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krissy ~ クリスピー
Article is a week old already since I didn't make it in time before Ep5 aired last week but it's a good read so I still finished it XD Not a direct translation. Skipped the parts which talk about the drama's plot since we know them all already. Usual disclaimer: amateur translation. Feel free to point out any mistakes if there are.

Code Blue sustains success in '3 waves" ~ emergency lifesaving story • Yamapi, Gakky & company's human drama • medical treatment

The top rating drama now is Fuji TV's "Code Blue ~Doctor Heli Emergency Lifesaving~ THE THIRD SEASON"
The average rating until episode 4 of Season 1 (2008 Summer) and Season 2 (2009 Winter) were at 17%. However, for Season 3, the average is at 15% It looks like it went 2%.

However, in the 8~9 year interval, viweing of video recording playbacks has suddenly increased.
Based on the Video Research Company's investigation measuring both real time and time shift ratings, the put together result, Season 3's 1st episode and 2nd episode too exceeded 24%. In other words, the current drama, is being watched more than the previous seasons.

High degree of satisfaction

The amazing thing about Code Blue 3 is it's not only just in TV ratings. Data News Co.'s "Tv Watcher" investigates the degree of satisfaction and here too, for several years, in dramas with high television ratings, Code Blue is in the Top 5.

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krissy ~ クリスピー
Episode 5. The heavily warned episode that will make you cry. Did it? Episode 5 was one of my favorites in Season 1 (gas explosion episode where Aizawa did an aorta clamp on the scene) and in Season 2, it was so depressing with Satoshi's death and now?? Another heart breaking episode T__T

First off, I just noticed when I was watching again last night after VSA that there was one line missing during the conversation of Yokom‌ine and Kurata's wife. I actually saw it was missing when I was rechecking the subs and I inserted it through the Subtitle Editor but somehow it gets deleted when I save? IDK why :( maybe because I started the sentence with a number. So anyway, the missing line is:

"In 2009, when there was a landslide on Mt. Gakurai"

Some medical terms used in this episode.

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krissy ~ クリスピー
How many times or how much did you cry in this episode? Japanese articles talked about the viewers response of drying up tear ducts for this episode.

First off, medical terms. Some have been simplified in the dialogues, others are just further explanations for better understanding of the situation. Thanks to Google and medical journals :) I also thought there's no need to explain terms that have been used repeatedly and explained since Season 1 like VF or Echo.

Medical termsCollapse )

Also, just a little correction on Ogata's first name. When I first wrote it in the story translation, I used Hirotsugu but I thought I heard his name was Hirofumi in Episode 3 thus that was used. However, it's actually Hirotsugu in his medical chart.

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krissy ~ クリスピー
We're back to the usual episode length this week, the shortest so far and yet had so many medical terminologies used. New and rare instances and treatment -- cyanide poisoning and damage control. During operating scenes, I decided to simplify the medical terms used that it is easy to read and understand as you watch. Like instead of thoracotomy (surgical incision into the chest wall) and laparotomy (surgical incision into the abdominal cavity), I used operate on the chest, operate on the abdomen. That is just to avoid having too much text to read on the screen when there is so much action going on. However, if it's in explanation scenes, I still use the proper medical term. Let me know if you have any preference :)

I do my own research on the medical terms and procedures. I try to understand as much as I can but I am in no means an expert so if you see anything questionable, inconsistent or unclear, do let me know....in a nice way haha

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krissy ~ クリスピー
So far, how do you find the new season? Totally enjoying it! If you haven't seen it, files including subs are up at the Yamapi comm :)

A few notes though on Episode 2 since I've seen some viewers wonder about some things. Aizawa is totally unaware of Fujikawa and Saejima's relationship thus that very innocent question. Fujikawa, Shiraishi and especially Hiyama were just appalled that of all questions he could have asked, like, to help Fujikawa's predicament, he asked something that basic LOL. And if you caught Higa Manami's IG Live yesterday, she was asked about Fujikawa. She said he's a good person but no, Fujikawa and Saejima aren't married. She also shared a behind the scenes story on her elevator scene with Gakky and TodaEri. When Saejima got off, that conversation of Shiraishi and Hiyama was all adlib. And when Manami saw it on air, she laughed so much XD

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krissy ~ クリスピー
18 July 2017 @ 03:07 am
Site update after the airing of the first episode. New header is a spoiler if you haven't watched, as with the highlights of the next episode. Episode 2 is extended by 15 mins!

(Kanji reading of the guests' names may be different)


"If it's with this company, we can step forward again"

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krissy ~ クリスピー
Last week the Code Blue official site started a countdown to 9:54pm JST of July 19. And a minute before the clock expired, Fuji TV aired a 15 second teaser of the third season along with site updates - new header, character profile pictures, story and interview.

Usual disclaimer, amateur translation. Please feel free to point out mistakes if there is any. Thank you!

Third season starts 7.17. Before that, the original cast guests at VS Arashi 7.13 :)


"Paths may differ but thoughts are the same"

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krissy ~ クリスピー
18 March 2017 @ 07:49 pm
The website of the new KamePi drama "Boku, Unmei no Hito desu" has been updated and here's the translation of the Story section.

Story 1Collapse )

I actually translated the chart section too but I gave up editing the text to the picture--it takes a lot of time, sorry! Also, I don't know the kanji readings yet either for the characters names of the rest of the cast. For those who are curious, the text is here. It's not really visually appealing to read though ^^''

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krissy ~ クリスピー
Code Blue finally gets its new season this July after 7 years. The story follows this lapse as well. Articles and other news coverage can be found in the comm but here's a translation of the new content in FujiTV's official site.

All you need to know about Code Blue and what to watch out for in this new installment.

(For the cast portion, I only had time to translate Yamapi's. I'll try to add the others if I have extra time. Amateur trans, feel free to correct me if something's off)

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Current Music: HANABI
krissy ~ クリスピー
03 December 2016 @ 12:24 am
Translated from Jweb, the usual drill, amateur trans, no reposting online. Super rushed translation, the earliest I could have done it... I've actually seen some photos on twitter already but I couldn't reupload photos right now and well, in a few hours the pics will be all over the net anyway! Must read though in the report is Yamapi's participation ;)

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krissy ~ クリスピー
03 September 2016 @ 09:11 pm
20th Anniversary✧

It has passed a bit but,

The other day September 1 was the 20th anniversary おねがいラブラブ

Congratulatory feelings are loaded in this cooked sekihan*!

It's customary you know. (laughs)

[picture of the sekihan with a note on a flag that says: 2016.09.01 Congratulations on your 20th anniversary!! Oniichan!! From mama & rina pi hime po]

20th anniversary! How amazing~

It's practically your life doing it I think,

absolutely admirable.

Also, more than anything, I have many thanks to everyone who keeps on supporting.

Since I think it's a job you cannot do if the people surrounding you, the people who you influence come to dislike you.

Blessed with people✧

That's good.

Truly. May you continue working for a long time in the future.

I'll support you in the shadows (^-^)

I wonder if I too will be able to find something to be proud of (; ;) (laughs)


*sekihan - red rice (beans and mochi) for auspicious occasions

Rina's original blog entry (ameba locked)
krissy ~ クリスピー
15 August 2016 @ 11:56 pm
Kobe 8/8 and Shizuoka 8/11 Report

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krissy ~ クリスピー
26 June 2016 @ 04:56 am
Wonderful report from Oricon that is a must-read. The usual warning: amateur translation.

Yamashita Tomohisa live report: choosing the "thorny road" for 10 years, aim the solo noble idol

Yamashita Tomohisa is currently on tour, his first in 2 and a half years called "TOMOHISA YAMASHITA THE BEST LIVE TOUR 2016 FUTURE FANTASY". This is a report on the June 16 performance at Tokyo Kokusai Forum. Nostalgic Johnny's Jr era videos and a number of hit songs, futhermore, Yamashita attempted to challenge new things. It's been 20 years since he got admitted in Johnny's Jimusho, 10 years since his solo debut. Withrawing from the group, choosing the solo artist route, now, what kind of condition will be seen of Yamashita on stage?

the solo artist idolCollapse )

krissy ~ クリスピー
08 June 2016 @ 02:14 pm
Quick translation from Jweb. That being said, no reposting online. And since this is quick, please excuse my mistakes, I'm just excited lol (and still have a lot of work to do)

concert goods report!Collapse )

Tour starts tomorrow and the selling of goods will start at noon so pictures of the goods will be out around that time :)

Edit: Also starting tomorrow (6/9) Johnny's shop will have Yamapi's photos - off shots of the tour goods and pamphlet
krissy ~ クリスピー
02 November 2015 @ 07:15 am
Filmed last Friday (so many sighting reports lol), Oricon article today on this Friday's Kiss Movie part 2 on Pkiss.

SMAP Katori, directs Yamapi starring "Kiss Movie" in an unexpectedly strict manner

In the November 6 broadcast of Fuji TV's "Yamapi no Kiss Eigo" (Every Friday at late night 0:55) where singer actor Yamashita Tomohisa is the host, "dai senpai" Katori Shingo of SMAP appears. He tried to be a director of the 30 sec "Kiss Movie" starring Yamashita and a beautiful foreigner. After working with Yamashita in a drama, a song, in varieties, also managing his concert, what kind of production will Katori make now?

This is the 2nd kiss movie plan. The direction of the 2 people is within a time limit of 30 minutes for filming, followed immediately by editing to complete the "kiss movie" showdown. Judgment is done by the lead Yamashita. This time, Katori's showdown is against model and talent IVAN.

Theme is "I like you." Director Katori rushes to Odaiba in Tokyo, chooses a cafe's corner for the drama setting. Yamashita and his female foreigner partner faces each other at the corner of the cafe, made to sit and made to say lines for a couple of times. Katori's direction gradually gets tinged with passion as he repeatedly corrects Yamashita, "become kids!", "ah! after all that's cool, I wonder if that should be kept down a little.." Katori's theme for this seems to be filming Yamashita's crumbling state. "Once more!" Katori's strict voice in directing resonates in the location.

On the other hand, IVAN starts filming with the setting by the shore. Having a hidden conclusion, upon reaching it, a surprising production comes out. The location is in Odaiba where tourists come and go, so when popular people suddenly appear, students on a field trip shout with delight "yabai! yabai!", "kawaii!"

"In directing, the atmosphere is different, isn't it." Yamashita said. In the editing style too, they each have their individuality. Katori talks about how even after filiming, he's still so into the editing, "I can't stop myself." IVAN meanwhile admits that his work was "Like my own experience." Which camp will get through?

In this "30 sec Kiss Movie championship", viewers may also apply their own 30 sec "kiss movie". The theme is "love." The best work will be bestowed a "Yamapi award."

Apply for the "30 sec Kiss Movie championship" at http://www.fujitv.co.jp/b_hp/yamapkiss/index.html

krissy ~ クリスピー
01 September 2015 @ 09:23 pm

Today is anniversary day✧

Since mama wanted to cook sekihan (red rice*) she prepared the day before.





19th anniversary is amazing.
When you started you were just a child that's why, for me it's very shocking, something fresh and dazzling.
At that time, I thought such endeavor is impossible, but looking over,
There is only one person I'll always respect.

Also, more than anything, for everyone supporting him, this is a day of gratitude. 😍

A special day✧


*sekihan - red rice (beans and mochi) for auspicious occasions

Rina's original blog entry
krissy ~ クリスピー
22 June 2015 @ 06:49 am
Partially translated the Yamapi article from the Josei Seven June 25 issue. I skipped the first part which was about Algernon and his role. The usual disclaimer, amateur translation.

Yamashita Tomohisa, SNS is intriguing, "I don't have such confidence"

When asked what he wants to do for the second half of the year...

"I also want to put my strength in music activities. There were various things last year that I was not able to do a concert. But this year, I want to do it. I want to recover everything." He said with a stern face.

"The fans fill me with love at no cost and I'm truly grateful for that. I go through the fan letters, I also check SNS. Because I'm really curious, I check every now and then. (lol)"

But Yamashita-san is seen as someone who is confident with himself...

"Because I'm not a rockstar, I don't have such confidence. The one who shows that confidence to me are my fans. That's why I think I don't want to end my self-satisfaction. I want to constantly match the level of satisfaction between me and my fans."

Yamashita reached 30 years old last April. "No matter how old I become I'm an idol! Me, I always bother the fans so for them to stick with that kind of me, I really am grateful. And for the sake of those fans, I need to continue as an idol." is what like he says to himself in assent.
krissy ~ クリスピー
10 weeks quickly flew past. It's always sad to say goodbye to something so good. But even with all the painful feeling and tears this drama caused us, it leaves us with a light feeling and lessons to live by.

Episode 10 (Final)

As Sakuto inspects Rio, the talk is how she hasn't woken up for entirely 2 days. Kokubo wonders if she completely shut off already but Sakuto tells him it's not yet too late and leaves Rio to the doctor as he exits the room somehow not feeling well.

Haruka storms into Hachisuka's office demanding why the researchers are all out on a break, they should be doing today the experiment of ALG alpha on a rat. Algernon 2? Hachisuka asks her. Just one Algernon in this world is enough. That's what Sakuto told me. Even if we try ALG beta, in the end, it will go back to before that's why it isn't significant.

Love holds the worldCollapse )

Questions, thoughts and acknowledgmentCollapse )

My Friday nights will never be the same but now, I will be able to take a breather during the weekend from watching over and over each episode trying to understand it :P I'll have more time now to concentrate on my Japanese class. And right on time, I have a lot of assignments to do this week lol but see you in 2 weeks for the Gyoten drama special!!!

Aikyodesho!!! (^-^)v
krissy ~ クリスピー
It's coming to an end :( everything just gets deeper and heavier... Each and every character in this drama is significant. They have distinct personalities, why they act that way. Basically just boils down to how well this is written. I don't know how will this end...so that makes me anxious and scared too. But for sure, even if this drama ends, it will leave us great memories and lessons to live by.

Episode 9

Hiyama and Shikauchi fights, more like killing each other. The other boys just watch while Yanagawa continues to monitor the stock market. Once Shikauchi was pushed to glass causing it to shatter, he picks up a fragment, ready to kill Hiyama when Takebe finally arrives. Instead of reprimanding them, he instigates them instead, why don't you do it?? The two boys finally calm down. Takebe furious at them on the other hand.

a seed is planted into the corners of the heartCollapse )

Episode 10 story

From the official site:

In order to save Rio (Tanimura Mizuki), Sakuto (Yamashita Tomohisa) who said "If this intelligence will not be used for the sake of saving someone then my and Algernon's existence will be meaningless" forms a team with Sugino (Kaai Gamon), Kokubo (Kikuchi Fuma) and others. Knowing this, Yanagawa (Kubota Masataka) and Hiyama (Kudo Asuka) hopes. However, Haruka (Kuriyama Chiaki) whose heart wants to save Sakuto, raises a petition to Hachisuka (Ishimaru Kanji) to instantly find a coping method. But without Sakuto in the research team, Hachisuka couldn't hide his feeling of difficulty and being in a binge. At that time, Sakuto's mother Madoka (Kusakari Tamiyo) visits Sakuto. Madoka who has been asked by Haruka to persuade Sakuto, what will she tell him?

In another day, Rio's father Kawaguchi (Nakahara Takeo) arrives at Hachisuka's research center with documents and reports criminal complaint against Hachisuka. Under the pretext of developing a specific medicine for Rio's illness but with the failure in the desired outcome, the crime of misappropriation of the enormous fund from Kawaguchi's company for the research is established. However, if Sakuto is able to save Rio, the ALG developed by the research team will be considered that it saved Rio and the complaint will be withdrawn. Kawaguchi announces this to Hachisuka. At that time also, Sakuto visits Takebe...
krissy ~ クリスピー
04 June 2015 @ 09:01 pm
Yamapi battles a psychopath! "the climax is when he challenges to face him"

Lifted from the Sanspo article.

The drama special starring Yamashita Tomohisa (30) "Scientist of the Heart, Narumi Saku's Challenge II" (temporary title) will air within the July 1 broadcast of the NTV show "The! Sekai Gyoten News" (Wednesday 9pm) 4 Hr Special.

Similar to the program which introduces shocking videos from all over the world, the motif of this original drama is to show various bizarre cases.

Yamashita is the cool genius psychologist Narumi Saku. Because of his mind-control skill, he freely operates a person's heart. He will confront a "puzzling male"

Yamashita who already played Narumi Saku in last year's October SP gave highlights. "Last time, Narumi Saku had kindness but this time, he directly confronts a psychopath. The climax is when he faces the challenge not just by words."

Also starring are Yamamoto Mizuki (23), Natsuna (26), Tanaka Kei (30), and others. Yamashita's Junior, Kis-My-Ft2's Nikaido Takashi (24) will first co-star with him as well.

*as tweeted by his official account, Asari Yousuke is also included in the 2nd Gyoten drama SP.