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18 March 2019 @ 07:58 am
Code Blue movie novel [Aizawa & Shiraishi parts]  
Happy Code Blue Movie DVD/Blu-ray release!!! Here's something I worked on while waiting. Just like the series from Season 1, the movie also had a novelization. (Season 1 and 2 were released in a novel each so most scenes were condensed. Season 3 had 2 volumes) It was nearly the same. Yes it did capture all scenes in the movie but like all novels turned into movies, there's just more details only a novel can depict. What I mean by this is like, a character's thoughts especially in crucial moments. There were a few lines in the novel that I didn't hear in the movie as well.

The novel had a prologue and epilogue too. The epilogue was in the movie but the prologue was not in the movie at all. No complaints though since I don't see it fit for the movie. (It's not possible either in the first place) It just makes the 10 year history of Code Blue complete which makes it perfect to be in just the novel.

Anyway, much as I want to, translating the entire novel is too much for my limited time and skills so I just focused on all Aizawa/Shiraishi scenes. (I actually did the Prologue until start of Chapter 1) WARNING though, please don't read without having seen the movie since the scenes are broken and I won't be explaining the context anymore. I'll being coloring in the scenes that aren't in the movie too.

Usual disclaimer applies, amateur translation. Please feel free to point out my mistakes. Thank you so much for reading. Please let me know your thoughts too! Comment or chat with me @ twitter.


“Head injury……”

Shiraishi faced up the patient and checked its pupils.

“Light reflex is weak.”

While checking on the breathing, she asks Saejima.

“Is our Neurosurgery Department in a huge operation today?”

While running through her pen to the triage, Saejima answers.

“I heard they’re in a live demonstration with University of Toronto.”

“I guess it will be difficult to have this patient examined in ours. How about the Neurosurgery Department of Shibayama General Hospital?”

“I will inquire.”

At that time, in Shiraishi’s line of vision checking on the patient, something came out.

“.…..Sorry. Wait up.”


Shiraishi’s looking at the door of the plane linked to a moving ramp. An injured woman passenger is being carried by a guy wearing a coat as he descends.


Why? Shiraishi gazes at him thinking as he turns towards her.

In an instant, their gazes crossed.

Aizawa carried the patient to the triage area spread with a blue sheet where Shiraishi was doing treatment and slowly lied her down there.

“By chance?” Shiraishi asked Aizawa.

“My flight from Toronto was 40 minutes ahead. I noticed the airport clinic became troubled. This woman is in her 20’s. Her chest has been hit hard, breathing condition is bad. Her lungs are most probably bruised.”

“That’s a red tag. This patient with a head injury, consciousness level fell to 100. Can I entrust this to you?”

“Got it. This needs immediate heli transport.”

Aizawa answers as he checks on the patient’s pupils.

When Shiraishi consents, she pointed at the back of the hand of the patient.

“This was Aizawa-sensei?”


“Even though you just came back. Sorry. You saved us.”

“What are you saying, it’s natural.”

That is so like him. Shiraishi smiled as she started diagnosis on the patient Aizawa carried with a lung injury, Tomizawa Michi. She’s conscious but she’s having difficulty in breathing.


To break off from the talk, Aizawa stood up from his seat and goes out of their office.

“As I’m saying, Aizawa, you too!”

Following Aizawa, Shiraishi also stood up from her seat.


On heli duty today is Natori but the scale of the accident is too huge. Shiraishi looked over at Natori and said.

“Aizawa-sensei and I will go ahead.”


Aizawa says, “Let’s go.”


Shiraishi looked back at the rescue team member using an electric cutter to sever the iron bar.

“For about how many minutes until rescue?”

At that time, a loud sound of a bang coupled with flames whirled up.

Putting down the ECHO, Aizawa shouts.

“It’s catching fire! Get away!”

“Stop the cutter! Fire extinguisher!”

As the rescue team member used a fire extinguisher, the fire was immediately put out.

“Are you alright?” Aizawa asks Shiraishi.

While Shiraishi composes herself, she nods, “Yes.”


What to do from now on?

Shiraishi asks Aizawa through her eyes.

It’s severe…… Aizawa stares back at Shiraishi.


Looking at Shiraishi whose expression looks like she’s praying even if there’s no way, Aizawa decides.

“Open up the abdomen to remove the iron bar.”

What does he mean by……that?

“Make an incision from the abdominal wall to the abdominal cavity and remove the bar from the body horizontally.”

He meant not cutting the iron bar but……Sugihara-san himself!?

Shiraishi stares at Aizawa with his crazy proposition.

A serious look.

It seems like he’s serious.

“How about the digestive tract, the colon artery?”

“Of course everything will be cut.”

Shiraishi thinks about it.

If she herself will react, Aizawa shouldn’t do the impossible, right.

But as the leader on location, he is someone she always relies on.

To leave the body in this condition is…… But at the same time, we believe in him… will this path be cleared… …

“You’re right.”

Her mouth moved naturally.

“I guess that’s the only way. Is there an approximate chance of success?”

Aizawa said his true opinion.

“I don’t know at all. I don’t have any experience on this.”

That’s how it is. But that’s the only way.


Aizawa cuts the lower part of the colon.

“Okay, it’s cut off.”

“The angle is bad, the retroperitoneum can’t be seen. I’ll try changing the view a little.”


Shiraishi pressed on the small intestine bending it searching the inside. Finally she can see the retroperitoneum. The iron bar was pierced over there through the kidney.


Setting on the kidney looking at its form, the breathing is as expected. It’s stuck below the left and right kidneys.

“There’s a deformity. It’s a horseshoe kidney.”

“What shall we do?”

Aizawa quickly decided.

“Give up the left half of the kidney. Prioritize his life.”

“You’re right.”

“The iron bar is in the way. I can’t approach the kidney.”

Aizawa said this shifting the position of the body. Without delay, Shiraishi also supports. “I’ll expand the field of vision.” She knocks down the small intestine.



Aizawa and Shiraishi silently made progress on the operation.

“I’m able to grasp the stem of the kidney.”

As Aizawa takes the Kelly forceps, Shiraishi moves on to the next step.

“Let’s also clamp the kidney.”

“... … Okay, blocked. Take out towels and it will be put in here. As soon as the iron bar is removed, we’ll do packing.”


“An unconscious patient has been found in the engine room. Can’t be moved. Who among the Shohoku doctors can go?”

Shiraishi together with Aizawa and Yukimura, sent a signal of let’s go through her eyes.

“The three of us, Aizawa, Shiraishi, Yukimura will go.”

At the same time, the three of them broke into a run towards the wharf.

From the patrol boat, once again, they rode the ferry towards the engine room. In the order of Shiraishi, Yukimura, Aizawa, they descended the stairs. The damage is extreme at the lower most interior, even on the stairs, various fragments of machinery are scattered. Avoiding those that stand in their way, the three goes ahead.

At their feet, ocean water sways here and there, joining the movement of the waves, even now, a small quantity of ocean water seems to flow in.

With a small snapping sound, Aizawa ran through his line of vision around him.

On the path ahead of them, a hanging broken power cord is falling. Moreover, that end point seems to be filled with a puddle of water.

Shiraishi who was ahead didn’t notice.

This is bad!

Even before Aizawa could voice this out, Shiraishi stepped on the landing. Luckily, Shiraishi’s foot avoided the puddle of water.

When Aizawa’s heart calmed down, Yukimura continued.

On reflex, to protect Yukimura, he pushed her shoulder.

Yukimura fell to the side avoiding the water but with the force of the push, Aizawa’s foot touched the puddle.


With like an explosion sound, Shiraishi turned around and saw Aizawa’s figure turning towards the handrail of the landing and disappeared.


In an instant not understanding what happened, Shiraishi froze.

And then she heard Sezaki’s voice from the transceiver.

“There’s suspicion that the injured in the engine room received electric shock wounds. There’s possibility of a short circuit around the engine room. Staff, please be careful.”

Coming back to her senses, Shiraishi avoided the water and rushed over the handrail. Peering into the lower floor, she’s able to see Aizawa’s fallen form in the ocean water that flowed in.

Shiraishi flew down the stairs rushing over to Aizawa.


However, the lying face down Aizawa didn’t move at all.

“Yukimura-san, AED.”


Running after Shiraishi Yukimura then went up first to take the AED.

On the bottom inner side of the ship, an orange uniform of the Japan Coast Guard special rescue team was seen by Shiraishi. She shouts.

“Rescue please!”

A team member from the special rescue team turned to Shiraishi’s voice.

“Yes!” and runs towards her.

“Aizawa-sensei! Aizawa-sensei!”

Shiraishi desperately raised her voice but Aizawa’s consciousness didn’t come back. The special rescue team member carried Aizawa and laid him on a metal box not reached by the ocean water.

“Received an electric shock, fell from a high altitude, unconscious. Please prepare for transport.”

Shiraishi informed the special rescue team member.

“Understood. One more team member will support.”

“Yes please.”

Shiraishi feels Aizawa’s carotid artery, checks his breathing but, his breathing, pulse, all can’t be felt.

When she started the heart massage, a doctor from another hospital can be heard through the transceiver.

“Patient with electric shock wound in the engine room, heartbeat won’t resume. Black tag. Entrusting transport to the fire department.”

“Copy.” Sezaki’s voice answered. “How about Shiraishi-sensei?”

In place of Shiraishi, the special rescue team member answered.

“There’s an incident and one more person has to be rescued. The doctor is dealing with it right now.”

Shiraishi who’s been submerged in water until her below her knees fervently continues with the heart massage. And then, Yukimura with the AED comes back.

Shiraishi cuts Aizawa’s flight suit and wipes his chest with a towel. Yukimura turns on the power of the AED, quickly affixing the pads to his chest.

“Starting analysis.”


When Shiraishi pressed the shock button, Aizawa’s body started to twitch. The AED’s monitor shows heartbeat resuming.

Without delay, Shiraishi touches his carotid artery.

“It’s back.”

Yukimura’s expression looked relieved as if she would collapse.

Aizawa-sensei met an accident to save her.

If his breathing doesn’t come back as is…… Yukimura will be crushed in anxiety.

“Continuous ventilation.”


Yukimura drew up her expression and took the Jackson Rees.

Before long, aid from the special rescue team came.

Aizawa was placed on a stretcher for transport, as his breathing is maintained by the Jackson Rees, Shiraishi moves forward in the ocean water.

Before the stairs, she switches the transceiver and reports to Sezaki.

“Heartbeat resumed. Breathing is spontaneous but consciousness level is at 200. Breathing condition is also bad. SPO2, 90. Red tag. How is the transport order now?”

“There are no more other red tags. Transport priority is possible.”



Aizawa on a stretcher has been transported from the ferry to the wharf. Continuing putting pressure through the Jackson Rees is Shiraishi and behind her with the IV drip is Yukimura.

Fujikawa and Saejima in the triage area, Hiyama, Natori and Yokomine in the relief area saw him off with like a prayer.

Loading Aizawa in doctor heli, it took off immediately from Umihotaru.

Even if her hand lost its sensation from crumpling the bag of the Jackson Rees, Shiraishi didn’t change with Yukimura.

Aizawa’s life is in these hands. Shiraishi innocently moved her hand.

But then, blood regurgitated in the intubated tube. Yukimura was appalled seeing this. Shiraishi also noticed this but she couldn’t stop the ventilation.

Passing through the clear tube, red blood flows to the Jackson Rees bag.

Without moving her right hand, her left hand flicked on the wireless radio switch.

“This is Shohoku Doctor Heli. Bleeding from the respiratory tract is severe. Upon arrival, please have a bronchial tube fiber ready. Also arrange for FFP. Contact CT as well please.”

“Copy.” Tachibana answered.

Shiraishi ended the radio and told Yukimura.



Yukimura put in a syringe in Aizawa’s mouth and drew blood.

Once absorption ended, Shiraishi immediately resumed ventilation.

Right now, this was the only thing they could do.

Not bearing it all, as Shiraishi crumples the bag, she addresses Aizawa.

“Aizawa-sensei, when the year starts, you’re going to Toronto. Get better quickly.”

Shaking off unpleasant guesses, Shiraishi continues.

“Even in English, for sure, you’re bad mouthed, right. Anyhow you’ll be hated.”

The regurgitation of blood continues.

“.…..Please. Let me hear it one more time. Once more let me hear that manner of speaking when you lose your temper.”

However, Shiraishi’s voice doesn’t reach Aizawa.

Only the sound of the bag crumpling and the heli’s rotor resounds in vain.


Aizawa is sleeping on the bed in the ICU.

On his side are Shiraishi and Tachibana looking at his condition.

Fujikawa and Saejima are checking on other patients, Hiyama’s doing paperwork on a desk.

Even if it’s the same workplace as always, the comrades are with patients but the atmosphere became heavy.

Having such thoughts, everyone was silently performing each of their work.

Hirota checking on the oxygen saturation of the blood spoke.

“Saturation decreased to 90.”

“How about the PaO2?” Tachibana asks.

Looking at the data Hirota is holding, Shiraishi answers.

“It’s 120.”

“Administering pure oxygen is… unfavorable. The lung function is at its limit.”

Shiraishi thought a bit and said.

“Why don’t we insert an ECMO?” It would decrease the burden on the lungs and if it could be maintained, the possibility might come out.”

Since Aizawa’s lungs received an electric shock, its function has considerably declined. It’s necessary to lower the burden on the lungs so an artificial lung and ectogenesis circulation will be used.

Tachibana lightly nodded and said.

“Prepare for it.”

Shiraishi and Hirota immediately started to move.


On her seat in the medical office is Shiraishi. Her eyes are facing the screen of her laptop but she’s not looking at anything.

At that time, being first in line when they were rushing, if only she noticed the broken power cord and not Aizawa then he wouldn’t have met this accident.

It’s my miss… …

Even if as a leader she should have exerted more effort in being cautious enough… … Is this no different from herself in her fellow days?

Shiraishi herself fell into despair.

And at that time, Fujikawa entered.

In just one hard look, he knew Shiraishi fell to despair and he wondered what can he tell her but he can’t find the words.

Suddenly his eyes stopped on Shiraishi’s desk. There is a 2 set DVD wrapped fancily attached with a tag with the writing ‘Fujikawa-sensei’ and ‘Saejima-san’ respectively.

“Come to think of it, it was supposed to be today, our wedding ceremony.” Fujikawa spoke trying to be cheerful.

“Yes you’re right.” Shirashi answers.

“Somehow various things happened we forgot about it.”

Once again Shiraishi’s sinking into her reverie so Fujikawa spoke.

“May I have this?”

“Yeah.” Shiraishi faintly smiled and presented him the DVD.

“Thank you.”

When Fujikawa received it, he asked.

“It was tough, wasn’t it? At most everyone were all complaints.”

“Yeah.” Shiraishi faced Fujikawa with a smile. “Everyone didn’t want to do it.”

“Hiyama was the worst wasn't she?” Fujikawa joined in the smile.

“You know well.”

Finally the conversion was in smiles but it couldn’t be prolonged. Immediately, silence fell between them.

“……There was only one who asked to film oneself.” Shiraishi opened her mouth once more.

“Who do you think that person was?”

Fujikawa thought a bit and said.


“You know well.”

“Yeah. Well that guy is unexpectedly kind, even if he's bad mouthed.”

It struck home. Shiraishi’s feelings welled up and got emotional.

Fujikawa sympathized and silently went out of the office.

The moment she was left alone, tears fell down on her desk.


Saejima walks on the lower floor corridor. When she was about to enter the ICU, absentmindedly wandering Yukimura entered with her eyes in focus. Her line of sight was towards the bed where Aizawa was.

Saejima stepped up to Yukimura and spoke.

“I heard what happened. It wasn’t your fault.”

When you say that it’s your fault, you will be harshly scolded by Aizawa, right. She knows it in her head but, if she had been more careful in her actions, she wouldn’t be thinking about this.

At least, is there anything I can do right now? Yukimura asked Saejima.

“… …Does anyone know the contact details of his family?”

Aizawa’s family condition is complicated. When Saejima wavers in explanation, not knowing since when was she there, Shiraishi’s voice was heard from behind.

“There's no contact person.”

Shiraishi showed the tablet to Yukimura who looked back.

Displayed on the tablet is Aizawa’s information but the emergency contact details are blank.

“How is this so?”

“His grandmother who lives together with him passed away 2 years ago. He has a father but it seems he can't be contacted. It's said they only meet when they visit his mother's grave.”

Aizawa-sensei too wasn’t blessed with a home… …

Shiraishi nods at Yukimura who sensed the circumstances.

Even so, I… …

“… … Aizawa-sensei told me who’s keeping a distance from my mother that there’s no need to harbor feelings of guilt.”

“Aizawa-sensei too had a period of worry between caring for his grandmother and his own career so that is surely his true feelings.”


Bringing the DVD from Shiraishi, Fujikawa went in the night duty room and immediately loaded it in his laptop. The first one to appear on screen was Aizawa.

“Oh what is this? You’re the top batter huh.”

Focusing on the camera, Aizawa starts to talk.

‘I thought wedding ceremonies are trivial, and when I heard you made the quite busy Shiraishi in charge of this video message, I thought, as always you're a bothersome guy.’

“Hey hey, you’re saying that on a wedding ceremony?” Fujikawa questions the screen.

‘However, when I look at you, I think it’s not all bad. You understand you’re a bother right? Even so, I know that you asked this to please Saejima. Thinking that, I understand Fujikawa loves Saejima in this way.’

“… …”

‘Fujikawa, you once asked why you can’t be like me. Do you remember?’

Of course I remember.

It’s because I always think I want to be like you.

Ever since, even now, it hasn’t changed, it will always be… …

‘Right now, I think it's me who wants to be more like you. Even for a little bit. Pouring out your feelings to the person important to you. What can you say important is, how precious it is. When I see you, I understand that. Me too, one day, I want to be able to do the same. Thank you.’

His heart filled with intense feelings, tears spilled. As he frantically controlled this, Fujikawa is grateful to Aizawa.


In the afternoon, Saejima who checked on Aizawa reported to Shiraishi.

“SPO2 is 98.”

It’s back to the normal level! Shiraishi’s expression brightened.

“ECMO can be removed.”

With the lung function recovering, even without the use of the power of the artificial lung, he’s gotten better. From here on, his consciousness will soon return for sure.

A huge obstacle has been overcome, Shiraishi’s heart calmed down.


When he opened his eyes, faintly, he was able to see Shiraishi’s face surfacing.

“Aizawa-sensei, do you understand?”

He saw a long dream.

What kind of dream it was, he doesn’t remember but, he always heard a very warm and pleasant voice.

It’s this voice.

Shiraishi with an expression of like smiling while crying looks into Aizawa and he gave her a small nod.


Shiraishi was holding something in her arms then she pushed it to Saejima.


Reflexively, Saejima received it but she was lost for words.

Inside that clear case was a wedding dress.

“Fujikawa, use this.”

Another voice came from behind, turning around, something fell on Fujikawa.


That voice was Aizawa’s.

And in Fujikawa’s hands was a tuxedo.

“Aizawa… …”

“Do it quickly.”


Coming in front of her, Hiyama faced Saejima with a smile.


Eyes shining with tears, Saejima can’t help her happiness.


Beside is Shiraishi.

Loaded with a flood of emotions, she gives her word.



Seeing such spectacle, Fujikawa said to Aizawa who was standing in front of him.

“Hurry catch up with me.”

Hiding his embarrassment, Aizawa smiles a little.


When Hiyama was slouching, roaring in laugher, the door opened once more. And suddenly there appeared Aizawa.

“……You too?”

Aizawa said looking around the shop.

“Is there meaning to having an after party without the two leads?”


A high-pitched shrill came from Mary Jane and he kisses Aizawa’s cheek. It was his usual greeting and Aizawa was expressionless heading towards the counter.

Shiraishi beckoned Aizawa while smiling.


Aizawa, Shiraishi and Hiyama leaves the shop and walks under the beryl sky before daybreak.

Sobering up from drunkenness, their mood is calm. With nothing in particular to talk about, even in silence, the sensation is good.

Before long, the heliport was in sight. Naturally, their feet took them there.

“In the end, we walked.” Shiraishi says.

“Right.” Hiyama nods.

Aizawa gazes idly at the white body of the heli standing out in the faint light.

“…. …”

Then a voice came from behind, “Hey, what’s with you guys?”

When the three turned around, Fujikawa and Saejima are walking from the direction of the hospital. When the two reached them, Shiraishi said.

“Thanks for working on the night shift. Since it’s this time already, I thought of just preparing for the conference.”

“You guys really love the hospital don’t you?”

As astonished as he was, Fujikawa was happy that hasn’t changed at all.

The five smiled in front of doctor heli.

That relationship hasn’t changed from ten years ago. Rather, the bond became stronger and deeper.

That even if they get separated…

Saejima spoke up as she suddenly realized.

“Aizawa-sensei. If I remember correctly, isn’t today your departure to Toronto?”

“Yeah. This morning.”

“That’s hectic.” Saejima says feeling sad at the same time.

“But enjoy.”

Hiyama says to remove that sadness.

“Your foreign companions, don’t shock them.”

Fujikawa pokes fun.

“If Kinue-san knew about this, she’ll be happy for you.”

Shiraishi remembers Aizawa’s grandmother. Admitted before in Shohoku, Kinue-san, as far as Aizawa is concerned, was his only family.

If only she was in good health, you’d think how proud she’d be of her grandson being invited to a foreign graduate school becoming a splendid doctor.

“… … You’re right.”

Shiraishi stares at Aizawa with distant eyes.

“But this is enough.”


“If you guys know, then that’s enough.”

Saying that, Aizawa once again looked at Doctor Heli.

Shiraishi, Hiyama, Fujikawa and Saejima too looks at the heli.

The rising sun faintly dyes the white body of orange.

“Ten years since we met. I spent almost every day with you guys. When you think about the time, I’ve been with you longer than anyone else.”

With Aizawa’s words, the four respectively heartily turned to the thoughts of those ten years up to now. This job that allowed them to grow through facing lives, they love it.

It was great to meet these comrades.

“You guys are like family to me.”

The cheesy words earned smiles.

Shiraishi lightly nods.

Yes… … We are comrades, and family.



Receiving the hotline, Shiraishi together with Natori, jumped on Doctor Heli. Attaching the headset, calling the fire department on location.

“This is Shohoku Doctor Heli, patient information please.”

While listening to the condition of the location from the fire department, Natori and Yukimura discusses and simulates the treatment method.

Seeing the figures of the promising two, Shiraishi naturally broke into a smile.

Almost a month has passed since Aizawa and also Hiyama left Shohoku. When they left in succession, honestly was sad and more than that, worrying.

However, the fellows have been showing her work that doesn’t make her feel the absence, overcoming her anxiety.

Shiraishi remembers the beautiful picture postcard that arrived today.

‘I always imagined the day that you would all rise up.
Shiraishi-sensei who I did not depend on then I heard is now the leader.
At that time, I was not able to guess it. I’m sorry.
But now, I understand and agree.
You support your comrades.
Undoubtedly, that is your personality.
That is what people call popularity.
Please cherish it.
You are an asset more than anything.’

The Shohoku Lifesaving Center established by Tadokoro-sensei and Kuroda-sensei that I have succeeded, I thought, with my power, I could make Lifesaving exceed it.
That was my wish, my dream.
It’s because my past self once gave up on the impossible.
For me, seeing everything like Kuroda-sensei, having that huge of a vessel to hold humanity in your arms, the strictness and overflowing love like Kuroda-sensei, I do not have that.
But…… as sensei has said, I who couldn’t do anything have comrades who have the same intention as me. Reliable comrades who have what I lack in.
My own power may be impossible but as long as my comrades’ powers are there, one day for sure, I believe I’ll be able to make a lifesaving worthy of sensei’s praise.

With the heli in high altitude, the accident location was in sight. A truck has fallen sideways on a highway and several automobiles collided.

Shiraishi exchanged glances with Natori and Yukimura.

“Let’s go.”

He has finally gotten used to this fluttering about of English in an operating room.

And for that he’s probably missing Japanese.

This morning though, a beautiful picture postcard came from Japan and seeing the skillful penmanship on it, he felt so nostalgic.

Unexpectedly, he was filled with warmth, Aizawa was bewildered at himself.

‘I heard you’ve embarked once more on reaching a high dream.
Please challenge it with all your might.
However, don’t forget to rest from time to time.
When you are troubled, it’s fine to go back.
You now have that place to return to.
And there you have comrades.
For sure, you will get the strength you need to depart once more immediately.
Always, for how many times,
Please continue the challenges.’

When I became a doctor, I was alone.
On location, I only relied upon my own strength
I thought being alone was fine.
But, I was mistaken.
There is not one thing that can be done with just the strength of one.
On the contrary, as long as my comrades are there no matter how impossible you may think, it can be reality.
I knew that through the lifesaving made by (Tadokoro) sensei.
Together with someone, for the sake of someone.

The surgeon suddenly stopped his hand.

Wondering what’s wrong, Aizawa took off his eyes from scope allowing him to see the entire head of the patient.

“……She has cerebral edema. How is the blood pressure? “

“Increasing rapidly. Over 220.” The anesthesiologist informs the numerical value.

The surgeon kept on talking in English in preparation.

“Surgically, there is no abnormality. So, what could be happening?”

The helper concealed under the drape took out his head in panic.

“The pupils are dilated.”

Tension rose in the operating room.

As if silence ran on forever, Aizawa opened his mouth.

“There is a remote hemorrhage, I’m going to make a burr hole.”

Aizawa left the operating room microscope and starts the head surgery. Cutting the scalp with a scalpel, widening it with a retractor, and in a blink of an eye, opens a hole with a drill.

With that skillful craft, calm and collected judgment, the doctors couldn’t hide the surprise.

“You never lose your cool in unusual situations do you? If I recall correctly, you became a neurosurgeon after much experience in emergency?” The surgeon muttered what he recalled.

“Yes.” Aizawa nodded as his hand moved.

“I used to be a flight physician.”

Bonus (requested, postcard to Fujikawa & Saejima):

"Fujikawa-sensei, Saejima-san, congratulations on your wedding. This is Tadokoro. The island has only one doctor so unfortunately I’m unable to go to your wedding ceremony. If you had it as scheduled, I could have asked another doctor to cover for me so that I can attend though.

An easily elated doctor with a wife of firm character. It’s the same as a family. I think you’ll surely be a good husband and wife. Fujikawa-sensei, Saejima-san often getting mad at you is because you’re important to her. Please listen to her with feelings of gratitude. Saejima-san, it’s okay from time to time, please compliment Fujikawa-sensei. Words of praise from the woman he loves, more than anything becomes his strength."

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