also dances to the whole song. By this time, the female dancers also join in. There's close ups of Yamapi now on the screen behind.


At the intro of Hadakanbo, Yamapi shouts, "I missed you everyone, let's have fun today until the end!" The girls disappear momentarily to bring in chairs to dance on and play with Yamapi. Sweeties of course shout out the fan chants in the song, especially the "Hadakanbo!" part and Yamapi does a Call & Response:

Yamapi: oh eh oh oh
Sweeties: oh eh oh oh
Yamapi: oh eh oh eh ah
Sweeties: oh eh oh eh ah
Yamapi: oh eh oh eh
Sweeties: oh eh oh eh
Yamapi: oh eh o-oh ah
Sweeties: oh eh o-oh ah

Towards the end, the song had pauses where the dancers would pause too in their dancing and only Yamapi who's in the center would move. He'd do cool poses such brushing his hair away. They all exit when the lights dim.


A video plays on the screen, Yamapi in all black: round neck shirt, pants, long coat. He was like in an abandoned building running away from something/someone. He turns corners, goes up stairs and he keeps looking back to check. He looks panicked & frantic yet so handsome. He reaches the rooftop and looking up the sky, he sees birds then the intro to BIRD plays and Yamapi surfaces up the top stage on an even higher platform wearing black skinny pants (showing his white socks XD), white polo shirt and brown trench coat. The screen behind continues to project the sky. He just sings with minimal cool dancing on his own. So sexy of course. You know the thing he does holding the lapel of his coat as if to take it off?? His fan service moves are always deadly.

Tsuki no Maboroshi

Yamapi removes that trench coat so he’s just in white long sleeves and he gets off that elevated platform then down to the side platform to the main stage. The background screen only shows a full moon at the right side. His only dancer on stage was Nana who’s in white too. In the end, she stands behind him & covers his eyes. It looks so when you’re positioned in front of Yamapi but getting to sit a bit on the side on the last show, I noticed that even if Nana covered his eyes, her hand didn’t even touch his face. She just merely positioned her hand in front of his face.


Yamapi wears that dark floral patterned jacket. Ryohey and Ren first appears on the each side of the walkway playing the saxophone. Ricky and U-SK soon follows with trumpets on each side of the main stage meanwhile. My tweet might have been misleading ok but they are just literally playing/fooling around with these instruments as props. (The real playing was for Love & Hug) By the refrain, Nana and Reika appears from the right side carrying their own mic stands and does the backing vocals by the chorus, dancing as well. The music pauses after the chorus, Yamapi on the center of the stage is handed a hat which he wears and does a tap dance performance as the guys ‘play’ their instruments. Yamapi tosses the hat away afterwards. By this time, Reika has removed her mic and joins Nana's mic stand standing next to each other. Yamapi also sings with them on the other side. After that, Nana removes her mic too and all the dancers gather around Pi in the center of the stage in a line. They all dance as the girls continue with the backing vocals.

Love & Hug

Dancers exit. Retro music plays. Yamapi walks around the stage and is focused on the screen but with retro filter and subtitles. Yamapi acts according to the subtitles. First, he 'silently' asks how is the crowd so we make noise and he looks pleased. Ricky then enters from the right looking troubled and calls Yamapi’s attention by saying 'um....' "What’s wrong Ricky?" Yamapi asks and Ricky tells him that somehow his heart is in pain. Yamapi motions Ricky they sit down by the stairs. If Yamapi sat on the center of the 5th level, Ricky would sit on the 3rd level by Yamapi's right. Around this part, Yamapi has removed his jacket or he removes it and he tells Ricky with a profound expression, that’s love.

Ricky looks overwhelmed with the realization. (3) Yamapi even formed a heart using both hands to emphasize love lol. The other dancers have entered the stage too at this point bringing in their instruments. Ricky now asks Yamapi what should he do. Yamapi advises him, in love, it’s important to have rhythm. Rhythm? Ricky repeats and Yamapi takes the tambourine to show him. Yamapi plays the tambourine. Sometimes it’s okay, sometimes he looks fooling around and Ricky had to copy it haha. Ricky tries to play but messes up (on purpose lol). Yamapi demonstrates again for him correctly until Ricky finally gets the rhythm. (2/3 - the audience joins in the rhythm by clapping!) Ricky continues to play the tambourine as Reika seated on Pi’s other side, in level with Ricky, hands him a wood percussion instrument. Yamapi also teaches Reika how to play it and she takes over joining Ricky’s rhythm. U-SK soon joins by playing the congos on the main stage next to Reika. Ryohey plays another percussion instrument that sounds like cymbals but I'm not sure what it's called, sorry. Ren and Nana sits on the platform walkway by the left and right side respectively holding microphones. And when Ryohey plays the chimes behind him, the beat goes into Love & Hug, Ren and Nana sings (“Wooh~ Yeah~ I never want to make you cry, I never want to say goodbye~”). Mid-song, Yamapi plays the harmonica, also in the end.


(This is non-verbatim)
(1) "It's been a while. I made you wait. We waited for this day with anticipation! Thank you very much! It's just a little time but in this little time, I've thought a lot about everyone and the thoughts on that time we couldn't meet have piled up that once more I'm feeling again. Of course standing on this stage, being able to directly express my feelings of gratitude to everyone, always, for me is an extremely precious time, having a great time with everyone. Truly, everyone always had confidence in me, supporting my work.. It's thanks to everyone that I'm able to have the best life. From now on, I'll learn a lot so that everyone can smile. I'll do my best. So I want you all to listen to this song with my feelings."

(2) "It's been a while. Thank you. I've looked forward to this. But in the time that we weren't able to meet, I received a lot of things and I have a lot of feelings that I'd like to reach everyone, I truly learned a lot. Of course, I can only make this stage with the vision for everyone, with the combined power with the staff, I want make a wonderful stage. Now with this song, I'd like my feelings to reach everyone and to also give a push to everyone's backs. I'm in your favor until the end."

(3) "Thank you very much. It's been a while. I've looked forward to be back here. It took time from the last tour. In that time, there were various opportunities to learn such as what kind of stage to show you, I thought about a lot of things. And with the support of everyone, I'd like to return that feeling by making a good time now so until the end, please, I am in your favor. Of course, it's because of everyone that I am able to have a very good life. There's a lot of songs that can give a push on the back so for my feelings to reach everyone, I'll do my best to sing this song."

Yamapi sings with a mic stand on the center of the main stage. By the final chorus (‘you’re shining star~’) the whole stage (stairs, background, ALL) lights up like stars in the sky and it’s just beautiful with Yamapi standing in that.

After the song Yamapi says "Thank you always." and bows his head.


The male dancers enter dressed as clowns. They also pull on stage a balloon designed cart with the tour title and they take out balloons from there doing balloon art. They create swords (Ricky loses the duel against Ren), U-SK creates an umbrella, there's an airplane, there’s even a bunny with Yamapi’s face and a macho body lol. Lastly, they come up with a bow and arrow and when it was shot, Yamapi appears from the side audience entrance/exit doors wearing that denim jacket over a gray shirt and black skinny ripped jeans.

(1) I'm not too sure about this since it was hard to see when you're on the 6th row of the 3rd floor and I only rely on the screen projection but I think Yamapi appears from the right side. He pops 1 balloon revealing a rose & hands it to a nearby fan. He walks in front of the box area and passes the left aisle to the stage. He tries to touch the outreached hands as he passes by. Before going up the stage, he removes the twisted balloon he was wearing around his neck and places it on a fan ♡

(2/3) As shown in my diagram, he appeared from the left side and passed through the right aisle. The twisted balloon, he just threw to the people in front of the stage. Since I was on the box seats and Yamapi passed in front of the box, I clearly saw he wore one of the UNLEASED body seals vertically on the right side of his neck. Another body seal is on his upper right arm which I only saw during the MC when he was wearing a shirt. He showed this in nikki update that night though!


By the chorus, Ryohey and Ricky disappears and before the chorus ends, they pull in a drumline to the center of the stage. By mid-song, they all stand behind it: Ryohey, Ren, Nana, Yamapi, Reika, U-SK, Ricky and do a drum exhibition. First, only playing drums & cymbals in front of them (I can even see Yamapi holding the cymbals in place when he can so it could stop shaking too much) then the odd numbered positions would stand back throw their drumsticks, catch it while the remaining ones would hit the others' drums too then also they exchange places while playing the drums or hitting their own drumsticks together to the beat. Afterwards they high-five each other. (2) Yamapi waited for the dancers to high-five him XD

(3) Towards the end of the drum line, Yamapi dropped the drum stick on his left hand. He smiled widely 😁 and just continued playing with his right. In the end, he threw up the remaining drum stick making revolutions on air then catching it.

In the end of Parade where he used to play a mini piano in the end during ANUDE, he steps on the middle stage like tapping keys and it lights up as it sounds. So cute :3 From a top shot, the stage looks like a piano on which Yamapi steps on the keys for music.

Senaka goshi no Chance

It gets even more energetic as the song intro plays. Yamapi shouts to sing with him and it's cute sweeties would also do the dance with the penlights during the chorus. (1) I think his voice broke a bit during the 1st verse? (Kame's part) lol so cute still XD In the break, Yamapi throws out 4 signed discs to the audience.

(1) By the bridge, he asks everyone to sing with him & so I sang louder then I came to question myself because he was singing different lyrics. Instead of "unmei no koi.." he sang "suki na 2 moji wo~" realizing his blunder, he finishes that line by singing “kashi machigaeta♪” (I messed up he lyrics) 😂

(2/3) He didn’t sing that part anymore, just pointing his mic to the audience to sing and just joins in the last line. Safe, no mistake haha

During the last “suki no 2 moji” part, TeamP with Yamapi forms a “suki” that can be seen if seated on a higher floor and through a from the top camera shot that’s projected on the screen behind.


Yamapi starts asking, "Everyone are you having fun? Osaka are you having fun? As expected, Osaka is awesome! Once again, I'm Yamashita Tomohisa, I'm in your favor today. It's talk time so please take your seats for now."

Yamapi still catches his breathe as he keeps saying it's amazing. It's been 2 years since his last tour, it's truly the best job to be able to spend this time with everyone, every time. And he thanks everyone for the support always.

Talking about the tour UNLEASHED this time, for about a month, the things he wants to do in a concert is just overflowing that time didn't seem to be enough that it became oh no! will we make it in time? and they came up with this tour. He wants to update the tour every time.

Yamapi looks at the audience and says "Cute! Red!" (referring to the towel on the shoulder of sweeties) "Oh that's my goods" LOL he talks about the goods, "I pray that you don't use it as a dust cloth. lol"

"Someone asked what is UMCC? You thought it was a new coffee?" Yamapi says it's Under the Mountain Camping Club which originated from his FC bulletin which gives you the feeling, "What? Isn't that Yamashita?" He looks ao amused saying this lol

He proceeds on promoting his new album which will be released November 28. Yamapi says when he's free from doing the concert, he works on his album. It feels good that it can be listened to by kids to adults.

Yamapi apologizes he made everyone wait today but he was relieved the show wasn't suspended. In the morning he couldn't quite move, he was so worried if everyone come but he was really glad that everyone is able to come today. This was his most relieved feeling this year.

Speaking of everyone's support, he thanks everyone for making Code Blue a very huge hit. Yamapi’s fist pumping “yes” for Code Blue being a huge hit was so cute and he goes I want to jump in glee and he does XD In 10 years, he was able to make this masterpiece with his comrades, the same staff... And it's strange how personally, his own life is linked to Aizawa. How Aizawa started as a doctor for himself to growing and being a doctor for someone in the third season. There's a limit in doing things only for yourself but more than doing your best for yourself, in doing your best for the sake of someone else, you are able to to your best 10 times more.

Yamapi also talked about being invited to Amuro Namie's last stage and how much he was crushed with pressure that his hand and feet were shaking. It was like his heart would come out from his mouth like how a sheep is born XD It's different from his own stage because it has that relieved feeling. But as a guest, there's this extreme pressure. He hasn't been that much nervous in his life. But the people of Okinawa were very warm and it ended safely. It was a great life experience. Yamapi also relates he received flowers from Amuro-san and that he respects her so much.

When Yamapi talked about the donation box for the Hokkaido earthquake, he relates he actually asked through the jimusho the Osaka prefecture, "Isn't it better to do fund-raising for Osaka?" and he was told, "No! Hokkaido has had it worse than us." Yamapi thinks Osaka is so cool. And the people of Osaka appreciates your thoughts most of all. Thank you Yamapi!

Yamapi moves to talk about his anime tie-up song which will be released as a single. Then he goes, there's a lot of good news isn't it? I'm happy. He thinks it might be confusing for everyone, there's an album, there's a single but he counts on our support.

Yamapi drinks water at this point and since the audience cheers, he quips, “I’m just drinking.” When he takes off his jacket and everyone cheers again, he says “I’m just taking it off” 😅❤️

Yamapi talks about the meaning of UNLEASHED. When a kid shouts Yamapi's name, he answers "Ha~i" (Yes) waving his hand, and when a guys shouts, Yamapi answers "Choriisu!" (Hello, in an old fashioned way lol). Back to UNLEASHED, he gives an example of being leashed to a surfboard and taking it off, that's unleashed, being able to set youself free.

Lastly, he talks a bit of being abroad and displaying the normal Japanese courtesy that was appeciated of him as being kind. This surprised Yamapi because for him, it was just normal and that made him grateful he was born Japanese possessing this quality. He then introduces he will be doing songs not his, just covers, as inspired from his travels and requests everyone to remain seated and to listen affectionately.

Yamapi starts asking, "Everyone are you having fun? First floor are you having fun? Second Third floor are you having fun? Everyone in Osaka are you having fun? Me too I'm having fun. Once again, I'm Yamashita Tomohisa, I'm in your favor today. It's talk time so please take your seats a bit." Yamapi exclaims it's hot and he takes a drink. As he drinks water, he asks what's with today, my throat is dry. then he realizes he's been speaking to himself an apologizes. His drinking made chu chu sounds too XD

It's his tour in 2 years, he thanks everyone for coming then he notices the colorful penlights (everyone has it on gradation) so he asked if it can be just one. The white option. And everyone just used the white lights from then on. When he still spots a penlight on gradation, he asks jokingly, "are you opposing?" lol

Yamapi then relates rehearsal took around a month. It was like last moment that you'd wonder if they can make it on time. And he's grateful they were able to make it, also for the fans' support. At this point he responds to those who calls out his name, including male sweeties XD Yamapi also mentions the fan made uchiwas and that he understands the effort in making it.

Yamapi announces he's releasing a new album on November 28 with a new recording company and he requests everyone to look forward to it. He adds it seems to include a poster which you can get by preordering here. Then he gets shy for promoting haha then also, aside from the album, he also has a single coming. He grateful for all these.

And he also thanks everyone for Code Blue being a huge hit. He does the Takane skip saying "yes!" And for 10 years, he talks about having memories where they grew up but also not changing in some ways. To be able to make this masterpiece with the staff and cast and for it to reach a lot of people, Yamapi is happy and grateful for the support. He also talks about hs link with Aizawa and that he learned a lot from Code Blue.

This tour will be going around 33 times and this is just the 5th, and somehow it's been like that for 2 years? Yamapi doesn't want to finish doing concerts in around 2 years, he doesn't want to finish updating. So he'll consult that with a person from the jimusho. (lol)

Also, recently, Yamapi was a guest in Amuro Namie's concert. He took a lot of deep breathes. In his own stage, there's that relieved feeling since the audience there came to support you but as a guest, he was so nervous, what more when it was her last stage, he was really shaking. But the audience were so warm and he's grateful to Amuro Namie-san for a wonderful concert.

This reminds Yamapi to talk about the donation box for Hokkaido and he requests for everyone's support.

Now, after Code Blue filming and before the promotions started, Yamapi was allowed to take a break and he took a trip abroad. Then he mentions he took a picture Will Smith. It’s Will Smith you know, and it's on his Instagram! Yamapi laughs in glee. He also relates it was in Costa Rica, he was allowed to be on his filming location. When Yamapi first saw Will Smith, he was like woah and he also shook in excitement. Yamapi describes him as a really nice and cool guy.

Overseas, he was able to meet a lot of foreigners and when he ate out with a friend, he asks the audience, don't we just take like the chopsticks, plates and unconsciously arrange them? But when he did it overseas, he was told to be nice. It made Yamapi realize that in Japan, being able to unconsciously do that, is how they've been naturally brought up to be. And he tells everyone to value it.

He also explains the meaning of UNLEASHED using the leash as an explanation. Then next he introduces he'll be covering songs.

Yamapi starts, "Everyone are you having fun? Osaka you're the best? More! Amazing! Osaka you're the best! Thank you very much. It's talk time so please take your seats a bit."

Yamapi first talks about his tour in 2 years and making good memories, also how rehearsal were last moment and how he wondered if they'd make it in time. Yamapi also said this was the 5th performance and he was corrected. Yes the 6th 😅😆 and he excuses he just wanted that to be pointed out XD

Yamapi says he checks the VTR after every performance. Since it’s filmed from the back, he sees everyone’s backs & there’s something overwhelming for him about it. He then turns around and imitates sweeties bouncing with their penlights 😂 He looked really pleased ❤️

Album talk. Including the promotion for the poster and the people from Sony telling him, "Yamashita-san, today too we received a lot of pre-orders, thank you very much!"

Yamapi looked really even more pleased, I don't know but the audience (or is it just my area) was even noisier this last concert as Yamapi talks about Code Blue again, "Yatta!!!" Then he relates when he came to Shin Osaka station, a young guy wearing a backpack suddenly approached him saying watching Code Blue he's becoming a doctor. Yamapi was moved. Then from his backpack, the young guy takes out a paper asking for his signature. Yamapi laughs that the guy was well prepared lol and the young guy answers there's a lot of celebrities in Shin Osaka. lol

Amuro Namie concert talk as well as the donation for Hokkaido.

Yamapi asks if there's anyone from the audience who's attending his concert for the first time. When some people answers from the 2nd floor, Yamapi looks up, says thank you, nice to meet you, I'm Yamashita then laughs.

Yamapi explains UNLEASHED again and talks about his overseas trip experience including the difference of culture.

Sunday Morning

Yamapi once again sits on the middle of the stairs as the screen behind shows him and the English lyrics of the song. He sings in his normal timbre at first but when he reaches the "that maybe all I need.." part, he switches to falsetto until he finishes song.


Music goes straight into Photograph. Yamapi remains seated, the video behind has the text "Photograph" then it flashes pictures of different sceneries which were later on revealed after the song as "Photos by Tomohisa Yamashita." They were different photos from the ones included in the goods. Around 8-9. I couldn't count properly as I'm also watching Yamapi and the pictures on the background ok?? XD The video also flashed the Japanese translation of the lyrics as Yamapi sang. He started singing from the second verse then switches to falsetto for the chorus.

Yamapi says thank you after the performance and going back to his album talk, he wants to perform now new songs from the album. Everyone doesn't know them yet but he'd like it when everyone hears the album and recognizes ah it's this song! Yamapi also says he too wrote the lyrics a bit. Lights dim and he exits to the left side of the stage.


Yamapi enters the dark stage from where he exited earlier but this time with a guitar strapped to him and a hat with a veil hanging over him. He stands in the middle of the stage, in front of a mic stand then he gets enveloped with vertical green beams. You can say he looked like jailed in green bars. He performs the new song while playing the guitar and during breaks where electronic dance music plays, he dances around within that space he has inside the green bars.

You Make Me

The green bars disappear, Yamapi removes his hat, a dancer takes it away, he continues to strum his guitar until a dancer takes it away too but the beat continues to this new song. The stage brightens and Yamapi starts dancing and singing an all English song. The part where he sings about snow, snow falls on stage too at one part. He also has a dancing part with Reika which I think should be the chorus?

"Cause you make me crazy, crazy over you, you, you. I just need a loving, like I'm loving you, you, you... You got me crazy, even if it's only for tonight."

Reika disappears to the side and Yamapi goes up the stage to the middle where there is a lighted mic stand and he has a choreo with his male dancers ("loving you, loving you, loving you...")

One in a million

The video on the stage shows different probabilities like what are the chances for a girl to be born, for a guy to be born? It's 49 / 100 (I remember this clearly haha). The probability of blood types A, B, O and AB. The probability of you being born? This was something like 1 / 300,000 already. (I can't remember exactly anymore, excuse me if that's inaccurate) The probability of someone marrying their first love? The probability keeps getting slim as the video goes on. The probability of having someone match DNAs. It's 1 / several billions already. The probability of the Big Bang theory etc. And while the last probability flashes, the dancers and Yamapi in white enter the stage and pose in the middle. Yamapi is somewhat hidden at first. Another full dance perf! (one word in my mind about Yamapi: GOD!!! since there is no Loveless in this tour, OIAM is definitely the kamikyoku)

(duet medley)


The stage lights dim once more and three huge drapes (left, center, right) fall masking the stairs/walkway/top stage/video screen behind. Black smoke is projected on the white drapes as the eerie music slowly becomes more familiar switching to MONSTER's intro. Yamapi appears through one of the drapes performing with Ricky and Ryohey. Same choreo including the um, 'adjustment' of his pants haha. After the chorus, the beat music continues and it becomes like a dance showdown giving Ricky and Ryohey spotlight at first and of course Yamapi with some Michael Jackson like moves haha


The beat changes quickly to UNUSUAL (do you want to feel baby something UNUSUAL?) and a silhouette of a dancing girl is shown on the left corner of the middle drape. Yamapi sings the first verse (Namie's part) and he moves to the right side of the stage where Reika appears first from the right drape then Nana. They dance and they reach the center by the chorus. They dance the chorus closer to the choreo in the PV than the live perf. Namie's voice was also used at the part where Pi would reply "yes!" then the song changes to beats once more.


All dancers appear on stage and dance with Yamapi, the lights brighten and drapes disappear. It was another awesome dance break similar to that of within Party Don't Stop/Touch You in Future Fantasy and in Monster/Yours Baby in A NUDE. In between beats, you'd hear lines from Shiver - "I wanna break down like a diesel truck!" then, "Kamikaze we are crazy!" NEXTACTION breaks in.

It's the longest performance of the duet medley where Yamapi continues to dance when it's Fujigaya's rap parts.


Party Don't Stop breaks in after a brief pause. Everyone is pumped up even more. Yamapi shouts let's still have fun!!! before he starts singing. Sweeties do all the right penlight waving for the song including answering "Ohayou gozaimasu!"

Daite Senorita

Intro immediately follows again and Yamapi shouts, (1) "Osaka, let's still go for it!" (2) "Everyone, let's go more!" Mid-song, Yamapi asks, "Everyone on the first floor, how are you doing? Second and Third floor how are you doing? Osaka how are you doing?!"

With you

Yamapi thanks everyone and this time, he wants everyone to listen to this song. It's a song he wrote while imagining the scenery of today (the concert). He'll sing it hoping it could reach everyone somehow. "Please listen to 'with you.'"

Yamapi sings on the top stage. The lyrics flash through the screen behind him. As I've tweeted, it has the World is Yours / Dreamer feel but still a different song. Here's the first verse, chorus, second verse and second chorus. I'm actually just missing the bridge. If anyone can share me the lyrics, please do! I cannot vouch for the accuracy too, guess we have to wait for the album to be sure.

"Voices sound in the park on the way home
Laughing, crying, it's varied isn't it
Yes, that person's happiness,
For someone else becomes tears
That's how the world is I guess
But I want to try believing
There is joy in different encounters

I sing songs now for your sake
Even if it doesn't reach a hundred million people,
It's okay to be laughed at, when love is the answer,
I'll tell you,
I'm with you

What do you grieve yourself the most
Not being able to say sorry, hurting
Yes, life's first page
We hold everyone up in our arms
We're born clad in love
Remember once more
That day you experienced kindness for the first time

It's fine not to force a smile
It's fine to let your tears flow as is
You are special more than you think of

Love yourself, I'm with you"

By the bridge, Yamapi goes down the main stage and as he starts on the chorus again, the lyrics cease on screen and pictures of sweeties insteas flash in a collage slideshow. They were taken after buying con goods before the show! I'm not sure if all the pictures they took get flashed because when my picture was taken, the staff said with emphasis, it MAYBE included in a video. But both times my picture was taken, I saw them on screen behind Yamapi T__T

When the song ends ("Love youself, I'm with you, I'm with you"), Yamapi is on the top stage again. He waves bye as he gets lowered down. The screen displays "I'm with you" then "Thank you."


Ke Sera Sera

As the intro begins, Yamapi appears on the top stage, wearing black pants and coat and a white shirt underneath where UNLEASHED is written in large black font on the hem of his shirt. He performs this song alone on stage going to the sides and just waving to everyone.

Summer Nude '13

Dancers reappear and they lead the dance/waving of penlights. After the chorus, Yamapi introduces his dancers: U-SK, Reika, Ryohey, Ren, Nana & Ricky followed by all the sweeties and himself, "This was Yamapi." He continues the chorus and the silver tape fires by the end of the song. Yamapi waves at the crowd by going to each of the left and right sides. He repeatedly says thank you and take care in going home. I'll see you again soon! He exits to the left but he stops, back tracks and waves first before heading out. (3) Yamapi gives a flying kiss <3


This has gotten pretty long and if you've reached this part, thanks for reading!!! I mostly wanted to do this to help preserve my memory and for you to read my rambling this long, I appreciate it.

Aside from UNLEASHED being Yamapi's latest tour in 2 years, for me, it's been 7 years since SUPER GOOD, SUPER BAD that I've seen him this close. And you know what? Nothing much has changed. His look, his aura and energy in concerts, especially his kindness. Seeing his genuine smile while performing is the best thing in the world.

I miss him already and while this first stop in Osaka is the only show I'll be seeing in this tour and I know practically everyone is going to Yokohama Arena (I'm looking forward to your reports!!!), I couldn't ask for anything more either as this experience is something I'll never forget. Always grateful to my friend who helps me with the FC and giving me shelter in Osaka. Also to the new friends I met this tour which made the entire concert more enjoyable. And yes, I think with our combined power it made Yamapi notice us more XD

PS. This took me more then a day to make and I didn't proofread anymore so please excuse spelling/grammatical mistakes m(_ _)m
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Thank you very much!!!
the connoisseur of cookies: pimeissa on October 7th, 2018 10:01 am (UTC)
It sounds like he dances a lot? Ahhhh I Hope the camera work on the future DVD shows it off. Like, I love his face, but please zoom out more and let me see him dancing.

Also, thank you for such a detailed report! I’ll be coming back because I can’t absorb it all in one go ahahaha.

Thank you ❤️
krissy ~ クリスピー: tomota!anude_orionbabyshazam on October 8th, 2018 12:34 pm (UTC)
Yes, yes, so much dancing 😍 The way he moves is just... mesmerizing. And you’re right, we all deserve to see that properly highlighted in a dvd!
momopiimomopii on October 7th, 2018 10:07 am (UTC)
thank you for your reports <3
BIRD is my favorite in Senaka Goshi single and waiting for him to perform this. so happy he added this song and SUPER FUNKER too *_*
I love that he play guitar or other instrument, I hope he continue to play his guitar.
He covered Sunday morning and photograph is best choice too. I love both.
Can't wait for new songs, I trust him he prepare good songs for us. Never lose is so good ~
yttenaidyttenaid on October 8th, 2018 04:56 am (UTC)
Thank you so much for sharing!!! <3
I made a playlist with some of the songs beforehand and played it while reading, it made me daydream.
I can't wait to listen the new songs, it's funny that the album will be release only a couple of days before the end of the tour!
In everything Pi related, we should expect the unexpectable!
Иркинс, просто Иркинсximera on October 9th, 2018 08:53 am (UTC)
Thank you VERY VERY MUCH!!!
watchful21watchful21 on October 9th, 2018 09:27 pm (UTC)
Your concert reports are the best. It's a huge +++ for fans who can't make it to the concerts.
Thanks so much.