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03 December 2018 @ 10:35 pm
“あの日の香り” (Ano hi no Kaori) That day’s scent  
The guitar plucking in this song first caught my attention then came the bittersweet feeling. I picked up the lyrics card (an idea which I loved so much) and ended up translating. I may have shed a tear or two 🙈

But again, amateur translation only. Feel free to point out any mistake.

12. あの日の香り (Ano hi no Kaori) That day’s scent
Lyrics : Tomohisa Yamashita    
Music : Takuya Watanabe

Kyoushitsu no mado koutei wo nagamete
Mou sugu sakura ga iro wo tsuketeiku
Watakushi ni mou sukoshi yuuki ga attara
Imagoro tonari ni irare tari shita ka na

Waraiatta hibi iroasenai
Hajimete hanashita kousha no kaidan
Wasureranai yo

Honno sukoshi kaeta kamigata
Kizuite kurete hontou ureshikatta
Betsubetsu no michi ni susumu kedo
Suki ni narete yokatta

Sukoshi ushiro no madogawa no seki de
Bonyari soto wo nagameteru kimi wa
Doko ka sabishi sou ni mieta ki ga shita
Ako koro no boku wa nani mo ienakatta

Kasa wo wasureta natsu no houkago
Issho ni aruita ano kaerimichi
Kimi ga suki datta

Mata sukoshi sono maegami ga
Nobiru koro ni wa tooi machi ni iru ne
Betsubetsu no michi ni susumu kedo
Kimi ni aete yokatta

Kinmokusei no kaori ga shita
Kirameiteita hibi no omokage
Anata ga warattemasu you ni
Sotto sora wo miageta

Kisetsu wa sugiteiku keredo kitto wasurenai yo

I think We weren’t a lover.
Kanashii koto ja nai
It was something more than love.
Sou shinjiteru


Looking at the school yard through the classroom’s window
Very soon, the Sakura will produce color
If I had a little courage
I wonder if you will be by my side this time

Laughing together everyday, it won’t fade
The first time we talked on the stairs of the school building
I cannot forget

Even just a slight change in my hairstyle
For you to notice, I was truly happy
We’ve gone on separate ways but
I’m glad I’ve come to love you

On the window-side seat a little behind
Absentmindedly you were gazing outside
I had a hunch you seemed sad somehow
At that time I was not able to say anything

One summer after school when the umbrella was forgotten
On that way home where we walked together
I loved you

By the time those bangs grow,
You’ll be in a distant town already
We’ve gone on separate ways but
I’m glad I met you

The scent of a fragrant olive
Everyday’s trace that was glistening
For you to smile
I gently look up at the sky

Seasons pass but I surely won’t forget

I think we weren’t a lover
It’s not something sad
It was something more than love
That’s what I believe in

jellylei55jellylei55 on December 4th, 2018 07:50 pm (UTC)
thanks for lyrics!

...well... i haven't listened to it yet...
but at least i can read a translation lol

i also read the concert you went to. how cool... i'm like... i can't even go to one ok rock's upcoming usa tour because i'm so poor lol.

i'm assuming you like yamapi's album overall? :D
krissy ~ クリスピー: tomota!anude_orionbabyshazam on December 4th, 2018 11:17 pm (UTC)
Thanks for reading! It’s a bittersweet but beautiful song, hope you can hear it soon! :)

The album is AWESOME! All tracks are great, skip button forgotten haha
Verónika Kozlovaveronikakoz on February 5th, 2019 03:26 pm (UTC)
love it!
I have even registered to leave that comment and say to you big thanks for that work! Just love it!